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If you love to play games online then you probably familiar with the term Minecraft. With the increasing trend of online games, the games have now become a big thing. The people who have been using the Minecraft servers know that it is great fun because you are making all the game rules and make your own community of people to play with you. In this article, I will be discussing what is Minecraft and how to setup a Minecraft server. If you have no previous understanding of Minecraft may find it a bit technical, but here I have made the whole process of creating a Minecraft server simpler for you. Find out why building a Minecraft server is a fun thing for game lovers with this comprehensive Minecraft server guide.

If you are thinking of setting up a Minecraft then there are any questions may come to your mind such as how to connect to Minecraft server, how to set up a vanilla Minecraft server, how to set up a private Minecraft server, how to set up a dedicated Minecraft server, etc. I am sure in this article; you will find the answers to most of your questions about starting Minecraft server.

Readout this article to get a detailed understanding of Minecraft and how they can make your online game more fun for you.

What Is a Minecraft Server?

The Minecraft is a kind of gaming server that is a well-known open gaming platform that you can play as a multiplayer or as a solo. If you want to play online games using Minecraft as a multiplayer, you must know how to host a multiplayer Minecraft server. Hosting a Minecraft server on your computer is typically a better option as it is cheaper as compared with renting a server. Dedicated Game Server that is particularly made for a gaming website is also an example of Minecraft Server.

In the case of Minecraft servers, every server has its own IP address that you have to connect with. These servers also have modifications options, usually called plug-ins. The server can be used by anyone free of cost. The need for hardware is majorly depending on your requirements and it is highly recommended to use the good hardware for the purpose. There are numerous services that are hosting on your own servers rather than your PC. This kind of services usually requires monthly-yearly fees based on the limit of players on the server.

A dedicated game server allows you to make a community of players by inviting your friends to a wide range of online games. The Minecraft game hosting allows you to create your online group. Setting up your own Minecraft would allow you to have your own server for gaming and, you will have full control over your website and the complete support on your side. These servers allow you to have complete authority in your hands while playing any online game. You will decide the number of players, and it is also up to you, which players you want to stay or leave. You are the one and only controller of a dedicated game server, you can supervise and administer your online community.

The Minecraft servers also let the players play games online or through a LAN with other players. Inside, a server runs the game for single-player, to make the game experience single-player reliable with multi-player experience and if any sort of modifications made on the game, for example, bug fixes apply to both multiplayer and single-player games. So, it can be said that the Minecraft servers are a must-have for all the game lovers, you want to customize their gaming environment and make the rules also.

Note: Minecraft is not just used for gaming purpose. It’s also a good tool for teaching code to; an open-source platform extended by mod developers, and it is the heart of an international creators’ community.

Below is the complete Minecraft server hosting guide that you should follow to effectively set up your own Minecraft.

Setting Up Minecraft Server

Before setting up the Minecraft server, you have to fulfil the following system requirements that are:

  • A Windows 10 server or desktop
  • A dependable connection of wired network
  • At least 4GB RAM is suggested
  • A substantial plan of Internet bandwidth: Minecraft can consume around 100MB per player in an hour, so for this purpose, it is recommended to use the unlimited bandwidth plan.

Hardware Configuration

 Before setting up your server you first have to check whether you have the right hardware to make your Minecraft server. It cannot appropriately function on the typical PCs because their processor is not very strong and effective to manage these kinds of devices. If you are willing to play with your friends, the multiplayer Minecraft version needs all of them to link with a single server that is why it is imperative for this to be enough power. You should not set up your Minecraft on PC because it requires huge space and tends to decrease the capacity of the computer to carry out other responsibilities.

Network Configuration

For the server set up, you will also need to have to a separate network. Incessant high-speed connection of internet with a static IP is needed that can be offered by the hosting providers and data center. The game requires to function on a high-speed server so you can upload it rapidly. The over-all uploading speed needs of the server are at least 10MB/s. In case, you are hosting the Minecraft server on your PC, you required to give your IP address to your friends. This can also make the network susceptible to DDoS attacks as anyone can bring the LAN anytime. Consequently, it is significant to discover if your network has protection for DDoS or not.

