Guest Blog Submission Guide

  1. Content must have a minimum of 1000 words
  2. Every author should have a proven track record of writing valuable content
  3. We don’t allow to link spammy websites in your bio or within the content
  4. You are allowed to use a single link to your website in the blog body
  5. It is highly recommended to write a detailed and unique content
  6. We will fully own your content, and you can’t publish it on other websites
  7. We don’t accept the topics covered on our blog already
  8. If your content is construed as a link-building scheme, then we will not publish it
  9. We also reserve the rights to include calls-to-action to our services/relevant blogs
  10. If your content includes images, then make sure you have compressed them
  11. If you submitted content that meets our standards, we would let you know your content will be published soon
  12. We reserve the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content as per our requirements and company standards
  13. It may take up to 2 weeks or more as per our editorial calendar
  14. In the case of images, you should mention the source of each image
  15. We will not publish any article that is already live elsewhere on the internet
  16. You should reference each quotation or outside content
  17. Content should be submitted in Google or Word Document
  18. You are allowed to write author bio up to two sentences
  19. The company reserves the right to reject contributions without any reason
  20. You should mention primary and secondary keywords
  21. Talk about facts, practical tips, or real-life examples
  22. Try to target lower/medium competition keywords
  23. Every author needs to update his avatar picture
  24. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes
  25. Content has to fit in our blog theme
  26. Avoid too much promotional content

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