How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog in 2023 And Make Money

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If you are thinking about starting a blog, there are several expenses you should consider. Many bloggers are spending different amounts of money. It is a very common question and many people are curious to know how much does it cost to start a blog? It is difficult to tell the exact cost when it comes to how to start a blog. How much money can you make from a blog? If you want to start a hobby blog for fun, you could start with zero financial investment. But if your focus is on money- making blogging, you have to buy hosting plans at the very least. Temok is the best platform who is providing domain and hosting plans at very affordable rates. You don’t need to go anywhere. Without wasting any time, read our blog, we have explained all tips on how much money you can make on a blog? How much does it cost to start a website? How much money should you have to start a business?

What is a Blog?

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog in 2022 And Make Money

A blog is a type of websites like a diary or journal. Blog website focus on mainly written content. The Blog manages content in the form of categories and posts. Blogs are typically run by an individual or a small group of people to present information informally. Now, many blogs give a lot of information about different topics. Blogs can be used for personal use or to fulfill business requirements. Top brands and businesses create a blog to educate their clients, share news, informative ideas and reach a wider audience. Make your blogging website and build a blog from scratch and make money. Many questions can I start a blog for free and make money? How to create a blog for free? Yes, you can start blogging at a very low cost and it is one of the most online profitable businesses.  You don’t need to do blogging all time. Even you can earn six figures from the blog per year part-time, and many bloggers are doing this for many years. So, what is the cheapest way to start a blog? How much does it cost to start?

Simply, buy a domain name. Selecting a domain name is very important for your blog because it represents an online identity. From where you can buy your favorite domain name at an affordable rate? Fortunately, you are in right place. I highly recommend buying it from Temok is good in terms of domain management. Temok is facilitating you with the best domain names, domain registrations, domain renewals, domain transfer, etc at very cheap rates. The argument starts when the time comes to start to buy web hosting. Temok is one of the best web hosting providers. It is the best option for cost-saving.

How much it costs to start a blog?

How much cost to start a blog

If you search on Google ‘how much does it cost to start a blog’, you will find different answers and many of them are confusing. We have explained in detail all tips on how much money do you need to start a business and how much does it cost to start a blog in 2023?

It depends upon your goals and objectives what kind of blog do you want to start? There are many features you consider while writing a website blog, blog pricing, cost of maintaining a website. Here, we are talking about standard costs to start a blog for 3 different groups:

  • Hobby Bloggers (blogging only for fun or as a creative medium)
  • Side Hustle Bloggers (blogging on the side of your day job to gradually develop a business)
  • Full-time Bloggers (blogging as a full-time business)

Are You A Hobby Blogger?

The first type is the personal or hobby blog. The type of blogger has little to no interest in ever monetizing their blog—they want a creative platform to share about their life, practice their skill, or keep family up-to-date on local experiences. Hobby bloggers are usually on a low-budget blog, want low costs, and skip any paid blogging tools to accelerate growth. This category is called hobby blogger.

Are you Side Hustle Blogger?

The next type of blogger is the side hustle blogger. Their goal is to build a profitable blog and to make extra money but they have other responsibilities in their lives (like a full-time job, family, or otherwise). It can be turn out into a full-time job. This blogger category is ready to spend a little more money to get the right blog layout that’ll provide long-term growth & success, but don’t want to make a huge investment right away. This category is called a side hustle blogger.

Are you a Full-Time Blogger?

Full-time bloggers are ready to spend a large amount on blogging as they want to set up a blog website as soon as possible. Their goals are clear what they want from a blog and they are satisfied with higher costs because they understand how they’ll translate into blog income. This category of bloggers visits their blog mainly as a business. This category is called full-time blogger.

What is the web hosting cost per year to run a blogging website?

How much does it cost to own a website? When it comes to how much does it cost to start a blog, the next thing to think about is your blogging platform and the web hosting plan you’re on. While there are many free (no hosting required) blogging sites that you can use to test. If you are a hobby blogger, side hustle blogger and a full-time blogger, I recommend all bloggers use the combination of WordPress with a Temok hosting plan. The minimum hosting cost for a hobby blogger is 0.5$ per month.

