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Web marketing, digital marketing, internet marketing, or online marketing; are all of these words are synonymously used for E-Marketing. What it means is the marketing of products or services by utilizing the internet. E-mails and wireless marketing includes in the category of e-marketing. We can say that it uses various technologies and media to connect customers and businesses. Especially in this era of technology, e marketing has become an essential part of the marketing strategy of multiple companies.

E-Marketing Meaning

E-marketing refers to those strategies and methods which utilize online ways to reach the target and potential customers. Millions of Internet users access various websites using different tools like computers, laptops, tablets, and smart or android phone devices. The number of internet users is increasing day by day. So every business appears to be hopping on the internet marketing. The internet is the most effective tool for any business with market leaders. There are many accessible and economical ways on the internet to boost your business. Successful companies must ask themselves challenging questions about how to promote their business online. What their business expectations are? And what will be their strategy to fulfill those expectations? After answering all these questions, a company should develop an effective marketing plan.

What Is E-Marketing?

 E-marketing  , What is e-marketing

What is e-marketing? E-marketing stands for electronic marketing. E-marketing is also known as online or internet advertising, which uses internet technology to boost online messages to the customer. E-marketing examples are email or social media advertising, web banners, and mobile advertising. E-marketing involves using the internet to advertise your product and service. It demands an understanding of how customers use the web when planning hotel stays and trips they want. When done effectively, it can help searchers better understand how your brand can solve customer questions and deliver the optimum experience they look for.

Importance Of E-marketing

In the current situation, where most of the work and dealings are happening through online platforms, it becomes essential for marketers to reach out to customers through the proper channels. Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and laptops are used worldwide to run businesses and buy and sell products. E-marketing assists in reaching out to your audience on these channels and traditional offline channels. Sometimes for some offerings, e-marketing is the only possible choice. E-marketing is very transparent in terms of its significance compared to offline marketing. One thing that makes e-marketing stand out is calculating real-time impact. Marketers can see the performance and tweak the messaging, which can be very useful compared to offline marketing.

In the pandemic, online marketing becomes even more famous when offline or traditional marketing channels cannot give the optimum return on value. You can also adopt valuable techniques to increase your email open rate for effective marketing.

Features Of E-marketing

Many small or big businesses are using e-marketing because of its different features and numerous benefits. Some of the essential features are as follows:

E-marketing Is Cheap Than Traditional Marketing

Comparing its cost with traditional marketing media such as newspaper ads and billboards is much more reasonable and efficient. You can reach a wide range of audiences with minimal resources.

Tangible ROI

Small business owners can now check the turnover rate with the help of Keap. It explores numerous things like views of videos, the number of emails opened, and per click on the link. Most importantly, it notifies us of how much sales the business has made due to e-marketing.

24/7 Approach

It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Whether you’re homesick, sleeping, or attending casual meetings, it doesn’t matter, but e-marketing is always hard at work.

Eliminate Follow-up Failure

Elimination of follow-up-failure is the main secrete behind the success of the small business. It is done by entering your business figures into the Keap. Then its automatic marketing system will provide custom-tailored details about your business, which areas to enhance, and what product to quit.  

Advantages Of E-marketing

Following are the important advantages of emarketing:

Fast Response

The response rate of internet marketing is fast; for example, you upload something, and it goes viral. Then it would reach millions of people overnight.


Compared to the other media of advertising, it is more reasonable. If you’re using unpaid methods, then there is almost zero cost.

Less Risky

What does one have to lose when your cost is zero, and the instant rate is high? No risk at all.

Greater Data Collection. In this way, you have a remarkable ability to manage a broad range of data about your customers. You can use these customer details later. 


One of the essential elements of digital marketing is that it’s very interactive. People can leave their comments, and you’ll get feedback from your target market.

Way To Personalized Marketing

Online marketing opens the door to personalized marketing. With the proper planning and marketing strategy, customers feel that this ad is directly speaking to them.

Greater Exposure To Your Product

Going viral with one post can provide greater exposure to your product or service.


The beauty of the online world and e-marketing is that it’s available from everywhere all over the world. 

Disadvantages Of e-marketing

Following are the disadvantages of e-marketing:

Technology Dependent

E-Marketing is entirely dependent on technology and the internet; a slight disconnection can risk your whole business.

Worldwide Competition

When you launch your product online, you face global competition because it’s available everywhere.

Privacy & Security Issues

Privacy and security issues are very high because your information is open to everyone; therefore, one has to be very careful about what goes online.

Higher Transparency & Price Competition

When privacy and security issues are high, you must spend a lot to be transparent. Price competition also increases with higher transparency.

Maintenance Cost

With the fast-changing technological environment, you have to grow consistently with the speed of technology, and the maintenance cost is very high.

Types Of E-marketing

When we talk about digital and email marketing, then there are various types and methods of e-marketing, which are as follows;

Email Marketing

Email - marketing

Email marketing is considered very efficient and effective because you already have a database of your target customer. Now, sending emails about your product or service to your exact targeted market is not only affordable but also very effective.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an excellent source of directly speaking with your customers to increase product understanding. It could be done on any social media platform such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and YouTube. Some of the important benefits of social media are the following;

  • Increasing product understanding and reputation mean more sales.
  • Directly speaking with your customers can increase brand loyalty.
  • You can increase the number of visits to your website and rank it up in the search engine.
  • Targeting the exact audience will help you to know more about your customers’ requirements.

Video Marketing

A picture is often worth a thousand words, and a video is thousands of images. You can acquire the attention and emotions of your target market by showing them a video clip about your product or service. Video marketing is beneficial if it delivers the right message to the right audience. 

Article Marketing

Engaging quality content by delivering valuable information to your targeted market. What are people searching for over the internet to solve a particular problem? It is a constant and ongoing process of giving quality content to your readers. It is not always about selling; you’re educating your audience and helping them by adding some value to their lives.

Affiliate Marketing

Email - marketing , what is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting some products of specific brands and earning your commission from every sale. It works for everyone. 

Examples Of E-marketing

A good example would be a 360-degree campaign run by groups that include direct and indirect marketing channels for communicating the message. E-Marketing is used in newsletters, videos, podcasts, and webinars directly positioned at potential customers. Also, customers know about the company and products through social media connections, content marketing, and thought leadership, which are indirect marketing channels. All these channels are entirely online. These campaigns might also have offline images that convey the same message, or maybe the whole campaign is driven by e-marketing. Many companies are now using online platforms extensively for marketing their products.

Apple, Samsung, and other major phone manufacturers stream their new product launches worldwide, offering the new features and pricing of the upcoming phones and other devices. Even the gaming industry has many online events where upcoming games are delivered to the audience.


Whatever marketing method you use must be well-focused and researched about your target market. Customers’ needs and requirements should also be kept in mind; there should be consistency and coherency between the market and your product. Anything out of the ordinary will make your customers doubtful. It has to be real.

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