16 Best Google Drive Alternatives in 2023

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Google Drive has been at the forefront of cloud-based file storage and synchronization solutions for almost a decade. It’s one of the most designed to fulfill in its category and has maintained its position as a standard-setter. According to some estimates, more than a billion individuals use Facebook every day.

Many people are looking for an alternative to Google Drive for their documents and files in an era where their online privacy is eroded and corporate surveillance is becoming more common. As a matter of fact, why would you want to store your private information with the world’s largest advertising company? Consider that this company is financially motivated to get your data and use it to make money.

Google Drive, free and easy to use, does not care about your personal information. Data is scanned and analyzed by it, and it keeps complete control over the results. It’s possible to protect your personal and corporate documents using secure cloud storage, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. If you don’t want someone to see your private data, they shouldn’t be able to. Use an alternative cloud storage solution to keep your files safe from anyone else’s prying eyes.

There are many things you can do with Google Drive. You can access and share files from anywhere, as well as make documents and spreadsheets, as well as presentations and surveys. Google Drive is great and free, but if you want better security, syncing, and privacy, there are better alternatives to Google Drive that you can use instead of Google Drive.

A suitable replacement for Google Drive may not have been your priority, but it’s still a vital service to get rid of if you want to reclaim your privacy. More control over your data benefits using an alternative to Google Drive that you can trust. Apart from helping fantastic privacy-focused companies, you’ll also avoid surveillance capitalism.

What is it about Google Drive that makes it so fantastic?

Because of two things, in particular, Google Drive has been a constant in the ranks of cloud storage for years. With its low fees for both private and business customers, Google’s service is enticing on the one hand: If 15 G.B. of free storage space isn’t enough for you, you can pay roughly $2 a month to boost your account’s storage capacity to 100 GB. You can acquire two terabytes of storage, or around 2,000 gigabytes, for about $10 a month. However, Google Drive’s biggest asset is its integration with the Google account and the corresponding direct link to various other Google products, such as the Office applications from Google Workspace, formerly G Suite, Gmail, or Google Photos. You can create new Google Workspace projects from the navigation bar of Google Drive.

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Why Use an Alternative to Google Drive?

There are also plenty of reasons why individuals look into Google Drive alternatives. Here are only a few examples.


There are 15 G.B. of free storage available on Google Drive. Suppose you only need to keep a few documents and the occasional photo. In that case, this is more than adequate (although it should be noted that this storage limit is spread across your entire Google account, including Gmail, Google Photos, and more).

Even if you need more than 15 G.B. of storage, Google Drive is still a great value. The following are the plans available:

  • $1.99 per month, or $19.99 per year, for 100 GB.
  • 2.99 dollars per month or 29.99 dollars a year for 200 GB.
  • $9.99/month or $99.99/year for two terabytes each year.

If you’re looking to save money, you may want to search around for the best bargain. If you require more than 15 G.B. of storage but not quite 50, you can utilize iCloud for $0.99 per month instead.


Google Drive’s interaction with other Google services is a significant benefit. It can also be used with a variety of file types.

However, if you’re already using a different service that the G suite, you may be able to locate a better alternative.


Google Drive’s security is a significant worry for many customers. The terrible news isn’t all horrible. In transit and at rest, Google encrypts your files. Because the encryption keys are stored on Google’s computers, hackers, the government, law enforcement, or even Google might gain access.

 Certain cloud storage services offer more stringent security procedures than others. Lastly, there are the passwords. When using Google Drive, you must log in using your Google account, which gives some security. Finally, you can restrict file access to only specific Google accounts. But Drive files can’t be password-protected individually. Shareable links can be shared far more broadly than you expect if you email them to a few individuals.

Google Drive is a popular choice for many individuals regarding cloud storage. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have access to a shared document in your Drive if you’re signed in to your Gmail account. Most people have no idea that there are other choices available to them.

New cloud storage service providers are springing up and bringing innovative ideas to the table, despite the clear top choices.

