How To Make Engaging Social Media Contents In 2023

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Social media contents are essential for businesses to create. It helps businesses get more exposure, more engagement in their marketing, and more people going to their business.

However, not every business knows how to create successful social media content. Some never achieve their desired metrics, while some don’t get traction in their content at all. This can negatively impact a business and its relevance in its niche.

So if you want to know how to create stunning and engaging social media content, you’ve come to the right article. Below are different ways how to curate content on social media that captures attention and gathers a ton of engagements.

Understand Consumer Behavior And Interests

consumer behaviors

Understanding your market helps in making better business processes, effective custom software development, and social media marketing strategies. It is the root of excellent content that your market will love.

To create engaging social media content, you should first understand what makes your audience tick. By the word “understanding”, I’m not only referring to asking them what they want. Understanding here means investing time in studying your audiences.

Take time to gather information about them. Try every method out there to know what they want. Give out surveys, feedback, emails, or even go to the lengths of talking to them. When you’re doing this, you’re creating a very solid foundation for your social media content.

This particular initiative is what most businesses lack. They just mindlessly post content and wonder why it doesn’t generate great metrics. Luckily for you, you already know where to begin. 

To help you with this, here are some questions you can start with:

  • What social media platform do they spend most of their time on?
  • What are their interests?
  • What type of content do they like seeing?
  • Do they prefer texts only? Video format? Or Both?
  • What time are they most active on social media?
  • What is quality content for them?
  • What usually captures their attention on social media?

Finding the answers to these questions will greatly help you make an engaging social media strategy. It will aid you in curating content that your market will love seeing and be interested in reading more about.

Provide Original And Unique Content

unique content

If you’re posting like what your competitors are sharing, then how can you separate yourself from the pack? Don’t be afraid to be unique and different. You can never achieve a great brand identity if you’re copying what others are doing.

Instead, take a different route. Think of different ways to present your products and services uniquely wherein your market has never seen such a marketing style before. Integrate interactive elements, augmented reality, virtual try-ons, and others.

Gather the information you’ve gotten on number one and leverage that data. Create a unique strategy around the things that your market is interested in. You can create tutorial articles, up-to-date news around your niche, engaging video ad, or let your audience try experiential marketing.

Create Relevant And Valuable Content

valuable content

Remember to always give out value to your audience when posting content on social media. That’s one of the most effective ways to make a name for your business or brand.  When you’re consistent in doing this, your market can become potential buyers.

Only people that are convinced of your products and services’ quality will transact with your business. And by giving value to them, you are increasing your chances of making yourself worthy of their money.

When people go to your website or profile, it should make their time worth it. They should see valuable content that can help them in one way or another.

For example, if you’re a personal finance brand, timely content could be talking about how to remain financially stable in a COVID-19 pandemic. Topics like this are not only relevant, but helps with current issues that your audience is facing.

If what they find on your website or social media is too general and provides nothing of value, they might lose interest in your business.

Valuable content pertains to a piece of content wherein your audience can get something useful. It’s the type of content where readers can apply what you’ve mentioned in their own personal or professional lives. Or simply, workable content.

If you can consistently create such types of content, your audience will turn to your business for more information. You might even gain new followers in the process. Eventually, prospects won’t hesitate to buy your new products or services when you try to sell them because they’ve trusted your brand and seen your expertise.

Implement Engaging Elements

engaging elements in a content

Don’t expect your social media content to be engaging when you’re only presenting a wall of text. This will come out as boring right from the moment your audience sees it. A text-only content might have worked a couple of years back but in today’s content landscape, mixing words with images and videos is the way to go.

Visual marketing helps you get your message across to your audience. If you’re making a how-to guide or trying to teach your audience, partnering content with images and videos makes all of it engaging and much more effective. Teaching just by plain words is very hard, especially when your audience has been exposed to great content on the internet.

