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The AI rebellion is here, and approving it may meaningfully improve your efficiency. According to Accenture’s predictions, AI will improve labor efficiency by about 40%. What would you do with the extra time and vigor? What would this suggest for your novelty, your bottom line, and the general achievement of our company? A free AI app allows you to execute numerous tasks.

Investing in artificial intelligence is an enormous idea. But where would you start? Don’t worry; we’ve got you enclosed with our list of free AI apps for phones. AI tech combines speed and precision to provide us with incredible convenience. Only a few AI technologies will change our lives and jobs.

So, continue reading and exploring to learn about the best downloadable AI applications in 2024.

How to Find the Right AI App for Your Needs?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. For example, ChatGPT began operations in November 2022, yet by January 2023, it had more than one billion monthly users! Consequently, digital marketing teams may now access hundreds of AI apps.

AI applications for iPhone and Android versions may save you a lot of time by automating chores, making more innovative judgments based on large amounts of data, and customizing your experience. AI programs may also help you finish your job or have more pleasure by producing personalized content, music, graphics, and more.

While it might seem alluring to sign up for all of them in their concluding days, we suggest focusing on a few apps that best meet your necessities. Here’s what you should consider:

  • Some programs or applications are inexpensive or free, while others are more expensive. You must choose whether you can complete your task with a free one or a paid one.
  • Some states prohibit specific AI apps. For example, ChatGPT is not yet available in Russia, Syria, Tehran, Cuba, China, Italy, or North Korea.
  • Some free AI App solutions work faultlessly with your existing apps. Zapier, for instance, employs AI to link apps and offerings, automating monotonous processes.
  • Not all AI apps enjoy the same aptitudes. In a minute, we’ll look at the various apps of artificial intelligence.

Top 10 Best and Free AI Apps in 2024

Top 10 Best and Free AI Apps in 2024

Multiple free AI applications and platforms are available for use in various activities. Some are mobile apps, while others may be accessed over the web. These flexible instruments have proven to be quite helpful in daily life. Several options comprise art generators, writing tools, picture originators, and design apps. AI-powered applications can support you with almost everything. Finding the top and free AI app is not a tough task. With our list, you can help from one of the best AI apps free of cost. Here is the list of the best downloadable AI apps you must install on your mobile phone right away:

  • Fotor: Free Image Editor App

Fotor is the top and most free AI app in 2024 for image editing and different tasks. Furthermore, Fotor is a platform where everyone can access innovative designs. You may use any design material in the AI design tools. Fotor’s free AI design applications enable you to create professional-quality product and room designs.

The Fotor AI picture generator is viral. It enables you to make AI art novelly by instructing Fotor AI what you’re looking for in the text box. Select your preferred image style within seconds, including concept art, 3D, anime, illustration, and black and white.

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  • ChatGPT: Free AI Chatbot App

ChatGPT (productive pre-trained transducer) has become a popular topic in the past few years. With its intelligent chatbot and AI chat assistant, your inquiries will likely be answered in seconds. However, ChatGPT answers your queries and orders using the ChatGPT prompts you’ve entered.

GPT, another of the free AI apps, has the backing of OpenAI and provides robust access to solutions and criticism. Moreover, the AI chatbot can develop content, translate, review, entertain, and answer queries on any topic. However, GPT-4 is the latest but not free platform to use.

  • QuillBot: Free AI Summarizer App

QuillBot is a free paraphrasing and summarizing tool that uses cutting-edge AI to modify any phrase, paragraph, or article, saving millions of learners and professionals over fifty percent of their writing time.

Moreover, its paraphrase feature may rephrase a sentence, section, or article using cutting-edge artificial intelligence. QuillBot may help you enhance your writing by removing unneeded words and delivering a clear message.

QuillBot’s built-in thesaurus feature makes it easy to alter individual words, ensuring that you always discover the appropriate term.

Its writing styles enable you to write in the way you desire. Whether you’re seeking grammatical fixes, brevity, or inventiveness, you’ll receive the results you need quickly.

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  • Socratic by Google: Free Educational App

Socratic is a free AI app for learning industrialized by Google that employs AI to assist pupils in high school and college with their research. Simply ask Socratic an examination, and it will provide hand-picked online resources to help you understand the subject.

Students may rapidly take images of their task problems or type text-based queries. This method meaningfully increases students’ grasp of complex topics and builds a stronger connection to their subject matter.

  • Lensa AI: Free All-in-One Photo Editing App

Lensa AI is a sophisticated and free picture editing tool for creating portrait selfies. It provides a variety of filters and user-friendly tools that make editing easier. It’s excellent for high-quality photography, including skin refinement effects, eye rectification, and an illustrator editor. The program also has a backdrop editor and other capabilities, such as color modification, art tools, and additional information, making it an excellent choice for photographers.