Consider the following options before you commit to Google Drive. It would help if you didn’t rush into selecting a cloud storage solution for your most important information.

Microsoft OneDrive:

 We use Google Drive for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. For Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, OneDrive is available. Many of OneDrive’s features are similar to those of Google Drive. You may store various documents in the cloud, share them with others, and collaborate in real-time. If you’ve been using Microsoft Office for a long time, the user interface may be more familiar than Google’s.

Google Drive Alternatives , Microsoft OneDrive

When it comes to OneDrive, you don’t have to download Google’s software because it is embedded into Windows. Unlike Google Drive, OneDrive does not have the same privacy and security protections. By requiring additional authentication methods like fingerprint, face, PIN, or an email or SMS code, OneDrive Personal Vault protects the files you save in it from unintentional disclosure.

Even while OneDrive’s free plan only offers 5 G.B. of storage, the company’s premium plans are reasonably priced. In addition, OneDrive is included as part of a Microsoft 365 package.



5 G.B. of space is provided free of charge.

100 GB for $1.99 a month: OneDrive Standalone

Microsoft 365 Personal: 1 terabyte for $69.99 annually

Each individual in your family gets 1000 GB of storage for $99.99/year.


The OneDrive for Business (Plan 1) offers one terabyte of storage for $5 per user each month.

Plan 2 of OneDrive for Business (Unlimited): $10/month/user if you have 5+ users

In Microsoft 365 Business Basic, you get 1 T.B. of storage for $5 per month per user.

Only $11.50/month/user/month per G.B. of storage with Microsoft 365 Business Standard.


Another popular cloud storage service is Dropbox. Although Google Drive is now the most popular cloud storage service, Dropbox has been available since 2007.

Dropbox’s encryption for files in transit is more robust than Google Drive’s, making it a more secure option. Individually shared files can be protected with passwords, and two-factor authentication is also available.

Google Drive Alternatives , Dropbox

As a result of block-level file copying, Dropbox syncs between devices more quickly than Google Drive. Rather than re-uploading or downloading the entire file, it merely syncs the file’s modifications, not the complete file. However, if you’re working with enormous files, you’ll notice the difference in performance. Moreover, you may increase your free storage space to a whopping 19 G.B by referring friends.



2 G.B. of space is provided for free.

 You’ll get two terabytes of storage for $9.99 a month.

2 T.B. for $16.99/month for a family, or 2,000 GB for each user.


Professional: $16.58/month for 3 T.B. of storage.

professional + design: 3 TB for $24.99 per month.

standard teams: Users pay $12.50 per month for a 5 T.B. plan.

Advanced Teams: Unlimited for $20/user/month.


pCloud claims to be the most secure cloud storage service on the market. Files are encrypted on your computer before being uploaded to the cloud using pCloud’s security technology.

The service cannot access your data since the encryption key isn’t kept on pCloud’s servers.

Google Drive Alternatives , pCloud

With pCloud’s file-sharing feature, you can do the same thing as you can with Google Drive. Either establish an upload or download link or invite someone to access a file or folder. Using an upload link, they can send you their files; while using a download link, they can view and download them.

Free storage on pCloud can be increased to 20 G.B. in a few simple steps. A lifetime account can save you a lot of money for those who know that they’ll be using pCloud for a long time.


Premium: Upgrade to Premium for $49.99 every year or $175 for the rest of your life: 1 T.B.

Premium Plus: 2 T.B. for $99.99 a year or $350 for the rest of your life!

Business: A yearly fee of $7.99/user/month gets you 1 T.B. of storage.

Family: Two terabytes of storage for $500 each year for the rest of your life.


The cloud storage provider Internxt is ahead of the curve when it comes to internet security and privacy.

End-to-end encryption, blockchain technology, and peer-to-peer distribution make Internxt hard to access for anybody but the owner of the data it contains.