Graphs and infographics can also be engaging elements for some. Sometimes one graph can summarize a whole paragraph. This makes it easier for your readers to remember what you’ve posted – making you valuable to them.

Incorporate Storytelling


People love stories, especially when they relate to them. There are a lot of brands out there that are great storytellers, and they capture their market’s attention almost instantly. 

Think about Nike, every time they post an ad on social media; it always gains a lot of engagements and shares. A good reason for it could be because they use storytelling to present their message to their audience.

What makes storytelling powerful is its ability to use emotions to connect to people. It is what keeps the person’s attention to read the whole content. It makes them feel happy, curious, thrilled, or surprised with your brand.

To make this strategy more effective, keep your story authentic. Authenticity is one of the fastest ways to connect to another human being. If you’re going to be ingenuine with your approach, people are quick to call you out which can significantly affect your brand reputation.

So if you haven’t tried using stories in your social media content, I highly suggest that you do. It will make your brand more relatable to your market, and it might be enough for them to try your products out.

Add A Bit Of Personalization

importance of personalization

Personalization has helped a ton of businesses get more traction with their content. A lot of multinational companies have used it because it simply works. Even eCommerce personalization has been adapted by online businesses to have better metric results.

It’s no secret that people are drawn to personalization. You see this personalization in effect every day. It’s on TV commercials, social media ads, and even eCommerce recommendations. So how do you add personalization to social media content?

A Data Gathering

First, you need to know your audience deeply. Get some data on these things:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Spending habits
  • Lifestyle
  • Where they spend most of their time online
  • What topics interest them
  • What product do they like the most in your business
  • What type of content do they engage with the most

The points above are only some of the things you can know more about your audience – don’t limit yourself to those questions; feel free to ask for more necessary data.

It’s important to start with data gathering because it helps create a more solid base for your personalization approach. Your marketing strategy will revolve around the answers to those questions.

B Plan And Create

Creating personalized content can’t be done on the fly. It needs proper research and brainstorming with your team.

If your audience differs in age, then it might require you to create several versions of your content to suit each demographic group. The same goes for your audience who likes to consume written content and video format.

Once you’ve finalized everything, it’s time to publish your content. Take note of the metrics of each content since you’ll be using them in the next step.

C Review, Analyze, Adjust

Creating successful personalized social media content can’t be done immediately. It will take a lot of trial and error to see what worked and what didn’t for your audience. 

If you see that your metrics aren’t the figure you want to achieve, go back to the drawing board and analyze what went wrong. After figuring it out, implement the necessary changes.

The same process should be done to the content that worked. Find out what made it a success and try to implement it in your succeeding contents. Try to mimic the metrics or surpass them.

Engage In Pop Culture

Another way to keep your brand relevant and engaging for people would be using pop culture in your digital marketing campaigns. It’s a way to show your brand’s fun side to people and to let them know that you’re in the loop as well.

Here are some excellent examples of brands that leveraged pop culture or pop culture events that allowed them to have more engagements.

A) Oreo

In 2013, the power went out in the biggest live sports event in the world – the Super Bowl game. And Oreo took advantage of that news to insert their brand in one of the most viral events in pop culture of that year. Below is a tweet picture that went viral.

Oreo dunk in the dark

B) Apple

Remember that iconic photo of The Beatles wherein they were crossing a pedestrian lane? Apple used that famous pop culture event to advertise its iPod when it was still starting out.

Apple Ipod Ad

C) Heineken

Remember that viral Netflix show called Squid Game? Heineken was clever enough to ride on that wave by leveraging the famous shapes in the show and incorporating their famous red star to it.

Heineken ad

As you can see, leveraging pop culture can be a great way to show the fun side of your brand. It “humanizes” your business because it shows that you also indulge in popular culture. Such an initiative increases your relatability to your audience.

You don’t need to only focus on pop culture events, you can tap influencers that are popular and are trending.

