How to Find the Right contact Data Specialists for Your Marketing Campaigns

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Contact data is the often overlooked ingredient that can boost a business’s marketing campaigns. Essentially, it refers to contact details. For businesses, the most important contact data can normally be divided into three categories:

  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Employees

Contact data typically includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • Email address
  • Social media

But it can also contain more information. The depth of information stored about contacts will depend on the company, the industry, how it intends to use the data, and its information security policy. It’s pretty straightforward but very powerful in the right hands. And it requires management to keep it safe and useful.

Modern businesses are customer-driven, of course, so they rely on customer data to build better customer experiences and deliver products and services more effectively. Contact detail is essential for this.

Why Manage Contact Data?

The bigger the business, the more contract data it is likely to have. That contact data needs to be up-to-date. Otherwise, it’s an exercise in vanity but no actual use.

Furthermore, data protection legislation demands that customer data must be up-to-date. Having inaccurate information could lead to customer complaints, regulatory scrutiny, and fines.

To use a simple example of why it’s vital to keep contact data up-to-date, suppose your business wants to send a product to an existing customer. Sending the product to an inaccurate address risks upsetting the customer and will cost the business money. It could cost a business more money than it would have made from selling the item. If it happens regularly, it can cause a significant loss of trust and reputation.

Contact data is the often overlooked ingredient that can boost a business’s marketing campaigns. Essentially, it refers to contact details. For businesses, the most important contact data can normally

Contact data is the often overlooked ingredient that can boost a business’s marketing campaigns. Essentially, it refers to contact details. For businesses,

Similarly, sending an important email to a client or customer can happen in seconds. If the contact data is incorrect, then the important information can be lost and the recipient will be unaware of those vital details.

Having a system to manage data, therefore, is imperative to keep the data clean and up-to-date. Also, an excellent way to boost a firm’s security is for it to only store the data it needs for only as long as necessary, so managing contact data contributes to the efficient and secure functioning of an organization.

Research tells us that almost three-quarters of e-commerce packages in the UK are undelivered. While the reasons for the failures are unclear, mostly are due to incorrect address data, costing the UK postal service millions of dollars per year in costs and compensation.

Due to incomplete or inaccurate data, US businesses lose billions of dollars per year. TEMOK dedicated servers From the USA are best as compared to others.

Properly managing contact data reduces unnecessary costs for businesses. Accurate data also means that a business can make better decisions, including those regarding its marketing.

Leverage Contact Data to Boost Your Marketing

The Importance of Targeted Marketing

Marketing is vital for modern businesses. Competition in many industries is global, with shoppers able to go online and order products and services without geographic restrictions. Even without this element, consumers have more choices than ever.

Businesses can use marketing to position themselves in the market, define their brand, and, attract the customers who are most likely to love their products or services.

Marketing research helps determine:

  • The price of the product or service
  • The image of the brand
  • How to “sell” the business’s core values
  • Its ideal customers

These considerations are vital to a business. And these decisions will be better if they are based on plentiful, relevant, and accurate data.

Contact data is particularly valuable for building customer experiences. It can also be used to track and understand buyers’ journeys. Any business seeking to customize and improve its customer experience will be thinking about creating personalized experiences, which will be more effective if they have accurate contact data.

Top Roles Required for Marketing Campaigns

None of the following positions work in a bubble. There is necessarily some overlap between each role, some people may perform several roles, and not every position is required for a marketing campaign. However, it gives some idea of the scope of a marketing campaign and the areas of discipline that can make it more successful.

Each of these responsibilities will benefit from drawing on reliable contact data. Marketing can involve throwing dice from time to time, but that shouldn’t be the core strategy. It’s not about throwing marketing material into the darkness and hoping some of it works. The most successful marketing campaigns make clear, bold statements based on accurate, relevant data.

  1. Campaign Owner—discusses and ultimately defines strategy and tactics, prepares the creative brief, and approves and makes final decisions relating to the project.
  2. Campaign Manager—oversees the project, reporting to the campaign owner.
  3. Display Ad Specialist—responsible for display advertising for the campaign.
  4. SEO Specialist—implements SEO for the campaign, defining requirements across media types.
  5. Social Media Marketer—plans and implements the social media campaign.
  6. Paid Search Specialist—plans and implements the paid search strategy.
  7. Creative Lead—defines campaign theme and messaging, and also defines user experience.
  8. Copywriter—creates text-based assets for use across media types.
  9. Graphic Designer—creates graphical assets, including concepts for landing pages.
  10. Email Marketer—in conjunction with other team members, plans and implements the email marketing component of the campaign.

Each of these roles can build a better campaign with accurate contact data to better understand the ideal customer. For social media and email leads, contact data is particularly valuable, so it must be as reliable as possible to keep marketing costs down and optimize marketing ROI.

Using Contact Data for Marketing

Great contact data helps businesses examine and learn from buyer journeys, which is especially hard in B2B businesses as these involve dealing with teams of customers, making the buying process more complex.

However, accurate contact data helps businesses track and analyze the length of time spent making a decision, the size of the deal, and the influence different people have on the cycle. And, of course, businesses can use this information to design more targeted marketing campaigns that hone in not only on the people most likely to buy the product but those who make the decisions in teams.

When the accuracy of data is vital, as it is for developing marketing campaigns, you need to trust your sources. The problem with inaccurate data is that you don’t necessarily know it’s inaccurate while you’re using it.

Leadar is a powerful tool that can effectively solve two problems at once. It can connect your business with the marketing specialists you need and verify the accuracy of contact data, making it ideal for building, managing, and verifying marketing lists.


The following factors are essential for any business that wants to make its marketing efforts more targeted:

  • Evaluating past activity
  • Identifying the biggest deals and analyzing what led to these
  • Identifying the factors correlating with the most deals

This information is useful for any marketer. Combined with deep knowledge about the firm’s customers based on accurate contact data, it can provide an excellent roadmap for a marketer or marketing department.


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