Try Out Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is a good option as far as creating your own Minecraft server is a concern. As compared with other servers, the dedicated server provides the high-performance completely reserved to fulfil your needs. The dedicated root servers with extensive bandwidth have an additional advantage by reducing the load on servers. There are many dedicated service providers available online, you can contact any service providers to get the dedicated server hosting and make the work easy for you.

Instructions for Installation

The Minecraft server installation is a technical process and you should have some computer and networking knowledge to do this efficiently. The understanding of basic networking and computing concepts would help you in the management of this server.

Here is the step by step guide for the install of servers to make this process easier for you.

Step 1: Download Java in Windows 10

The first step is to download the up-to-date Java version for Windows 10. Once the Java is downloaded, now open.EXE file and click Install, your installation will be started.  Once the installation is done, Restart the computer. If you want your server to perform well than do install the latest java version. 

Step2: Download the Minecraft server

Once the Java is installed on your PC, the next step is to download the Minecraft server. For this, you have to visit the website of Minecraft and download the latest version of Minecraft server known as  Minecraft Vanilla JAR to the computer. The Minecraft JAR file will automatically download on your Downloads folder.

Note: If you download Minecraft Server from another project such as Bukkit or Forge, the next jars running steps and the installations would be different.

Step 3: Move Minecraft Server in Download Folder

Navigate to the Downloads folder and transfer the downloaded Minecraft Vanilla JAR folder to your wanted location. Let’s say you drag it to the desktop, but for Minecraft, it is recommended to use a dedicated folder.

Step 4: Open the Minecraft Vanilla JAR

To open the Minecraft Vanilla JAR file, Double click it. doing this some files will be extracted that we would require before starting our server.

Step 5: Set Properties and Agree to Standards

We will start this server by configuration files adjustment. First, open the Minecraft EULA file. The EULA is said to be a file that you are agreeing to while running the Server. In order to accept the agreement of end-user license, first, open the txt file of EULA and change eula=false to eula=true. After modifications save the file.

To make some adjustments in the server settings, first, open the file contains server properties and when all the required changes have been completed save that file. If you’re doubting about the adjustment of the server settings and don’t have any clear idea how to do it then the server properties file controls major settings of the server such as memory, server port and in-game settings. The default server port is port 25565.

Step 6: Again, Open Minecraft JAR File

Double click on the Minecraft Open the server file again, the java file in the server start running.

Step 7: Allow Minecraft Access To Firewall

Click the allow access option to allow the access Firewall access to Minecraft.

Step 8: Evaluate the stats of Minecraft Server

Once the Minecraft is installed and operating, you will see a status window appears. In this window, this specific local computer can’t continue to function with the required resources to execute a multiplayer server, so, for a better experience, it important to set up this on a hosted server.

Step 9: Connecting to your Minecraft Server

When the multiplayer server is installed, you have to link it with Minecraft. Select Multiplayer and launch Minecraft. Click Add Server button.

Insert details of server and click Done. You can get the IP address for Minecraft by searching “what’s my IP” on Google. On your router, maybe you need to open access to port 25565 if your friends are incapable to link. Remember that the IP address of your home may often change, so you need to offer them with the updated details of connections at this point. 

To start playing, next to your server, click on the play button.

Minecraft Dedicated Server Setup

Once you have chosen the correct server, the next step is to set up your Minecraft dedicated servers. Whether it is Linux, Mac OSX, or Windows, it is completely up to the user, which operating system he/she is choosing for game hosting. Detailed commands for proper building a dedicated Minecraft for OS are available on the Minecraft. Here is an example of how to setup a dedicated Minecraft server on Windows:

