How Can You Benefit from Cloud CDN Solutions?


Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a platform to deliver contents to users over the web with high performance. It works by delivering the contents to the users through cached or duplicated content on many servers and then directed the contents based on their location’s proximity. Today, most of the contents on the internet are being delivered through CDNs, including images, audios, videos, software and many others. The speed of delivery of CDNs depends on the location of the users. For instance, the closer the users to the CDNs, thus the faster the speed of delivery of the intended contents. In this article, you will be exposed with the benefits that you could get from cloud CDN solutions.

Increase site visits

One of the benefits that you can get from cloud CDN is that it could accelerate the traffic to your websites by increasing the search engine optimization (SEO). According to the Design Shack website, since Google prioritize websites that have larger traffic, it means that by using cloud CDN solutions, your website could show up on the Google search every time people look up for any keywords that are included in your website. Furthermore, since CDNs are constantly available, your websites can be constantly being reached even though you’re closing your server or that your server is problematic. This is a good advantage for you to showcase the contents of your site and possibly increase your sales, if you are an online entrepreneur. This could lead to people to recognize you and the products and services that you could offer even more.

High-speed quality video content

Cloud CDN could also deliver video contents in high quality at a greater speed. If you are a game-streamer or video creator, then this is an advantage for you because cloud CDNs is one of the most reliable solution in content delivery as it could get as many users as possible to reach your platform or websites, thus allowing you to get more views. Video platform such as YouTube allow its users to monetize their videos provided that their contents are not copyrighted. Cloud CDNs have been helping the youtubers out there to get views for their videos which in turn generate money out of the contents that are being delivered, as the number of views determine how much they would earn for a video that they have created. Thus, it is clear that CDNs plays a critical role in delivering high-resolution videos for viewers.

Guaranteed security

On the other hand, cloud CDNs also offer guaranteed security, particularly to businesses. According to the Akamai website, Ponemon Institute of Cybercrime reported that many businesses all over the world have lost an average of $7.7 million as the result of a cybercrime happening back in 2015. For businesses and organizations, covering up for the losses after a cybersecurity attack is a pain and would cost a lot more than what they have lost. Thus, security have been the main and a critical concern for large businesses and organizations to prevent the same even from happening. Therefore, this is when cloud CDNs became useful in controlling or avoiding cybersecurity attacks. Akamai is one of the advanced cloud CDN provider which protect content sources and users by reducing attacks without involving risky components that could affect content delivery and availability.

To conclude this article, cloud CDN solutions offers a wide range of benefits to the users, particularly those who uses internet as the platform to promote their activities or products. Furthermore, cloud CDNs are an important platform in ensuring the delivery of contents to internet users reliable and secure as well as reaching the targeting audiences. Apart from that, online stores these days would not be successful without the help of cloud CDNs to get people to reach their products and services. Moreover, it should be clear by now that CDNs could optimize online activities. This also clearly shows how important CDNs are to online businesses and people in general and that people should really utilize it for good purposes, rather than using it for malicious acts such as launching cyberattacks, hacking into systems and phishing which may cause a serious problem to both the victims and the culprit.


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  1. My website is 1.5 years old and the shared hosting I have been using was not bad.

    However I was always annoyed when I saw my site being down for 10-15 minutes, especially that now it is bringing a regular $500-$1,000 every month.

    I decided I needed to get a cloud server, however I didn’t want to pay all that money and I didn’t know anything about servers. Therefore, together with a fellow blogger, I purchased a managed cloud server for just $40 for 6 months. The cost is pretty much the same as what I would be paying for with a shared hosting provider, however we only have 5 websites on the server instead of 800.

    If you have a sense of adventure, try it.

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