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Finding Domain Name Owner
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Almost everyone is familiar with the importance of domain names and how essential they are for your business and brand. Many people who are willing to start their own business, complain that they are not getting a desirable domain name because most of the good domain names are already occupied. Getting the desired domain name is becoming a real word issue because your brand exposure and business identity is very much depending on the domain name of your website.

When it comes to the domain name, one must know about its impact on the credibility of the website. The domain name should be compatible with your brand personality and it should clearly represent the services that you are providing in the market. If your domain name is relevant to your products or services then it would be easier for users to find out your website when looking for product or services they want. Knowing the impact of a domain name on your website, you must select it very carefully.

If you are one of those people, who are having a hard time getting a domain name for their business or your domain name is already occupied by someone then you better don’t worry because I am here to resolve this issue for you. First, let me clear you why finding the domain owner can resolve your problem about finding a domain name and how you can purchase your domain name just by negotiating with the domain name owner.

Why Searching for Domain Owner?

A domain name is a base of your business and you should not give up on it very soon. If you are not finding it on sale then search for it on the internet. If the domain name you needed is already purchased then start finding the domain owner now, so you can negotiate with him and there is a possibility that you will get this domain name for your business. When people tell me that their domain name is already purchased by someone, the first thing I suggest them is to find the owner and negotiate with him for the domain name because most of the time people buy attractive domain names for the reselling purposes, or they might have multiple domain names related to your business, so they would not mind selling one domain name for good price.

Many people, when they don’t get the required domains, they go for the ones that are irrelevant and, in some cases, they misguiding the users about their product. Irrelevant domain names are a BIG NO because it will make your website images quite confusing and ambiguous for the users. You can reach out the relevant domain name owner and can make a contract or purchasing deal with him. Maybe domain name owner charges a bit higher prices but if you think it is perfect for your website then you should definitely purchase this.

You have to search for the domain owner and it is not rocket science for sure. There are many of the ways, you can find a domain name owner and negotiate with them. Maybe in your case, not every method works for you because the privacy setting of the domain name owners is different. Remember, not all of the methods will be fruitful, so you have to understand the nature of your domain name and what kind of privacy domain owner is applying to his information and website. I am also sharing some tips and tricks in this article, that you can use if you are not finding the domain name owner using well-known methods.

Here are some of the most useful methods that you can use to find out any domain name owner.

Website Searching

If you know about the website or domain name owner, then you are close enough to make a contact with the domain owner. On the websites Contact Us page, the required contact information is provided that can be used to directly contact the domain owner through the website or by using the email address provided on the website.

The website contact information might not directly connect you with the owner of the domain but you can now have access to the authorities and you can ask them to provide the contact information of the domain name owner. The website is one of the easiest and simplest ways to contact the owner of the domain.

Social Media or Search Engine Information

If the website and other information are still not enough to find the domain name owner then the other way is social media. Somethings the business owners did not provide their personal information on the commercial websites and in this case, social media sites are a better option to find the contact information of domain name owner.  The link to the social media sites is mostly provided on the website footers, for example, you can find personal information about the domain name owner through LinkedIn or Twitter profiles. The social media information of the users is more personalized as compared with the website information.

If any email address is provided on the website you can use it to search for the social media accounts or simply put it in the search engine and some links shows up to you might help in finding the domain name owner.  There are more possibilities for you to casually negotiate with the domain owner about domain purchase on social media sites as compared with the website.

So, when it comes to finding the domain name owner the social media networks and the search engine can be very helpful, only if you know how to use them.

Have You Heard About TLDs?

You must be familiar with the TLDs, these are actually domain name extensions included in every online website address. TLDs stands for the Top-Level Domains and “.com” is an example of TLDs. You can easily sign up for the domain name with .com extensions, but for the other domain names extension, the additional information might be needed to sign up. While searching for the domain name owner, you need to add accurate TLDs to get into the website, putting wrong TLDs will get you on a completely different website. You should have the basic information about the TLDs to find the exact domain name, for example, TLDs for the international domains are different from the local domains and if you are looking for an international domain then must search for the international TLDs.

