Google Cloud Vs AWS: A Detailed Comparison 2023

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Nowadays, businesses are continually migrating to cloud computing. Either they need a single cloud service or shifting their whole infrastructure to a new cloud ecosystem and seeking the additional benefits of cloud technology. There is no doubt; the cloud is highly scalable, secure, flexible, and less expensive, which is the main reason it is the best choice of top business brands. Today, I am going to discuss Google cloud vs AWS – giant cloud computing providers.

  1. What is AWS?
  2. What is Google Cloud?
  3. Why Google Cloud vs Amazon Web Services
  4. Google Cloud vs Amazon Web Services Comparison Table

What is AWS (Amazon Web Services)?

Amazon Web Services offers flexible, scalable, reliable, cost-effective, easy to use, and fully featured cloud services. You need to select an operating system, programming language, database, or other services you need. You will get an AWS virtual environment where you can run your required software or services. It is also known as a powerhouse of storage, analytics, networking, and deployment options.

What is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a cloud computing suite that runs on Google’s same infrastructure for its products such as Gmail, Google search, File storage, and YouTube. It was launched by Google in 2011 and offered businesses the to utilize Google’s infrastructure to grow their business intelligently.

Why Google Cloud vs Amazon Web Services?

If you plan to use the cloud services, you will undoubtedly discover the top vendors or cloud giants such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Today, I am going to compare Google Cloud vs AWS. In the tech world, both organizations are well-renowned in innovation and developed the industry-leading cloud computing platform.

Amazon has secured its ranking in the Leader’s quadrant from the last 10th years in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). You can also take a look into the stack overflow questions and Google trends in the picture given below:

Stack overflow questions AWS vs Google Cloud
Google Trends: AWS vs Google Cloud

Amazon Web Services Benefits

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides easy deployment options for applications.
  • Enhanced security with the help of physical and operational security layers
  • Little time is required for the deployment of a new version of your application.
  • AWS is the perfect option for your project if you need higher computing power
  • It helps you to enhance the growth of the application development professionals.
  • A Variety of automatic functionalities such as the setup, scaling, installation, etc., are available.
  • AWS is a cost-effective service that helps you to pay only what you have consumed without any contracts or up-front costs
  • Without any limits, you can use as much as you can

Google Cloud Benefits

  • Offers high productivity with quick access
  • Your employees can work from Anywhere
  • Cost-effective with long-term discounts
  • It comes with the Instance and payment configuration
  • Future-Proof infrastructure
  • Powerful Data Analytics
  • Big Data and Machine Learning products

Google Cloud vs Amazon Web Services Comparison Table

The overall study of Google Cloud vs AWS is based on their hundreds of products from which you can choose according to your requirements. So, we may need more knowledge and time to understand each service really a time-consuming process. I would like to thank both Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services Platform to group their products under a parent category to minimize our research and efforts.

ParameterAWSGoogle Cloud
Launched in March 2006April 7, 2008
What is it?AWS is a name of secure cloud services developed and managed by Amazon.It is a suite of Google’s public cloud computing resources and services known as google cloud.
ContainersDocker, KubernetesKubernetes Only
Top featureUndoubtedly, AWS leads the public cloud market by offering a wide range of cloud-based products and services.GCP specializes in high computing like Big Data.
Top serviceThe leading compute service of AWS is Elastic Compute Cloud, which is also known as EC2.The main service of Google cloud is Compute Engine.
Object StoringAWS S3 – Amazon Simple Storage ServicesGoogle Cloud Storage
Processor128 processors can be in a VMThe maximum number of processors is 96.
StorageSimple Storage Service (S3)
Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)
Storage Gateway
Snowball Gateway
Snowball Edge
Cloud Storage
Persistent disk
Transfer Appliance
Transfer Service
Database migration Service
Cloud SQL
Cloud Bigtable
Cloud Spanner
Cloud Datastore
Hybrid supportAWS has managed virtual tape infrastructure for the hybrid environment.Google relies on their partners such as Egnyte for Hybrid support.
Disaster Recovery ManagementAWS offers cloud-based disaster recovery services.Google cloud has out-of-the-box DR or backup services.
Backup ServicesAmazon Glacier offers data querying capabilities.
(Amazon S3 is used for secondary backup storage)
Nearline (Frequently accessed data)
Coldline (Infrequently accessed data)
ServerlessAWS Lamba
Serverless Application Repository
Cloud Functions (Beta)
Volume Sizes125GB to 16TB
(You can also attach multiple volumes with your instance)
1 GB to 64 TB
(You can also attach multiple volumes with your instance)
AI service & Machine LearningAWS has its own Al service, which is known as called SageMaker.Google cloud uses AI chips known as TPU, which can run TensorFlow and other AI Libraries.
Networking frameworkThere is no tiered networking framework.Google has its tiered networking framework.
Data transmission formatGeneral formatEncrypted format
Big data supportAWS has its own big data analysis tool known as AWSLambda.Google Cloud Platform has AI Firstfor data management.
Available zonesAWS cloud services are available in 21 different zones.Google Cloud vs AWS: GCP services are available in 20 different regions.
Companies usingNetflix, LinkedIn, Facebook, BBC, ESPN, Twitch, AppDirect, Eat with Ava, Icarros, Valera, etc.Snapchat, Vimeo, BestBuy, Twitter, Bugsnag, Atomcert, Policygenius, PointsHound, etc.

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