Wix and Weebly are famous options for free blogging platforms, but they’re pretty limited, and you don’t possess the rights to your blog. Even if you’re picking a hobby blog, I still recommend Temok for hosting plans paying the low cost of hosting to have total freedom with your content. Plus, if you ever like to get more serious about blogging and expanding your site, you won’t have to go through the hassle of moving your site later. How to categorize web hosting expenses? We have categorized different hosting plans according to your requirements.  Here, you can check all hosting plans and prices worldwide:

Results for blogging sites

Domain Name Pricing

Bloggers have to pay a small amount for domain names. Your blog’s address on the internet is called domain name. Many other websites are providing domains and hosting plans, but their prices are high and they charge more rates. But, If you select Temok for your domain, you’ll get worldwide domains at very cheap rates. Get free WordPress domain costs in the business hosting plan. You can register a domain name with Temok right here:

Domain name Registration

WordPress Theme Blog Costs

How to create a blogging website free of cost with WordPress themes? Choosing a WordPress theme for your blog is a very important step in the process of building your blog. You can also change your theme in the future. But it takes some reconstruction of your website. I suggest you pick the greatest theme at a start. So, you don’t need to change another theme in the future. If you are a hobby blogger and looking for a free WordPress theme that is easy to use, fast and offers beautiful design layouts. I recommend you to the Hello Theme. The minimum cost for a hobby blogger WordPress theme is $0

But if you are a side hustle and full-time blogger and want to grow your blog into source revenue, you’ll use premium themes and visual page builders like Elementor. It offers a lot of customization choices. You can change the design of your blog exactly however you want. The minimum cost for a side hustle blogger and full-time blogger WordPress theme is $49.

WordPress Plugins Blog Cost

If you don’t have any idea about WordPress plugins, don’t worry about it. A plugin is a small part of the software that adds new features or functionality to your blog.  Plugins are very useful for WordPress-powered blogs. They have many features you can do with your site. There are many free and premium plugins available in WordPress. To start a blog, you want to install all top plugins I suggest you read this article on how to start a blog.

Hobby Blogger Plugins Blog Cost

Hobby blogs are just for fun so a hobby blogger doesn’t need to worry about buying a premium plugin. Many free plugins are very useful for hobby bloggers. Below are some helpful plugins you can see:

Instagram Feed

The Instagram feed allows you to show your Instagram feed directly fixed into your website.

Google Analytics for WordPress

If you are a hobby blogger then obviously you are not monetizing your website yet. But it is good to install google analytics or more premium tools like Fathom. So, you can develop an understanding of who your audience is and how they find your content. It is good information to gather if you want to start monetizing your blog in the future.

The minimum cost for a hobby blogger WordPress plugin is $0.

Side Hustle Blogger WordPress Plugin Costs

If you are a side hustle blogger and want to use some premium plugins for some more features that are not available in free plugins because they help in everything from writing blog content and making sure you are targeting the right SEO best practices. It makes your content easily shareable. Following are some top premium plugins:

Yoast SEO

Yoast helps you to create SEO- friendly content to rank on the first page of Google. The free version of SEO gives free keywords optimization, Google indexing, and more. You can also check the readability of the content. Premium version of Yoast SEO provides internal linking, insights, focus keyword experts, and more. The premium version of Yoast costs $99 annually.


WooCommerce is also a powerful eCommerce add-on plugin for bloggers who are interested to sell their products online. At starting, it is free to use. But if you want to use its advanced features, it charges some amount.

WP Forms

WP Forms is a premium plugin and very helpful for bloggers who want to add any form to their website. Their tools are dynamic and start at $79 annually.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the caching plugin. It explores different features and keeps your website running very quickly, even when you have a lot of traffic.

Full-Time Blogger WordPress Plugin Cost

Full-time bloggers, who do blogging to generate revenue, use premium plugins to get the best and most effective results. As they are monetizing their blogs. It depends upon the features and requirements of a blog and how much does it cost to start a blog. Premium plugins cost varies depending upon needs. ZBS (also called Zero BS WordPress CRM) is a customer relationship management WordPress plugin, that provides insights into who your audience is. This plugin is free but at its premium version, you can add many extensions. It costs $204 per year. If you want to sell your products on your website, LiveChat is the best plugin to install. It gives you the ability to live chat with your customers on the website. It costs from $16 per month to $50 per month depending upon different features.

Email Marketing Tool

Email is also a very important tool for blogging to make money. Through email marketing, you can develop a relationship with your audience and grasp very valuable information, knowing which your audience is interested in, and how you finally monetize your audience. Hobby blogger isn’t much interested in creating emails but it is not a bad idea to start creating emails and building more strong relationship with your audience. If you want to monetize your blog in the future, you will have already an email list. So, here is good news for you that you can use the free email marketing tool Mailchimp with a limited feature set up to 2k subscribers. It would be perfect for your business. The minimum cost for a hobby blogger email marketing tool is $0.

