Protect Your Site like a Pro: Essential WordPress Security Plugins

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The internet is an amazing medium. However, the constant hacking of hundreds of thousands of websites makes it scary. Even if you ask them to stop, cybercriminals won’t go away. Therefore, you should only rely on the essential WordPress security plugins to safeguard your site.

Due to its extensive use, WordPress is a highly popular content management system (CMS) worldwide. Hackers and other malware infections can damage your online enterprise by stealing sensitive data and harming your business’s reputation. But you can protect your website from brute-force attacks, malware, and hackers by installing a security plugin.

Hosting companies typically offer robust server protections. However, it would be beneficial if you attempted to secure your website.

These security plugins are designed to protect against cyberattacks that target WordPress. In addition to website scanning and web application firewalls (WAFs), they include various features. WordPress security applications can be free or priced monthly. Paid versions are often considered worth the ongoing cost to prevent an attack’s consequences.

Choosing poorly reviewed or abandoned plugins from the WordPress plugin library can make it easier for hackers to compromise your site. Therefore, you should always utilize officially supported modules.

We’ve compiled the best WordPress security plugins to help you protect your website safe from hackers.

Essential WordPress Security Plugins

Protecting Your WordPress Site by Installing Security Plugins

WordPress developers are always working to strengthen the system’s defenses by releasing new security upgrades and patches. WordPress sites, however, are all different. Each website has its own set of problems and troubles regarding safety.

Regarding security, a photography portfolio may have different needs than an online store that processes credit card transactions. However, a decent site security plugin should have these qualities:

  • Constant site monitoring, including regular screening for malware and viruses in files.
  • Firewall protection.
  • Protection against malicious websites by blocklisting.
  • Password standards prohibit weak passwords.
  • Role-based user authentication.
  • Suspicious activity email alerts.
  • Site and file backups for attacks, outages, etc.

Strong security measures are essential when using a shared hosting company to protect both your site and the sites of others. When malware is introduced to one site, it can spread to others on the network. It can even bring down an entire server and all the websites it hosts.

Essential WordPress Security Plugins

The bright side is that a growing number of security plugins can help you protect your company’s WordPress site in a matter of minutes. Read on to find out what is the best WordPress security plugin for your WordPress site.

1.  Sucuri Security


Sucuri Security

Sucuri, a website auditing company, has developed a comprehensive security plugin for WordPress sites called Sucuri. It includes a free, basic version and a paid, upgraded version with more extra features.

Whether you’re concerned about malware, brute-force login attempts, DDoS attacks, or anything else, the Sucuri WordPress plugin gets you secured.

Because of its adaptability, Sucuri can satisfy the security requirements of both large and small enterprises. It’s also simple to set up, even for those who don’t consider themselves “tech-savvy.”

The company offers three service tiers, customizable “Enterprise” solutions, and enterprise security services. Site visitors will have an easier experience navigating your site because of the Sucuri security plugin, which speeds up page loads and decreases server loads. This can significantly improve your SEO and lower the percentage of visitors that leave due to lack of time.

Sucuri also offers an audit or activity log to track changes. That way, you can track dangerous changes and reverse them.

2.  WordFence


Wordfence Security

This free WordPress plugin protects users from malware, spam, and bots while providing them with two-factor authentication. WordFence may also check the host server for security holes (or “backdoors”) that could compromise a website.

In addition, Wordfence is a plugin for WordPress that adds a wide variety of security features and tools, protecting your site from things like:

Malicious website traffic is blocked by the Web Application Firewall and IP blocklist that are automatically updated in real-time. And there is a high potential for random security vulnerabilities in integrated eCommerce tools, especially for those employing essential plugins for woocommerce.

Moreover, users can block traffic from individual IP addresses or entire countries. When a potential security breach is detected, the malware scanner plugin immediately notifies the user through email.

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3.  iThemes Security


iThemes Security

Installing the iThemes Security plugin on your WordPress website will help to keep it protected from potential threats. A few features available for this purpose are two-factor authentication, protection from brute-force attacks, password regulation, IP address blocking, and more.

iThemes offers a free version of their security plugin and a premium one. This plugin can check your site for vulnerabilities and fix them mechanically. Also blocked are automated apps, spammers, and anyone who has targeted other websites.

A robust password generator, scheduled virus scans, and a dashboard widget that gives you complete control over all settings are some of the premium features you’ll gain access to.

iThemes Security is one of the most downloaded security plugins in the WordPress plugin repository, with over 1,000,000 active installations.

4.  All-in-One WordPress Security and Firewall

If you’re trying to safeguard your WordPress site on a reduced budget without sacrificing security, All in One WP Security & Firewall is your best bet.

You don’t need any programming or plugin creation knowledge to set up and start using this free add-on. Sites are scanned for vulnerabilities, preventative actions are suggested, and all monitor account activity in One WP Security Firewall.

This powerful plugin scans for malware automates backups, and addresses some of the most common problems it finds. This particular WP security plugin is compatible with most other plugins and updates its users instantly via email.

5.  Defender

When you download Defender from WPMU Developer, you get a wide variety of free protection options. Defender’s two-factor authentication is available for all users, sites, file scanning, IP blocklisting, and network monitoring.

The premium version of Defender includes extra tools for solving particular problems. Both the free and paid editions of WordPress provide real-time email alerts about vulnerabilities in the software.

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6.  UpdraftPlus



UpdraftPlus is a highly regarded and widely used scheduled backup and restore plugin. All your articles, media files, comments, and more can be backed up in real-time and on a schedule with this free plugin with premium add-ons.

You can prevent losses from malware, espionage, and “real-world” events such as power outages.

Additionally, a single click is all it takes to restore a backup. The premium plan includes further benefits, such as restoring previous plugin versions.

7.  Google Authenticator

Two-factor authentication is included in many premium WordPress security plugins but may also be installed independently using the Google Authenticator plugin.

It’s compatible with any system and offers a second layer of security with two-factor authentication. In addition to being an excellent plugin, it is also the only free option available here.

8.  Bulletproof Security Pro

BulletProof Security isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing WordPress security plugin, but it does include some impressive features. It comes with a configuration wizard that helps you configure your plugins.

The scan and security settings documentation can be accessed via the links provided in the settings panel. WordPress file and folder integrity checks are also included in BulletProof Security.

Login restrictions, idle session logout, security logs, and a database backup tool are all included to make the system as secure as possible. Security logs can be emailed to you, and you can be notified through email if a user is locked out.

Conclusion: Essential WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress is the apple of the eye for countless websites and blogs across the globe, so it’s no wonder they can be cybercrime targets. You cannot eradicate cyberattacks and other security vulnerabilities, but you can mitigate their effects.

Installing the Essential WordPress Security Plugins on your site will allow you to see security vulnerabilities as soon as they appear, giving you time to fix and prevent further attacks. The best WordPress security plugins free allow you to tailor various protections to your website’s needs.

Questions or worries about the security of your website? Please get in touch with us. Professional assistance is available at any time from our team of experts.

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