Dedicated Servers Are So Famous, But Why?

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The dedicated servers are one of the most famous servers for web hosting, where the client has full access to the system resources. They are very famous among the growing businesses and the first choice for large companies. You can get amazing web hosting services using the dedicated servers. This article is a detailed analysis of dedicated servers and why they are the most famous servers in the web hosting industry. The web dedicated server provides users with a lot of hosting benefits that make it more suitable for growing businesses. There are many hosting services available in the market, and depending on your business needs, you can get the best dedicated web hosting. Some of the most famous dedicated servers are dedicated database server, dedicated game servers, dedicated DNS server, dedicated ftp server, dedicated server Microsoft, etc.

The companies, who are looking for more powerful hosting with full control over their resources, the dedicated server is the best option for them. It is true that the dedicated server is highly expensive because of the enormous benefits it is providing to the clients. You can get many pricing options in the market and based on your hosting needs, you can also buy cheap dedicated server. Before discussing the features of servers that make them better than the rest, let me first explain some types of systems and how you can use them to fulfil your business needs.

There are many types of dedicated servers available in the market and you can choose any one of them depending on your resources requirements. Here are some major types of dedicated server hosting, from which you can choose the best solution for your website.

Typically, there are two major types of dedicated servers such as managed dedicated server and unmanaged dedicated server.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

In the managed dedicated server hosting, your server is completely or partially managed by the hosting service provider. In this kind of hosting, the service provider is responsible for the system configuration, updating of the servers, server monitoring, security and maintenance tasks. The good part is that you don’t have to worry about the backups, scanning and update of the software that saves a lot of time and efforts.  Managed dedicated servers offer 24/7 expert support for better resource management. It is obvious that the fully managed server is a bit expensive option as compared with the unmanaged dedicated servers but still benefits you are getting in managed dedicated server worth your money.

In the dedicated managed services, the control panel is also very easy to use, so the user, who is a non-technical person, would not have any difficulty working on it. So, it is amazing that in case of a managed dedicated server, you don’t have to acquire any development knowledge or codding experience. You can manage your website using the control panel of managed dedicated servers. The dedicated cPanel hosting is the easiest hosting that would help you to manage the website tasks without any trouble.

 In case of managed dedicated server hosting, you can get the full support of your service provider and if you are having any issue concerning the configuration or maintenance of the servers, the hosting providers would help you in mitigation of problems.   

Unmanaged Server

In the unmanaged hosting, you have to manage all of the operations and tasks at the backend of the website. From the configuration of the system to management and maintenance of servers, you are responsible for everything. The unmanaged servers are less expensive as compared with the managed servers because you will not get additional services in this kind of hosting. In case of unmanaged hosting, you should have some developer’s knowledge and experience of codding to work on the control panel and managing the backend tasks.

For the management of unmanaged servers, you might need to hire some development experts for the management of your servers. Many companies prefer to do their server management themselves to ensure more security of resources and data. Unlike managed dedicated servers, here you have to do the backups and updating of the software’s yourself. There is no doubt that working with unmanaged servers is more time-consuming. The companies who already have some technical and high skilled staff can use unmanaged servers, but if you’re a new startup, you should use the managed dedicated servers to reduce your workload and chances of errors.

Managed dedicated servers and unmanaged dedicated servers are two basic kinds of dedicated server hosting. You can choose any one of them depending on your business needs and future goals. Other than these two types of dedicated servers hosting, there are some levels of hosting that you should know to choose the best server for your business.

Bandwidth Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are running a website like YouTube, where you have to run live streaming of video, you would require a bandwidth server hosting. For the live streaming of videos, you required high-specs configuration and good quantity of bandwidth because on the site like in YouTube the data transfer requirements are very high. You can find different bandwidth ranges from 100Mbps or 1Gbps to support your website. Dedicated servers are the best option for high traffic websites. Your website should have enough unmetered bandwidth server capacity to upload and download the video files. Depending on your website needs, you required a specific amount of metered bandwidth in a month to fulfil your business needs.

Basic Dedicated Server Hosting

The basic dedicated server hosting is the best option if you are a new startup or someone who is just shifted from shared or VPS hosting. The new businesses, normally need basic dedicated server services for a local level website and basic dedicated server hosting is the best option for them. In this level of hosting, the customers don’t need more resources such as Hard Disk, RAM, CPU, space, Operating System, etc. So, you can start with a basic level server and gradually move to more advanced level servers to improve your website over time. Many hosting providers offer the different hosting level option to the clients and you can upgrade your dedicated hosting anytime, you feel the need for it.