Lensa AI utilizes AI to transform your portraits into lifelike and imaginative avatars in various art genres. It is ideal for social media, video gameplay, and personal artwork. Lensa AI is excellent for anybody who wants to utilize AI to improve and edit their images, create attractive avatars, and apply unique effects to their looks and bodies.

  • ELSA Speak: Free Language Learning App

The language learning free AI app ELSA, which signifies “English Language Speech Assistant,” aims to help users enhance their English pronunciation and speaking skills. ELSA uses advanced speech detection and artificial intelligence technology to give students personalized feedback and instruction.

The software’s innovative approach helps users enhance their interpersonal skills and English speech abilities.

ELSA is a virtual language trainer that helps people become more proficient in English. One of the app’s standout features is its ability to evaluate users’ pronunciation properly.

It’s enjoyable having a virtual language instructor! You may study at your speed and benefit from various user-friendly learning tools and articulation coaching. ELSA Speak is ideal for students hoping to succeed in English, tourists wanting to converse fluently overseas, and professionals trying to improve their language abilities and prepare for examinations like IELTS or TOEFL.

  • Replika: Free Conversational App

Luka, a company that develops conversational AI apps, launched the AI chatbot “Replika.” Replika is designed to simulate human communication and provide customers access to an AI partner. It is designed to participate in debates on various topics, gain information through user conversations, and provide emotional support.

Replika uses machine learning and language processing techniques to understand and generate text-based interactions. It learns about its users’ preferences, passions, and communication styles via frequent encounters. Replika could represent a friend, join in conversations, give advice, and even use communication to help individuals cope with stress or concern.

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  • Synthesia: Free AI Video Editor App

As an AI-powered video editing tool, Synthesia is undoubtedly your first pick. This free AI app online enables you to make and create realistic films using 125+ AI characters who communicate in 120+ languages.

It reduces expenses because you do not have to pay for expensive recording studios and talent. Synthesia allows you to obtain a video clip for a lower cost and less time. Furthermore, its multilingual option benefits firms with worldwide consumer bases since it eliminates the need to pay for translation.

All scripts and captions may be tailored to make them accessible and inclusive to a larger audience. For example, you may create a film with sign language or subtitles for viewers who have hearing issues.

  • Youper: Free CBT Therapy App

Youper is innovative psychological wellness software that blends artificial intelligence (AI) with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to offer users a game-changing way to manage their mental health.

Additionally, CBT is a famous therapeutic method that emphasizes modifying undesirable thought habits and thought designs that cause mental distress.

Moreover, the revolutionary conversational border is the cornerstone of the Youper method. Users use the app in a chat-like set-up to conduct expressive talks about their opinions, feelings, and experiences.

  • Free AI Transcription App Free AI Transcription App

For more intricate transcribing needs, you’ll probably need to engage human translators, which you can accomplish through a site like Rev. However, if you have simple transcription needs—such as transcribing corporate conferences or interview recordings—a free AI app like is an excellent choice. processes words and recognizes speakers (even while they are speaking). It also removes unnecessary words such as “um” & “uh” to render your transcript more succinct. The software contains valuable customization capabilities, such as tagging your voice so that identifies it automatically. At the same time, you can even teach it terminology and new phrases by creating your bespoke library. You can download an AI app like for multiple tasks.


In this blog, we’ve mentioned ten free and downloadable AI apps that will alter the way you generate and interrelate, from AI picture generation to AI voice formation. These free AI apps for phones will expressively increase and transmute your output, efficiency, and novelty. Now, it’s up to you to select the best and free AI app that meets your requirements.

Although AI knowledge is still in its early phases, they have proven fairly effective. They can now write and generate music, art, and demos for us. AI apps for iOS and Android can hypothetically help us live healthier lives in various ways, even if we don’t use our mobile phones every day.

However, AI tools are infrequently perfect. They infrequently make mistakes. However, we have faith that AI will become better as it grows. As AI changes and learns, it is critical to work with caution. Comment below if you have any queries about which is the best and free artificial intelligence app in 2024. We will respond and assist you accordingly!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q#1 Is There a Free AI App?

Google Cloud provides free access to various AI technologies, such as Translation, Speech-text conversion, Natural Language, or Video IQ, up to a quarterly limit. There is no fee for using these items up to the stated free-use limit.

Q#2 What AI App Is Everyone Using?

Lensa is the currently most popular AI Insta fad, and your friends probably use it, but there are a few alternatives.

Q#3 Is AI App Safe?

Cyber threats are constantly developing, and AI programs might become susceptible targets if not adequately guarded. Many cybersecurity experts are concerned that hackers may someday discover how to develop new ransomware and malware strains with AI technology. Other day-to-day issues might arise.

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