  1. First of all, you have to access the dedicated root server. 
  2. Confirm that the most recent Java version is installed on the server.  If the Java version on your server is not latest then you have to download and install the up-to-date version of Java through its official site.
  3. Go to the official Minecraft homepage, then download the Windows multiplayer Minecraft program. Create a new folder and save the .exe file in it to run. When you run the file, the server will then be added and configured automatically to the folder. If the server fails to load, verify that you have all the manager’s rights by right click on the .exe file and choose the tab “run as administrator”. Doing this, you will be driven to enter the password required.
  4. Once you have set up the Minecraft-Server, check if the end-user license contract in the eula.txt file has been recognized. Open the file in WordPad and guarantee that the text last line is “eula=true”. You have replaced the “false” with “true” before saving.
  5. Operator rights are required to control the Minecraft server. Close the server, open the ops.txt file and enter your username in it, and then save the file. Now, you have adjusted the settings of the game.
  6. An open port is also required that allow the other players to have access to your server. Inside the file, the access port is situated. Port 25565 must be listed as the standard arrangement. Do the same in your server. In case you need any adjustments in the port, access the router and open the port forwarding and enter your port number here. If you have to enter a range for the port, use the port number as the starting and ending point.
  7. Both server name and the IP addresses are needed so that other players can have a to the Minecraft server. You have to convey the data and information to the other players on your server and enter them in the menu item of Minecraft:
    You can access your server anytime and control all of its functions. Now, you can play your game and allow access to other players in your Minecraft world.

Setup Port Forwarding?

Once the whole installation of Minecraft multiplayer server is done on your local computer as an alternative of hosting it with companies who are offering servers, you require to give open access for the local computer to the internet via port forwarding. When you have not set up port forwarding, your friends can not connect with you. 

The guidelines to set up Minecraft server port forwarding will differ depending on the router you are using for this purpose. So, it is recommended to perform a search on google to setup port forwarding depend on the ISP or internet router you use. After this, your whole process of installation will be completed.

Some Major Advantage of Minecraft Server

Minecraft is about creating a world full of innovation made for survival or exploration. Using this platform, you can share your world with your friends and family. Minecraft is a gaming platform that allows an individual to dig and builds different 3Dimension blocks in a wide range of territories and changing environment. It is actually a system that you can make something out of nothing. It is a popular game, and you can find it on phones, computers, and tablets and because of its admiration, you can even get clothes with Minecraft imprinted on them at malls henceforth you know it is very cool and a fun thing to do.

Make Your Own Rules

Minecraft server allows you to have complete authority and control of your game. One of the best things about these servers is that they let you make the rules in-game. You can also customize the design and environment of your game. You will be the only manager of game and can deny or assign others roles, make adjustments in the spawn rates, physics, and landscapes. What else a game lover can want? When you use your run server to run Minecraft, you have the control over everything in the experience and other players can also share in your formation. So, it can be said that now you can design your game based on your preferences and the other players have to follow all rules made by you as you are the only controller of the entire game.

 Grow Your Community

When you make your Minecraft game world, your friends and fans will be curious inquisitive. There are curious unidentified players who want to participate in the fun with you. You will be able to create your own personal community from your server or in doing so, you could serve pre-established communities to support them to grow.  You can create a totally new world and share an image of it online then send an invitation to your friends to raise your players’ community.

Many people are satisfied with a small server that is friendly and more like a personal space for your friends and you.  If you really want to improve your servers’ performance, you can be a big Minecraft server that is roofed by gaming and tech news channels.  There are numerous large servers and groups making a lot of content for websites such as YouTube and Twitch that started as a basic server. When you have created your own game, you can share it online with your friends who can then share it with other friends henceforth doing this, you actually increase your overall fan base.

Install Mods of Your Choice

While running Minecraft on your server, you have complete control over all mods that can be run.  There are many mods available and using these mods you can set up a complete gaming environment where you implement and test the modes that you really need in your game.

The mods you select also have some changes the whole programming of the game and lets you execute many new features on the server that are not implemented originally.  You can also make changes to the gameplay elements appearance by using mods or offer a better interface for admin. Here, you also have the choice to make new objects, etc. Once you feel fully connected with mod community, by the time, you will be able to write custom changes for the game also.

Kids Server Administration

There is a no age barrier is playing the Minecraft and People from all age groups have fun playing on it. It means that it can also prove a legit technique of children teaching about the administration of the server.  From this game, the children will learn the basic server setup and also the Linux administration and the commands required for server customization.

If you have any personal, virtual server for Minecraft, you can screen the activities of your child.  This will also allow you to limit, to whom they are playing and confirm that they are secure playing in this multiplayer environment.