Application Dedicated Server Hosting

The servers that are typically used for hosting the web application is known as application servers hosting.  By using this kind of server, the client can handle any application, for example, flash tutorials, chat software, etc.

Database Dedicated Server Hosting

Some website owners use dedicated servers for managing database tasks such as MS SQL or MySQL. The servers that offer the database services to the customers are known as database dedicated server solutions. You should know that if you are willing to host the database, you would need a high level of configurations.

 Server Mirroring Dedicated Server Hosting

This type of server hosting is used by the clients, who want to mirror their data to some other server. This is a kind of backup for your data because it will not let you lose any data. To transfer the data from one server to another, all servers are synchronized. The theme for the mirroring of the servers is the same as the RAID Configurations, but the servers mirroring is used by the server and RAID Configurations are for the hard disks script.

 High-End Dedicated Server Hosting

The premium dedicated servers provide an advanced level of web hosting, where the clients likely to get a high level of website performance. It is an advanced level of hosting that most of the clients with large websites and growing businesses use. The kind of dedicated server setup you want for your business should be compatible with your business needs.

Why Dedicated Servers Are Famous?

As we know that the dedicated servers are the most preferable hosting solutions used by the large website. Here are some of the benefits of these servers, that would help you to get an idea about the popularity of these servers. The dedicated servers are the first choice of growing online businesses.

Provide More Flexibility

 One of the best things about dedicated servers is the flexibility that makes it the first choice for growing businesses. In these servers, you can adjust the resources depending on your business needs anytime you want. In this server hosting, one dedicated server is completely devoted to your website, that means all of the server’s resources are in your control. For example, if you want to increase the capacity of your system resources in the growth phase of business, you don’t have to shift to another service provider, instead, you can make modification in the existing resources such as CPU, RAM, storage, space, etc.

Now, with dedicated servers, you have more flexibility to change your resources specifications based on changing business environment. So, with these servers hosting you would have no issue of resources adjustment and you would have full control over your resources. The large companies or businesses with fast growth model use dedicated servers because they are more flexible and adjustable to changing situations.

Advanced Security

Most of the companies who have to deal with the private information of customers and control confidential data are using a dedicated server because it ensures more security and safety for your data and resources. One other side, the shared hosting or VPS hosting is not very secure and protected option for your online business, where many websites are using the same servers for their online website hosting. Dedicated servers offer more security of data and resources. For example, in case of shared hosting, if there is an attack or data breaches occur on one system in a network, other systems would be also on a threat. It is true that in shared or VPS hosting your data and resources security is at stake.

 In the case of dedicated servers, there are no external interferences and now, you can manage your data and information without any risk of security breaches. So, it can be said that these servers are one of the most protected and secure ways of web hosting. There are many service providers are offering the built-in security features in their servers that act as an extra security shield for your site, so you don’t have to implement any other software for security management of your website.

 In this hosting, no one has any access to your resources and systems and there are certain limitations implemented by the service providers that restrict the access of other networks to your server. With the strong security features of these servers, you would face no issues of security and data breaches on your website. So, if you are a business, for whom security is the first priority then dedicated servers are the best option for you because when it comes to security these servers are offering the most optimal solutions to the customers. A secure dedicated server will save a lot of time and effort and keep your website out of risk.

Dedicated server providers use solid security measures to guarantee the protection of information stored on their server’s network. Some hosting providers will frequently organize numerous software programs for networks and systems scanning for conspicuous invaders, hackers, spammers, and other destructive problems such as worms, crashers and Trojans. For security protection, both Linux and Windows software can be used in the system.

100% Uptime

Unlike shared hosting and VPS hosting, in dedicated server hosting, there is a lesser load on the servers because there is only one website running on one server. In the dedicated servers hosting, the servers are more optimize and activities that ensure high performance of the website. One of the main issues in the Webhosting for many customers is the downtime occurs on the website when your server goes down. It causes tension for the customers and reduces their overall experience on the website. In dedicated servers, you are less likely to get complaints of customers about website slow loadings, delays and downtime. These servers can make your website highly responsive with no delays. The dedicated server offers almost 100% uptime to its customers that improve the website performance and eventually the online experience of the customers also improve.