When using pop culture and recent events, here are some things to remember:

Be fast – You need to be fast if you want to use recent pop culture events in your ads because people’s attention changes quickly. Create content, gifs, and memes immediately. You don’t want to be late to the news wherein something went viral, and you used it after a month. It might do more harm than good.

Be creative – When the ad feels too forced for your audience, it might not get the metrics you want. So be creative with this marketing initiative and make sure it comes naturally.

Use Different Styles For Every Platform

The way you convey your message should be different for every social media platform. Remember there are different types of social media content. A lot of businesses fail to realize this. If you’re on Facebook, the way to hook your audience would be different from LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, and others.

On Facebook, you can leverage long-form content, and people there will read it. You can also go for two-paragraph content to convey your message or share a story. Facebook also has Facebook Live video where businesses can interact with their market in real-time.

Instagram is a lot like Facebook since it has live streams as well, but hashtags and Instagram stories are often used here. Using hashtags can significantly increase your reach, making everyone see your content if they search for a certain hashtag you used. 

Plus, aesthetically good-looking photos and a well-picked beautiful Instagram filter are expected on the platform. Take a look at how DressForms’ Instagram uses great photos while leveraging hashtags to increase its reach.

DressForms Instagram

Tiktok leverages videos. All contents on that platform are in video format with a maximum limit of 10 minutes. If you want to use texts for descriptions, their limit is 150 characters. Since it is a video-first platform where you can use short-form video reels, you can use it to educate your audience while highlighting your product.

That is exactly how 3Wishes (a sexy lingerie and costume brand) approached TikTok. They are using the platform to show tips & tricks that their audience can use.

3Wishes Tiktok

Youtube is also a heavy video platform that is still used by many brands to post their long-form video content with their excellent Youtube descriptions. A great thing about Youtube is its video duration limits can go for several hours.

What most brands and businesses do is highlight and talk about their products so people can learn more about them and even see them with a closer look. Take a look at how Fire Pit Surplus does its social media content – they educate their audience about their products while the camera shoots various angles of the product.

Fire Pit Surplus content

Given these facts above, it’s important to remember not to do the same strategy for every platform. Every user in each platform has a different mindset. And you need to adjust to make your social media content more engaging.

Use Games, Quizzes, And Puzzles

Games are a fun way to engage with your audience. They are irresistible types of content that make you want to take a break from what you’re doing and play these games. It allows your audience to relax for a while and engage with your brand.

You can incorporate your business into these initiatives as well. For example, you can have a game regarding your company’s history. Or an anagram game that relates to your product. These will help people be more familiar with your products and services while at the same time they’re also having fun.

To make things even more interesting, you can also include prizes for winners. This would incentivize people who took time off their day and engage with your content. It also motivates people to try out what you have posted.

The prizes could be your digital marketing course, free PowerPoint templates, a one-month service subscription, or a one-time one-on-one consulting session. Prizes could be anything you feel necessary. Just as long as it’s something that your audience would enjoy receiving.

Utilize User-Generated Content

One of the things that any audience loves to see would be reviews and testimonials on your products and services. People want to know the experience of other people regarding your business.

Once people see positive reviews on your brand, they’ll be more confident in spending some time on your content. The user-generated content (UGC) here acts as social proof that you’re legitimate and credible.

UGC is important because any brand can just state that its products can do a variety of things. However, brand content isn’t as genuine as a review from a customer. Prospects even put more weight on reviews and feedback than what the business says.

Businesses from any industry can do this. Take Pretest Plus, for example. It is home to educational online practice tests, a very specific niche. Even if they leverage user-generated content and display it on their homepage and some contents.

Pretest Plus user generated content

In today’s business landscape, they know that user-generated content can be enough to convert a prospect to a paying customer. That’s why most businesses display these social proofs on the homepage of their website, where it is visibly seen by many.

Some would even include it in their content to make it more believable and engaging. If people see that you’re a brand that can be trusted, they’ll be more interested in what you have to say.

