Top 15 Benefits of Email Hosting Solutions for Your Business


Undoubtedly email is a crucial tool used by a person or business for communication or marketing purpose. Email users are expected to reach 3 billion in 2020. The email has become one of the major sources of marketing for many companies. Some email hosting solutions such as Gmail and Yahoomail are free to use and many businesses are using them to optimize their business operations. If you are a small business then getting a free email web hosting services can be helpful, but for the growing business free email services might not be enough to improve their credibility. Here, I have shared some major benefits of getting email hosting services for your business.

An effective email hosting plan can boost the credibility of your business and build your brand identity. Email is a major technique of communication and when your business starts growing, free email services might not be enough to fulfil your needs. If your free email hosting is not enough to control messaging infrastructure then it is the time to get a customized email hosting. There are several advantages of outsourcing your messaging requirements to a hosting provider.

Readout this article till the end to get an idea about the importance of email hosting account and the benefits of email plan for any company. 

Secure Webmail Access

Secure email hosting services will prepare your mail servers to do industry-standard encryption of data; it ensures that data sent from/to the server is encrypted when you sign in to your account and until you are not logging out. Some email hosting companies usually equip their mail servers with 128-bit encryption that is active throughout your webmail session. This basically means that data sent from and to the server is encrypted. This is a confirmed security protocol; you can guarantee that your confidential messages will not be compromised or intercepted in any way. Email hosting really keeps your sensitive data safe and protected.

Secure POP and IMAP Access

Now the businesses are more likely to go for email hosting solutions as they allow secure access to desktop email client via POP or IMAP. The overalls email traffic is encrypted, as well as usernames and passwords sent for verification, from the email client to the mail server. The email hosting providers support some popular mail clients such as Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Eudora, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Some of them also offer support for BSD and Linux customers as well as pocket PCs and PDAs. Whether you wish to manage mail offline or online, you required an email hosting plan to guarantee that is done securely and efficiently.

More Storage Space

You are likely to get adequate storage space when you sign up with an email hosting services provider. Some hosting providers offer MB storage, and others may offer GB storage per mailbox. Companies have flexible email hosting plans offer even more storage space if you required it via easy upgrades. The service providers offering this service guarantee that its users have sufficient storage space. The storage space of all hosting providers is adequate to store hundreds of messages. A flexible email hosting plan lets the users decrease or increase storage space limit. You can also get the customizable storage space for your email hosting. Some of the businesses need more storage to fulfil their email marketing needs. These providers also offer storage services to customers, if a specific client wants more space, they just have to inform their mail server provider and get the perfect solution for storage. Several email hosting plans have a huge storage space per mailbox. Based on the storage space you are paying for; you can get a mailbox with gigabyte or megabyte storage capacity. With an MB storage, it is enough to store thousands of email messages. Email hosting plans offers massive storage space per mailbox. Verify that you get a flexible email hosting service if you upgrade for additional storage space.

Enhanced Performance

 Using email hosting plans ensure that the productivity of your company is at its best since you can seamlessly interact with your customers, suppliers inside or outside the organization. There are many ways you can choose how you can receive and convey emails and it will come under the domain name of your company.

No More Spams and Viruses

An excellent email hosting service can potentially block damaging email before it can enter the network. The anti-virus scanners are typically integrated into the SMTP gateways of the host while there are many ways spam is dealt with. A business that really wants to keep spam out will use filtering techniques like greylisting, blacklisting, and whitelisting, and let you make configurations that send it to a quarantine folder automatically rather than your inbox.

Most of the times 80 per cent of your inbox is only spam, and don’t want to spend more time reviewing the spam mails. Using the email hosting solutions, you will get email filtering services, therefore, all spam is removed before getting into your inbox and nothing will bother you anymore, it will save a lot of efforts and time. A reliable email hosting solution blocks infected email.

Email hosting will efficiently block spam and malware. They will have advanced filtering approaches such as and blacklisting white-listing. The best part of using the business email web hosting is that they come with virus and spam filtering features. A service provider typically ensures that there are no spam mails in your inbox. 

If you are tired to unlimited spams wasting your time then it’s time to get a reliable email hosting for your business.

Open Lines of Communication 

One major benefit of using the business email hosting service is that it will keep your email host and your website independent of each other. In case you host both of them on the same domain, there is a risk that everything will go down once. Because, if your host is down and your email will also go down. Freaked clients would not be able to reach you until the website goes up that could damage your relationship and trust with customers.

Explore More Than Messaging

As we all are aware of how important and beneficial tool an email is. In any case, the present clients need to accomplish something other than sending messages. On account of vigorous stages, hosting companies can improve their proficiency and profitability through a range of useful devices. These incorporate the capacity to plan meetings and offer an entire host of materials like significant records, contact data and schedules. No more storehouses here: only one, a streamlined stage that addresses every single client specification and requirement.

Address Book Feature

The address book is a valuable feature of email hosting as it offers the user some suitable methods to store contact information for easy use and retrieval. Many email hosts provide both a shared and private address book, with public network directory services. In most cases, you can use a shared address book with any mail client that supports LDAP directory services. The email hosting providers allow their users to share address book. It is one of the vital and useful features as it is significant for storing and sharing contact details with others.

Guaranteed Up-Time

 There is nothing more frustrating than trying to read mail and browse the web just to know that there is no connection. The trustworthy email hosting providers always ensure that there is a guaranteed up-time so you do not have any issue regarding your communication with your clients or other important business partners. Address book feature of email hosting allows to easily store and retrieve contacts.