No matter what is the size of your website, you would not have any issue of offline. As we know that when it comes to managing a high volume of customers, shared or VPS servers are not effective enough to manage the load. The dedicated servers are the best option for the website with heavy traffic, the active servers in this hosting would allow you to manage and control high traffic without any delays in response and downtime issues. There are many hosting service providers in the marketing, who are guaranteeing to provide 100% uptime on their servers. Of course, the prices of the high-efficiency servers are higher than low-efficiency servers. Because of the outstanding uptime of a dedicated server, this technology has become more popular among online businesses.

In the case of dedicated server hosting, you can specify your resources requirements and specifications depending on your business needs. So, it can be said that, when it comes to optimize your website performance and ensure maximum uptime, nothing is like dedicated servers.

High-Performance Websites

With the dedicated server, you can enjoy maximum performance of your website. The web performance means your customers are satisfied and you are generating more revenue. The dedicated hosting servers are always at optimize condition because of the fewer load on the server. As it is discussed above that the dedicated servers offer 100% uptime to the clients that are also an indicator of high performance of the website. You can get high performance and control with dedicated servers. When you are sharing the servers with other websites on network, it not only limits your control on the server’s resources but the reliable servers are dedicated to your website and there are no chances that your servers will go down because of the excessive load. When your server is down, your website automatically become offline that causes the user to face delays and loading issues on your website.

The users might have to wait long for your website to load. You must know that slow websites are very annoying and people having wait for 4 to 5 second for loading if your website takes more than that then user will close the tab and never visit you again.  These kinds of performance issue on sites have a very bad impact on the customers it also creates some trust issue between you and your customers.

In the web dedicated server, your servers will remain in optimal condition because of the lesser load of websites. If you are a business with heavy traffic website, you must use the dedicated servers to enhance users online experience on your website. Now, your customers will not have any downtime issues, your website load faster and they will also get fast response from the website. You must remember one thing when working on a digital platform that you should not compromise on user online experience because the experience of your customers is the main indicator of your business success.

One of the best things about these servers is that you can adjust your server resources according to your business requirement, so a change in web traffic would be no issue for you because you have full access to your resources and you can modify them anytime you want. You have to wisely choose your dedicated server provider because all servers are not equal and you must choose the dedicated server hosting plans that better suitable with your business needs.

More Reliable and Accessible

There is no doubt that the dedicated servers are one of the most reliable and accessible servers available. In this hosting, your website is using one single server and all of the resources and data on your website is managed by the entire server without the interference of any external source. Yes, the prices of these servers are a bit higher than the rest, but still, it worth your money because of the reliability and control features that it is offering to its clients. Dedicated servers are more reliable and have more accessibility.

In the dedicated server’s the overall server’s energy is inventing in your website. In the shared hosting, the risk of system failure is higher because there are many websites are using the same servers and when the load increase, the server goes down that eventually has a devastating impact on the performance of your website. In this type of servers, you can balance the load and keep your system optimize and active all the time. In the dedicated hosting, you can have full access and control on your resources, system and data, now you can make modification in the resources specification whenever you want. Here, you have all access to administrative tasks at the backend of the website, so you can adapt your servers according to your business needs.

These servers are more likely to remain in optimal condition because of the fewer dependencies on the system and it will also improve the performance of your website such as it will load fast, there will be no downtime, customers will get a quick response, etc.

Customers Support

In fully managed dedicated hosting, you can get full support of technical team available at the backend of your servers. This team would help you is many ways such as the configuration of resources, updating of software, backup of data, server monitoring and maintenance, etc. If you are a non-technical person with zero experience of development and codding then fully managed dedicated server hosting is a good option for you to deal with all the technical stuff on your website backend control. There are many web hosting providers offers 24/7 support for customers by their highly trained and expert team members. You can contact the dedicated hosting provider team anytime you are facing some issues and they will assist you to deal with the problem.

In some advanced fully managed dedicated server solutions, the team is dedicated to your servers and they manage your resources such as they monitor the servers regularly to ensure their performance. They do all the backend management without even notifying you, it saves a lot of time and efforts and you would have more time to think about business matters. If you are a startup with less technical staff, the managed hosting is the best option for you because it will not only reduce your workload with also help you in managing the technical stuff and dealing with issues. Now, you can get full assistance and support by an experienced team in the dedicated server hosting.

Automatic Updates and Backups

Most of the dedicated servers’ providers offer automatic backups and up-dates facilities to their customers. As we all know that creating a manual backup is a very time-consuming task that requires and a lot of effort. On the other side, you also have to update your software’s more often when the new updates are available. You can find many hosting plans online with updates and backups facility and your data and information are regularly back-ups automatically without your interaction. Dedicated servers offer flexibility to businesses to modify resources anytime. Now, you would have no data and information loss issues because of the added backup services in your dedicated server packages.