Publish At The Right Time

instagram global engagement time

Some businesses have a global audience. If they just post any time of the day, they might have been publishing their content where most of their audience is still asleep. This can explain the poor engagement and metrics for their social media posts.

So to address this issue, it’s essential to determine what time your market is most active on social media. This can help you optimize your content calendar. To do this, you can simply create a poll. Most social media platforms already allow you to easily create surveys and polls.

Another strategy would be posting at different times. Take note of the metrics behind each post. After posting different content at various times, take note of the post that had the most engagement. Most likely, that’s the time when your audience is the most active.

When you have understood the time when you should be posting, you will see a significant increase in the engagement of your content. You will know when to post your important promotions to get more eyes to read them.

Repurpose Existing Content

repurpose content

You don’t need to create everything from scratch when creating social media content. You can take some notes from famous and successful personal brands like Gary Vaynerchuck, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, and others.

Their content strategy is they repurpose long-form content and create a shorter version of it. They usually take snippets from their talks, podcasts, vlogs, and interviews. After a few video edits, they’ll post it on social media so their audience can digest these short small chunks of valuable information.

You too can do the same for your business. Utilize your long video advertisements and take small parts from them. Edit those small video clips, add some graphics, and include effects and sounds if necessary. Make it short and attention-grabbing. 

Things To Remember When Creating Engaging Social Media Contents

When you’re starting to implement the strategies above, it’s easy to get lost in the process while forgetting some important things. To help you be more effective with your content marketing strategies, here are three things you should never forget.

Be Consistent

Consistency matters if you want to create engaging social media content. For your audience to remember your brand and what you publish, you need to be consistent with high-quality and straightforward content

Don’t be a brand that’s remembered for one viral content. Those businesses tend to be forgotten the next day. Instead, be a brand that’s sought after because of the content you’re publishing. 

When you’ve gotten the attention of your market, you want to present various contents for them to see and read. This will help your credibility as a brand and will display your expertise in your field.

If customers like what you’ve been publishing, they won’t hesitate to try your business out or even share your content with their network. It’s one of the best benefits of being consistent with publishing content.

Engage With Your Audience

When the audience loves your content, some of them will leave a comment on the post. Don’t take these comments lightly, and be happy that they have taken time off their day to comment on their opinion, suggestion, and feedback.

What most businesses miss out on doing is giving attention to these people. They are the ones that have engaged with your content so it’s only right that you acknowledge them. Simple replies like “Thank you!”, “We’re happy that you liked it!”, or “Thanks for sharing!” can go a long way. 

You’ll never know how much that comment can mean to them. It may be enough to convert them into loyal advocates of the brand or even just make them share the content with their friends and coworkers.

If you want to go further in engaging with your audience, you can also take the time to have a conversation with them. Ask them questions, compliment them, and answer their inquiries – these initiatives will make your brand more authentic and more “human”. 

Check out how Sola Wood Flowers take time to respond to their audience’s comments.

Sola Wood Flowers engagements

Once other people see that you’re active in the comment section, they’ll be motivated to leave their thoughts as well, which increases your engagement with your content. So make sure not to leave the comment section unnoticed. Take time to read and respond to your audience.

Always Provide Value

After reading all of the strategies above, remember to always provide value to your audience. Giving value to your people can positively impact your brand awareness and customer relationships. 

By putting yourself in the position of your target audience, you will be able to determine if the content you’ve created has brought value to them. Your content may not be funny, attention-grabbing, or has the best visuals, but if you have effectively conveyed your message and have given value to the recipient of your content, they’ll be going back for more.


It’s not easy to create engaging social media content. If it was simple, then every brand out there would have millions of likes and followers, but as you know, that’s not the case.

Content creation that’s engaged by many should start from understanding your market. Having a deep knowledge of your audience will allow you to have a lot of content ideas that your people will surely love. Tell us, which of the above tactics to create social media content is your favorite?

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