Email Marketing Tool

But if you are a side hustle and full-time blogger, at the start, you can use the free email marketing tool Mailchimp but later on, you can use paid tools ConvertKit and AWeber for more advanced features and subscribers. They help you to grow your audience and you can sell your products and subscriptions directly and earn a sound income. The minimum cost for a side hustle and full-time bloggers’ email marketing tools is $0 to $41/mo.

Security Costs

WordPress doesn’t come with strong security features. You should choose such hosting company who that provides you with an extra layer of security. That’s why I suggest you choose Temok for strong security. As your blog starts to generate revenue, security becomes more important. Because hackers can target your site to exploit your earnings. If you are a hobby blogger, security threats are low for your site. The minimum security cost for a hobby blogger is $0. But for a side hustle and full-time blog, many other premium plugins come with more security features. With these security plugins, you can add many safety features like Leaked password protection, two-factor authentication, country blocking, malware scanner, live monitoring of traffic coming to your website, file repair, etc. the minimum cost for a side hustle and full-time blogger is $99-$240/year.

Advertising Cost

How much does a blog post cost? Should you pay to advertise your blog or invest in some free marketing strategies for growing your blog? You should go for both free and paid marketing strategies to grow your blog. It depends upon your blogging journey. If you have a brand new blog and not monetizing your traffic, you don’t need to run any campaign to your content. But if you want to attract your audience, then there are thousands of free ways to find your potential audience.

Posting on Pinterest

Posting on Pinterest is very useful and provides you effective results as compared to other social media platforms. Use images with the right text. These images do with text are best on Pinterest because people scroll on Pinterest and see what your blog post is bout.

Use Other Social Media Channels

Share your blog information on all other social media platforms. Share your content on Twitter and post relevant images on Instagram. Join Facebook groups of your blog niche and share your blog posts in that groups.

Ask Queries To Your Audience

Ask questions to the audience in which they are interested. Ask through email marketing, on social media channels. Boost your social media posts by engagements and check what kind of content your audience wants to see on your blog.

The minimum cost for a hobby blogger advertising is $0.

How much does it cost to run a Facebook ad?  If you are a side hustle blogger, you can spend some amount of money on campaigns (on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) but there are many other ways to grow your blog. Following are some different ways to grow your blog:

Build a Content Ecosystem

Content Ecosystem

Content Ecosystem means you are having a lot of content on your website that you can link to internally. I’ve linked to several relevant articles from this guide about how much does it cost to start a blog? it proves your grip on a subject. It also shows your audience that you’re deeply familiar with the topic they came to your site to research.  Another benefit is that people spend a lot of time on your blog rather than searching for information on another’s website.

I will not deeply explain search engine optimization but it is very important to get more audience to your blog. Do your keywords research and use smart blog strategies.

Reach Out Bloggers

How much does the average blogger make? How much do bloggers make on Instagram? Many questions come to mind. The answer is, bloggers earn a sound income when they have a strong network. For growing your network, mention other bloggers in your posts. They may share your content with their followers. If they don’t share, you still have a good potential connection.

The minimum advertising cost for side hustle bloggers is $0-$100.

For full-time blogging, spend a lot of money on advertising. Do guest blogging. Following are more effective ways to grow your blog:

Tech Online Courses

When you offer free online courses or charge for that courses, many people join that courses. It is the best option to grow your audience.It also provides you the opportunity to build yourself as an authority in your blog niche.

Use Quora

You will find many different topics in Quora. Much different use this Quora and you get a chance to connect with many potential audiences. You can ask any question about your niche. Many people give answers to your question. In this way, you gain much knowledge of your desired topic. Here you can see an example of a search result “blogging” on Quora. You can see that people want to know about blogging, how to start a blog, what is a blog and how does it work, how to promote a blog, and how to make money from the blog. We gave covered all these topics in this blog.

Web hosting plans

The minimum advertising cost for a full-time blogger is $0-$1000 annually (depending upon).


How much does it cost to start a blog? If you want to start a blog, the cost is the important thing to consider. In this article, we have covered all aspects related to costs. Focus on some fundamentals. Write effective blog content. Learn from your audience and start monetizing your blog. Add some paid tools, expenses, and features to grow your business and make a sound income. Because some initial investment is necessary to get started and be successful in your blog.

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