Easy Scalability

In the dedicated service, all of your system resources are in your control and they allow more scalability to your data and resources. These servers are very flexible to adjust with the changing needs of any business because they allow you to make adjustment and modification in your system specifications such as CPU, RAM, space, storage, operating system, etc. unlike shared or VPS hosting, in which you have limited access to your resources and if you need some modifications over time, you have to shift to new hosting plan. When the server is shared by more than one website, it not only increases the server load but also reduce the scalability of resources. In this case, servers can do down when the load is very high and it also has a bad impact on your website performance and customers’ experience.

Most of the startups go for shared or VPS hosting that can cause many issues on their website at starting. Although the prices of dedicated server hosting are a bit higher as compared with the other options in the market. I personally recommend the startups, especially those who are growth-driven, to choose dedicated hosting because it is more compatible with the changing business needs and in the long run, you have more chances of success because of high flexibility, high scalability, more security and maximum uptime.  

Operating System Support

While choosing the operating system for your hosting services, you must analyse the price, availability, and technical knowledge needed to deal with this operating system. You can also use the Linux and Unix operating system that are open sources and charge no fees from clients. There are many commercial operating systems available such as Microsoft Windows Server that is offered by the Microsoft SPLA program. Linux commercial operating system is Red Hat Enterprise that you can get on monthly basis fee. Other than Red Hat Enterprise, all of the other operating systems of Linux are free of costs such as Debian, Fedora Core, CentOS, and other Linux supplies or BSD systems OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, etc. With dedicated servers, you will get a unique IP address for your website.

The support of the operating system depends on the level of management you have offered by the hosting service providers. The support of the operating system in your servers might include the core system updates (i.e. kernel upgrades, security patches, application updates, and service packs), implement security tools or vulnerability resolutions. There is no doubt that the operating system support can make the management of the dedicate server easier.  

Less Risk of Virus Attacks

The customers normally complain about the virus attack on their servers, and most of the times when one system get attacked by the virus all of the other systems in the network also get affected. In the dedicated server hosting, the risk of virus attacks is very few as compared with the shared hosting and VPS hosting. The dedicated server provides an advanced level built-in security tool to clients to make it more protected against the virus attacks. Some service providers offer the virus protection tools and anti-virus software included in the hosting plan and in some case, you might have to buy the virus protection tools and anti-virus software yourself.

In this server hosting, you have direct access to the system and resources, so you should monitor the servers regularly for viruses. If you found any virus on your system you can eliminate it before any issues occur. To avoid the virus attacks you should adopt some security precautions.

Don’t allow the users on your website to directly upload any file, if anyone user wants to upload a file, you first have to monitor this and save it to another folder outside the website. Most of the times the files that look OK apparently can have some malicious script in it that is actually a virus and it can cause major damages to your server and website. Try to do the virus scan for your servers and website on a regular basis to eliminate any dangerous stuff as soon as positive. Unlike other web hosting options available in the market, the dedicated servers allow its clients to monitor your servers and systems regularly for viruses

Customization of Services

Many companies allow clients to customize their dedicated web hosting services. In the customized services, you just pay for the features that you actually need for your business. In customization, you can add more features to your existing plan to fulfil your hosting needs. Customization of your services allows you to cut your cost and make your hosting services specified with your needs. While customizing your web hosting services, you can also add some extra features to your hosting package offered by the service provider. There are many choices for the operating system, framework, library of server software that you can install based on your needs.  The dedicated servers are an ideal choice for growing businesses.


In the industry, yet there is no standard set for the management of the hosting service providers in the market. Some companies offer their clients fully managed services to share their burden and workload. For the non-technical individuals, the managed services are better because they don’t have to bother about any backend development and codding tasks. On the other side, there are some companies who offer basic hardware and resources and all of the other tasks at the backend of the servers are managed by the client himself. The unmanaged services are for the professionals who know the development and also have some codding skills.

The managed dedicated servers can provide the following services to the clients:

  • Operating system updates
  • Server monitoring
  • Application management
  • Firewall services
  • Security audits
  • Backups and restoration
  • DNS hosting service
  • Database administration
  • Programming consultation
  • Application updates
  • SNMP hardware monitoring
  • Technical support
  • Antivirus updates
  • DDoS mitigation and protection
  • Disaster recovery
  • Load balancing
  • Software configuration and installation

Depending on what managed dedicated services you choose for your website, the hosting providers will provide you with some managed services. There is a different level of management in web hosting and based on your need you can select any of them.