Control Modifications

 Minecraft server allows you to install and control changes in your game. Concerning the fact that there are a lot of changes available, as the server owner, you have the full time and authority for texting and select those that are more appropriate for you. The modifications in the server also allow you to change the initial programming of the games and the way they execute and in appearance. Being the server administrator, you are allowed to make some modifications in the games too well suited with individuals from different age groups, particularly in children. It is said to be the best way for the children to learn the server administration as it teaches them the basic instructions and guidelines for customizing and setting up the Minecraft server. 

High Performance

A Minecraft is explicitly built to continue that high movement, with uptime improvements and fast internet connections. Because of its high performance, it is a less stressful choice as compared with owning Minecraft host that may require a wide-ranging understanding of computer networking and also have to turn on your host system and linked to the internet every time. It also led to overheating of the server and many other difficulties. Minecraft servers are built specifically to allow smooth game and make your online gaming experience trouble-free.

Multiplayer Mode of Minecraft

The multiplayer mode of the game is usually considered the Minecraft experience’s centrepiece. The multiplayer games need servers which are the entries to the world of Minecraft. Accessible servers differ based on the type of game mode and also the number of players supported by them. Users can also browse via various openly available lists Minecraft and choose their desired world of gaming. Remember, though, that players who are a part of games hosted on other servers of players have no impact on the overall game set-up; that duty lies in control of the operator of the server.

More limitations for gamers who look forward to playing with friends: but their servers do not have sufficient space for each player. A really modified experience of gaming can just be gained by choosing to host on your Minecraft server. This is the one and only technique for players to decide, how many players they want to join their virtual platform.
If their goal is to easily access the server and to allow access to more players, then choosing to rent out a Minecraft server frequently a good option. Borrowed servers are available permanently and have the strong computing dimensions at their discarding required for multiplayer Minecraft gaming at larger-scale. Dedicated root servers are particularly useful to fulfil such requirements.

Dedicated Root Server’s Multiplayer Minecraft

A dedicated root server (or “dedicated server”) is said to be a hosting system that offers the users total 9 yards. When you choose this option, all of your hardware needs are fulfilled. Such servers’ strength completely based on the planned Minecraft server’s use. There is a simple reason behind it: working memory controls the number of users allowed to access the server without detracting from the overall performance of the game. Servers arrangement for more players or diverse worlds of Minecraft must have access to the equivalent strength of the server. An in-depth requirements’ overview for Minecraft servers functioning on numerous operating systems is initiated on this platform.  If you don’t have your own server, you can also rent the most suitable game server for Minecraft Hosting.

Customizing the Minecraft Server

When you have built your own server, now you can make adjustments in your servers’ settings. To do all of these adjustments you have to access file. All of the modifications in the settings are stimulated by editing the file in WordPad. From the qualified players to the level of difficulty and gaming environment appearance, all of the modifications are in the control of the administrator. You just have to enter the required number in every respective line or modify the command in “false” or “true”.
You can also ban the players by using the files banned-ips.txt and banned-players.txt. Enter the IP address or name of the unwanted player in the file. On the other hand, by using a whitelist, lets you directly control the overall access to the Minecraft server. Into the white-list.txt file, enter your fellow gamers’ user names and all other players who are not listed here would not have any access to your server. Now you must be squared away to make your gaming world more exciting through private Minecraft.


In this article, we have made a detailed discussion on setting up Minecraft server, run a Minecraft server and dedicated Minecraft server hosting. The users who have been using the Minecraft servers know that it is fun because they are making all the game rules and make their own community of players to join them in-game. The Minecraft is a type of gaming server that is a well-known open gaming platform that you can play as a multiplayer. The need for hardware is mainly depending on your needs and it is highly recommended to use the good hardware for the purpose. It can be said that the Minecraft servers are a must-have for all the game lovers around the world, you want to customize their gaming environment and make the rules also.

Minecraft is a gaming platform that allows an individual to dig and builds 3Dimension blocks in a changing environment and a wide range of territories. You can create a totally new world and share an image of it online then send an invitation to your friends to raise your players’ community. Being the server administrator, you are acceptable to make some modifications in the games, well suited with individuals from different age groups mainly in kids. A really modified gaming experience can just be gained by choosing to host on your Minecraft server.

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