Google Drive Alternatives , Internext

Your personal information will never be accessed by anyone, first or third. Access to a user’s files and data is entirely up to the user. You can also limit how many times a file can be shared via the Internet. If you or your firm are concerned about protecting your privacy and copyright, Internxt is an excellent choice. The service offers a lot of security for a modest fee. A user can begin with 10 G.B. of free storage and then upgrade to 20 G.B. for just $1.15 a month, or go large with 200GB for $5.15 a month or 2 T.B. for $11.50 a month for $11.50 a month.

With Internxt’s seamless integration with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Apple iCloud, you can easily move your data to their secure lockbox of a service.


In addition to Dropbox and Google Drive, Box is an excellent cloud storage option that focuses heavily on the needs of businesses. Box can function with any browser and operating system for both personal and corporate use. 

It’s easy to share your data, and the backup and security features are top-notch. Again, this is a business-oriented cloud storage system, so the integrated and collaborative features will make it easier to share and modify documents and communicate in real-time.

Google Drive Alternatives , Box

Depending on your needs, Box offers a variety of various subscription levels. Free and paid options are available for the Individual Plan, which costs $11.50 per month.

However, as this is a service that is best suited for corporations, the main focus is on that. A wide range of business plans is available, ranging from $5.51 per user/month to $27.26 per user/month, so it makes sense to check them out for yourself.


Even if you’ve never used an Apple product, you’ll be familiar with iCloud because it’s embedded into every single one of their devices.

Pre-installed in Apple’s products, iCloud Drive is their cloud and data storage service.

However, calling iCloud Drive a terrific product for everyone isn’t entirely accurate, as it isn’t the fastest cloud storage, and its sharing is still in development. If you’re looking for a cloud solution, first and foremost, there are many better solutions available.

Google Drive Alternatives , iCloud

iCloud Drive is exclusively compatible with Apple products, so if you use Android and have no plans to migrate to iOS or any other Apple products, you can skip this section. If you’re thinking about making the switch, consider a few advantages.

You may be tempted to pay for additional cloud storage because of its simplicity and value.

By choosing the more effective storage option, you will have the ability to back up everything on your smartphone. If you’re looking for a cloud service that allows you to share and sync files, you may look elsewhere.

Every time you sign up for an Apple ID or sign in to iCloud from any Apple product, you get a 5 G.B. plan. Next up is a 50 G.B. plan for $0.99 a month, a fantastic deal for Apple users.

You can purchase 200GB of storage for $2.99 a month or 2 T.B. of storage for $9.99 a month, but keep in mind that the more you play, the more space you get, not more benefits or features.


Apps and applications running end-to-end encryption on Sync’s cloud storage deserve high credit for their security features, protecting files. So again, your data will not be shared with third-party service providers, but you won’t have any issues collaborating and sharing files, and here is where Sync shines.

More than 750,0000 registered users are already there, and over 2.7 billion files are securely saved. These aren’t the kinds of stats you’ll see on services like DropBox or Google Drive, but that isn’t the point of this cloud system.

A cloud storage option that is designed to free up hard drive space with the ability to share files and Sync across many devices is at the heart of privacy concerns.

Google Drive Alternatives  , Sync

 You could use this if your hard drive is full and you’re having trouble storing data.

Sync’s cloud storage solution has some of the best features and security available, making it a worthwhile purchase provided your requirements align with the provider’s. A free 5GB Stater trial that never expires is available for you to get a feel for the system. Just keep in mind that there are no month-to-month fees and that if you go with Sync, your commitment is for an entire year.

Kdan Cloud

Unlike some of our other offerings, Kdan Cloud is a cloud service that isn’t as well-known. However, it’s worth a second look because of the value and advantages this solution provides.

A stand-alone cloud service, it’s part of Microsoft’s “Creativity 365” bundle but can compete with Google’s G Suite and Microsoft’s Office 365 in terms of features.

Google Drive Alternatives , Kdan Cloud

You’ll have no trouble storing and syncing your files on the web or through an app, which works across iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Creating links to files and disseminating them widely is a given, and this product’s price is very reasonable. For just $9.99 a year, you can upgrade your 500MB free account to 500GB of cloud storage, which is a significant price saving.