You should know that .com extension is completely different from the .net, .gov, .org and no matter how accurate your domain name is if your TLDs is wrong the whole address will change. So, to find the domain name owner, you must know the TLDs that they are using in their website address.

Try WHOIS Lookups

The WHOIS is an online searching tool that has almost every domain name and website on it.  For searching the domain name owner, there are many chances that you will find your desired domain name here. It is an amazing utility that contains all information about domain registrations such as purchase and transfer of the domain. Here you can get almost all the information about the domain name owner if he has not put privacy on it.

The WHOIS databases, all around the world are connected with each other through ICANN that is a nonprofit organization for the security and maintenance of the domain names. The ICANN ensure the transparency of the domain names information on the internet and it would help to access all of the required information about the domain name including the owner’s information. 

Proxy Registrant Can Be A Problem

WHOIS databases for searching domain name owner mostly work, but some domain owners hide their information by putting the proxy registrant. In the case of the proxy registrant, there is a technique that you can use for getting the details of the owner. When you find the domain on the WHOIS, go to the ownership history and you can see when ownership transfer to proxy happened, it will help you to find out the real owner of the domain name.

Once to find the original domain owner, for the contact information look in WHOIS for other websites in which the owner is registered and you might get some contact information of the owner provided for sales purposes.

Get Help from Domain Brokerages

When none of the methods is working for you to find the domain owner, so here is the solution to your problem. The domain brokerages can help you to make a deal for you with the domain name owner. The domain brokerages are actually here to resolves your domain-related issues like if you are not finding the domain name, you want to make a deal with domain name owner or you want to find the domain owner, in all cases these agents would help you with your problem about the domain name.

The domain brokerages can find the domain name owner for you, but it cost some extra fees that you have to pay to the agents. Although the extra fees are included it would help you in future to build a strong brand image and if you are really concern with your domain name then you have to pay this fee to get what you want. This investment will definitely worth your money because when it comes to the domain name of your website, you should not compromise because your brand visibility in the market depends on the domain name. There are many other technical aspects related to SEO linked with the domain name of your website.

If any of you don’t want to get yourself in trouble then domain brokerages are the best option for you. Other than finding the domain name owner you can also get other domain related services offered by many domain brokerages in the market.  

How Finding A Domain Name Can Be Helpful?

Other than purchasing the domain name, these methods of finding the domain name owner can be helpful for you for a couple of other reasons.

  • You can find the owner of the website to get all the necessary information about the products and services when it is not provided on the website. 
  • If the website is not functioning right, then you can contact the owner of the website to report the problem.
  • Sometimes, you are not confirmed about the products and services that the website is offering (there are many websites misrepresenting themselves), so you can contact the owner to confirm about their products and services.
  • If you are a website owner, then you can also use these methods provided in the article to cross-check the information about themselves available online.


In this article, I have provided all the possible methods that you can use to find the domain name owner. Now, your understanding of domain name functionality and owner finding method has increased. Once you contact the owner, negotiate with him and make him clear about your concern, listen to his arguments to know if there is any way he will provide you with the domain you need to purchase. If he agrees to make a deal, then you are very lucky. If the domain name owner is not interested in selling the domain, then don’t waste your time and search for another domain available for you or approach some other domain name owner related with your website.

I hope, the information provided in this article is quite helpful for you. Feel free to share this post in your circle. If you have used these methods before then must share your experience with me. Let me know about your thoughts on this article in the comments section.

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Most Useful Methods to Find out Domain Name Owner

  • Hammad Mohsin

    If you want to find the owner of a domain name. It’s essential to first understand the meaning of a domain name. It’s helpful to think of the relationship between a domain name and web site in the same way you think of your home address. When you look up a website you enter the domain name the address so that you can be delivered to a specific website.

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