Establish Authority and Trust

Email hosting also helps you to build the authority of your business. people are more likely to trust the mails comes from reliable mails then the free version that can be anyone. Which email address you are more likely to trust? ‘’ or this: ‘’. It is very obvious that anyone will more likely to trust ‘’ than its free version of the email. The business email hosting beauty is that it lets you get your professional email account linked with the domain name of your company.

If you want to contact with your customers using emails then it is recommended to use the professional email address for this, to create a reliable and trustworthy image of your business.

Email Forwarding

 Email forwarding can be one of the major reasons that you should get in touch with your email hosting providers. By using the email re-direct, you can forward an email that goes to a person, so the action is applied without the least delay, this is something that most of the business owners will love as it could suggest that the difference among missing a deal and securing it. This feature is very simple and easy to use. Using this, you can easily forward a mail to multiple contacts.


When your business starts growing, many of you think it is a good idea to do your own email hosting. Though this needs not just buying an expensive server, you also have to hire an IT expert for server management and updating. Between the cost of benefits, salary, and equipment, it may be more cost-effective to outsource your email requirements to an email hosting provider instead. You will be guaranteed that the people handling your email hosting needs are very trained experts. Meanwhile paid email hosts are more likely to focus on securing email and 24/7 support and ensure maximum uptime. Many email hosting providers offer scalable services that are less expensive. You only pay for the service you presently required but will have the skill to upgrade to more mailboxes, more storage, and a lot more.

It is comparatively cost-effective to get an email hosting plan as it saves a lot of resources and time than hiring additional IT personnel for maintenance and buying the email infrastructure. Getting an email hosting service saves a lot of time and allows you to focus on more imperative tasks instead of worrying about its support and ongoing maintenance. Some companies might think that getting email hosting solutions required more expense but the reality is that the comfort and the features they get from these services totally negate the cost. Some businesses use free email services but when they come to know about the range of benefits offered by a paid service, they rapidly switch over. Signing up for a paid email hosting services will save a lot of money in the long term and you will get low-cost email hosting. Although you have to pay monthly fees, these are affordable as compared with the benefits you are getting. For example, email hosting all you to enjoy customized storage space. You can also get the logo of the company on their account with white-label hosting solutions. It will help you to build a strong image of your brand.  

No Migration While Moving Your Website

Based on the changing needs of your business as it is growing, you have to move your website to a new hosting provider. It’s a sad reality that sometimes-hosting companies not so great. You can choose to switch for faster speeds, better price, or other reasons. Moving DNS, mail exchanger record (MX record), and zone files is not a very easy job. Nearly always something doesn’t transfer accurately or it is corrupted, or there are other issues while transferring email to a new server.

When you separate your email, moving domain files turn out to be much easier. An additional advantage is that your email is still working if the domain is propagating to the new server as it is not on that server.

Be More Professional

Email hosting really helps you to keep your emails more professional looking. As I mentioned earlier in this article that ‘’ is more reliable then ‘’. when you use a custom domain name, it looks more professional and people find your email content more reliable and credible source of information and they are more likely to respond you. Other than looking more professional, it helps you to do the branding of your company. Whenever your consumer gets a marketing email, the domain name will be same and in some of the cases, you can also upload your own logo with the email. Email hosting makes you look more professional.

An additional benefit of email hosting your email is always away from your business place. In a natural disaster, if your office building or internal server is damaged, you can still easily communicate with your clients as your email hosting is situated at another location.

Avail Additional Features

The free email accounts mainly do not offer a ton of extra highlights, however, some of them will form an extra expense. With a business email hosting account, you will get advantages, for example, extra space, spam security, brute-force attack security, and recuperation focus if you lose email and need to reestablish to a past point in time.

Remember that most email facilitating organizations likewise permit custom setups. In case that you have to utilize different emails and domains, they can give that as a feature of the general service. Your email is one of the most significant parts of your daily business operations. Significantly, you pick the best assistance for your developing business. Most paid administrations can address your issues both today and later on. These claim to fame benefits develop with you at the rate you need.

Paid solutions offer more and better specifications, similar to mail checking and mail grouping, as compared to a free service. Likewise, it does think about the renown and impression of a business to have customized email arrangements than if they were sending messages through Yahoo or some other free service. It gives the organization an increasingly sound profile to your business. It additionally opens up the IT assets of business since most email issues are managed by the supplier.

In case you need bulk email hosting service, there are many hosting providers are offering these services with their web hosting plans. Some leadings web hosting providers also offer email, dedicated servers, VPS hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting and other types of hosting services to their clients. You should make good research to find the best service providers for your business.

Final Words

 In this article, I have shared with you some of the major benefits of using an email hosting solution for your business. There are many ways an email hosting service can help you to improve your email operations. Many hosting services providers offer a different plan for email hosting for their clients, with a little research you can find the best mail hosting for your business. An effective email hosting solution can boost the reliability of your business and build a solid brand identity. Some email hosting companies equip their mail servers with encryption that is active during your webmail session. A supple email hosting plan allows the users to decrease or increase storage limit. Using the email hosting, you will also get some email filtering services so, all spam and viruses are removed before getting into the inbox and nothing will bother you. Signing up for a paid email hosting services will save your money in the long-term and you will get cheap business email hosting.

Getting the email hosting would offer many benefits such as secure Webmail access, secure POP and IMAP access, more storage space, open lines of communication, Address Book feature, establish authority and trust, email forwarding, cost-effective, no migration when you move your website, be more professional, explore more than messaging and avail additional features. I hope the information that I have shares in this article would be helpful for you. Feel free to share your thoughts about this article in the comments section.


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