The Creativity 365 bundle also includes 1 T.B. of cloud storage and many other valuable tools and services, so you might want to look at that as an alternative.

V2 Cloud

If you have an internet connection, you can access your desktop files via V2 Cloud, referred to as virtualization in modern parlance. This provides for fast and straightforward access to your data.

If you’re looking for an easy way to access documents, data, and applications from any device, this service is for you!

Google Drive Alternatives , V2 Cloud

V2 Cloud eliminates the need for an I.T. specialist, complicated software, and ample storage space. What V2 could accomplish for your business is to provide you and your employees with a fully-managed service that you can access from any location with access to Windows apps, QuickBooks, Photoshop, and so on.

This is a viable alternative for small and medium-sized organizations, software manufacturers and I.T. firms, and resellers because of the various hardware plans available. Individuals and organizations alike have multiple options to choose from, and it all comes down to what type of work you or your company does and what is most convenient for you.

You can utilize “Team Desktops” if you have a lot of people in the same region who all use the same programs, and rates range from $50 to $700 (the Enterprise plan is also a thing here). Using the Individual Cloud Desktops is a terrific option for people who need to use the desktop for various applications. The basic, light multitasking applications are included in the Intern package for $50 per month.

The most expensive of the four packages is the $350 a month “The Magnate,” which includes multiple apps, the highest speed, and the best multitasking capabilities.

I saw how far technology and services have advanced to even P.C.s can be outsourced.


A cloud storage solution, JustCloud comes pre-loaded with features that make it simple for everyone to use. You can use this if you want a simple system for data backups, data syncing, and file sharing that doesn’t require any advanced capabilities. Because of its straightforward user interface, JustCloud is well-suited for non-technical users. In the grand scheme of things, it performs precisely what it’s meant to.

JustCloud offers three distinct pricing tiers and a variety of add-on services to meet the diverse needs of its clients. The Home plan costs $7.61 per month for a two-year subscription and gives you 250GB of storage, making it the least valuable of the three options. The 1 T.B. Premium plan costs $8.19 per month, and the Ultimate plan, which costs $10.69 per month, gives you 4 T.B. of storage.


Unlimited P.C. and external drive backups focus on Backblaze’s cloud service.

Backblaze doesn’t include all Google Drive’s sharing and collaboration features as a backup service. However, it does offer an infinite amount of storage capacity. In the event of data loss, you can easily retrieve your files by downloading them or ordering a USB drive to be sent to you.

Google Drive Alternatives , Backblaze's

On the other hand, Backblaze does not allow you to free up disc space on your P.C. If you add a file to your desktop, Backblaze automatically uploads the file to the cloud. That file can be deleted from your desktop but not from your online storage. You can avoid any data loss by upgrading to the unlimited version history.


There is only one pricing plan available from Backblaze.com. It’s $7 a month, $70 a year, or $130 for two years.


Cloud storage service SugarSync has excellent file synchronization features. So you won’t have any issues accessing folders from anywhere and on any device.

When working together, you can rest assured that all of your files are safe and have complete control over who may see them (grant access, post links, control who can view it).

You may rest confident that your information is constantly backed up in a data loss, so you don’t have to worry. The browser downloading speed is one of the drawbacks, but overall, it’s a decent cloud option.

Google Drive Alternatives , SugarSync

Even though it’s one of the most basic, it’s also one of the most expensive options available. In addition to the 30-day free trial, there are individual plans and company plans to choose from.

Each of the three plans has a monthly fee ranging from $7.49 to $9.99 to $18.95, depending on how much data you use. However, there is a single corporate plan for up to 9 people with 1000GB of storage per user per month for $55.00 with additional advantages and features in the business solution.


For those of you who haven’t already heard of IDrive’s services. This is a backup solution for numerous devices, including servers and cellphones.

Some of the world’s most reputable corporations place their faith and trust in the cloud’s grade A security to store all of their backups.

Founded in 2007, this backup service is a well-respected industry leader. Simple to set up, you may be on your way, secure in the knowledge that your data is in good hands, in no time at all.