Fully Managed: It includes software updates, monitoring, security patches, operating system upgrades, and reboots. The clients in this kind of hosting are totally hands-off.

Managed: It includes medium-level management, software updates, monitoring, and limited support. The clients have to perform some tasks and some tasks are managed by service providers.

Self-Managed: It includes consistent monitoring and maintenance of the servers by the clients. The clients handle most operations on a dedicated server.

Unmanaged: In this kind of hosting, there is very little to no participation from the service provider, regarding task management. The clients offer all upgrades, maintenance, security, and patches.

Dedicated Server Software

The Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is a program offered by Microsoft to get the software license. The SPLA offered some Microsoft products to the users that can be on a monthly basis or include a processor fee. In the SPLA software, you can get Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Operating System, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange Server, and other products for the server.

The control panels used for running the website are also a type of software application for web hosting. The control panel includes the server applications, automation tools and software applications that should be installed on the server.

The control panels of the servers include the web server’s integration, programming languages, database applications, server administration responsibilities, application deployment, and ability to mechanize tasks through a web front-end. Some individuals also confuse the control panels with the management tools, although they are completely different things. The control panels are a kind of automation tools based on the web that helps in the website process automation and management of servers. Some service providers also package the servers with the control panel and some individuals also confuse the control panel with fully managed hosting.


Although dedicated servers provide a lot of support for your business to grow rapidly, there is some limitation of these servers that should not be ignored. There are some dedicated server providers, who do not permit bots and clients. This is because of the scoundrel users of IRC, generating DDoS attacks against the hosting service providers, that can overwhelm their networks, dropping the quality of service for clients.

Some of the service providers restrict the adult content because it may be of dubious legality or use high bandwidth.

Copyright violations: the copyrighted stuff of hosting which is not owned by an individual is against the policies of any dedicated server hosting company.


In this article, I have shared some of the reasons for the popularity of dedicated servers and why they are more reliable and effective compared with other hosting services such as shared hosting or VPS hosting. Here, you can get numerous pricing options in the market and buy cheap dedicated server based on your business needs. In managed services, the control panel is very easy to use, so a non-technical person would not have to trouble to work on it. In this servers hosting, the servers are active and optimize that guarantee high website performance. In the other server hosting options, whenever your server goes down, your website also becomes offline that results in delays and slow loading issues speed on your website. In case of dedicated hosting, you can get full accessibility and control over resources, data and system, now you can make adjustments in the system resources anytime you want. It also provides you automatic backup and you would have no issue concerning data and information loss in your server packages. In the dedicated server hosting, the virus attacks risks are fewer as compared with the VPS hosting and shared hosting.

I hope the information shared in this article about dedicated servers would help you to get more understanding of these servers.

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Dedicated Servers Are So Famous, But Why?

  • Hammad Mohsin

    When it comes to web hosting your choice of plan can be just as important as your provider. Most people tend to stick with shared hosting but in some cases, those plans may not offer you all the resources you need. This can stifle the growth of your site. Before you upgrade your hosting plan there are few factors you should take into account. After all one of the best parts about opting for a dedicated server is being able to configure it to your liking.

  • Aria Mathew

    The dedicated servers are for all. Whether a web designer or online marketer or even application developer. The utmost resource allocations, premium care, and support, excellent performance, etc make it popular for any hosting needs. It may not be the choice for start-ups – still for big league and big volume fo sites and peaking traffic – dedicated servers are ideal.

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    Thanks for your neatly explained article about dedicated servers. Hope this will be more helpful for the web entrepreneurs struggling to decide whether dedicated servers suits them or not. Any hosting service to choose, having a checklist about an individual’s web hosting needs is key.

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    It may not be the choice for start-ups – still for big league and big volume fo sites and peaking traffic – dedicated servers are ideal.

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    With the revolution taking place in the world, most businesses are run online from web pages. This hence makes a great demand for faster websites to increase traffic to your website.
    Imagine having a need to buy some goods, pay for a service or order some food, then you land to a dealer who has a slow and sluggish website. Most of the time, you are not likely to complete the ordering process. On the other side, the business owner loses a customer, hence reduced profit or limited growth.
    The type of server that your website is hosted on plays a major role in how fast your website is.
    I have been using DMCA unmetered XTREAMUI server for my business. In essence, startup or not, the need for server hosting cannot be over-emphasized in business.

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