Google Drive Alternatives , IDrive

Depending on how much data you need to back up and what you’re looking for, you may select between the IDrive Personal and IDrive Business plans, which don’t require a credit card and don’t expire. When it comes to value, I think this service is excellent, and for many people, it’s a need.

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Digital asset libraries are expanding swiftly to keep up with the demands of today’s customers, as you may have already noticed.

Campaigns and team alignment are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, and content can be lost in the shuffle, with up to 70% of digital assets in the trash.

How can today’s brands keep them from becoming dusty with so many files to manage?

This is where Brandfolder and digital asset management shine.

More than ever, it’s evident that businesses need solutions that can quickly deliver appealing consumer experiences while also ensuring that they are consistent in their agility, consistency, efficiency, and security as CMOs worldwide fight to keep up with the fast-changing market conditions.

Google Drive Alternatives , Brandfolder

Brandfolder, a digital asset management (DAM) platform, was established in 2012 and has since shown to be both user-friendly and robust for administrators. It was developed with ease of use and organizational adoption to enhance your teams’ collaboration.

Hundreds of forms, including 8K video, documents, pictures, and 3D renderings, can be stored, managed, shared, manipulated, and analyzed with little to no training.

With SmartCDN, brand guidelines, self-service asset templates, and the ability to resize and reformat asset downloads on-demand, Brandfolder gives key stakeholders like marketers, salespeople, franchise partners, agencies, and retailers the tools they need to focus on what they do best: being creative.

Using Brand IntelligenceR, Brandfolder’s in-house AI and analytics, users can better target their product or brand-specific searches and analyze how their assets are used.

Many high-profile clients, including Slack, TripAdvisor, Lyft, and P.F. Changs worldwide, rely on Brandfolder’s exceptional speed and efficiency in creating captivating and consistent brand experiences.


Mega is your best bet if you’re looking for a safe, free, and large storage option. There are tools for collaboration, file sharing, and encryption for data in transit and storage. In addition, it’s the only cloud storage service that provides a huge 50 G.B. of storage space free of charge. If you invite your friends or download their app, you can get more storage space.

Google Drive Alternatives  , Mega

However, Mega has a few drawbacks, such as:

  • As a collaborative tool, collaboration tools are useful since they allow you to see edits in real-time, but they are not as complex as Box’s.
  • This kind of file sharing does not include additional security measures such as password protection.
  • It has a 10 G.B. bandwidth restriction, which refreshes every 30 minutes. Anyone trying to move large volumes of data may find this frustrating. Other service providers provide a limitless amount of data transfer.
  • Mega adheres to GDPR despite its New Zealand headquarters. That Mega was built on open-source code means that anyone can have a peek at its flaws.


Last but not least, we’ll look at SpiderOak as a Google Drive alternative, and it’s undoubtedly not the least in terms of security, privacy, and other features. With this encryption method, users are in complete control of their private data on their own devices, from beginning to end.

Online backups, file hosting services that allow for data synchronization and sharing are all available here.

There are desktop clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux and applications for Android and iOS so that you can access your files from any device.

Google Drive Alternatives , SpiderOak

If you’re a newbie, you may have difficulty adapting to this method. However, in the end, they will learn that their files are safe and secure, and they may even be able to sleep easier at night.

Cost is one of the weakest points of the service because it is among the most expensive in the industry. Before committing, I recommend testing the service for a full 21 days with 250GB of storage. You can choose between monthly and annual plans with storage capacities ranging from 150GB to 5TB.


Our list of the best Google Drive alternatives has come to an end. Privacy and security are essential features of these cloud storage services, as stated at the beginning of this post. For years, cloud storage services have been a favorite target of criminals and governments alike, amateur and professional.

Make sure to test out any services you’re interested in before committing to using them. Test it out for a few days or weeks to determine if it’s an excellent alternative to Google Drive for your unique needs. With any luck, you’ll be able to ditch Google Drive without too much hassle if you choose one of these alternatives.

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