Five Smart Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Lead Magnets

Five Smart Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Lead Magnets
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In a digital world where over two billion online shoppers spend less than 15 seconds on a website, it’s a tedious job for marketers to grab their attention, convert them into a customer & drive more traffic. Not just that, a majority of visitors leave or bounce back without ever coming back! Now, wouldn’t it be better if, instead of losing a potential customer, you could add them to your mailer list and build a relationship later?

Today, tens of thousands of businesses are stepping up their game and diverting their marketing budgets towards niches like podcast marketing, email marketing, etc. Hence, the competition has become fierce in capturing email addresses than ever before. This is where a persuasive and effective lead magnet comes into action! In this post, we will decode the whole concept, understand how you can promote your lead magnet & drive more traffic to these to boost lead acquisitions.

What Is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet or often called a “freebie” is an incentive you offer to the visitor in exchange for their email address and name. This freebie can be a free product or service that potential visitors receive. For instance, a marketer might create a lead magnet and offer eBooks, Whitepapers, Guides, Cheat Sheets, Coupons, Early Bird Access, or Free Admission to a webinar. 

With over 50% of marketers leveraging lead magnets, the technique has emerged as one of the proven ways to increase traffic. It doesn’t matter if you’re in B2B or B2C marketing, a quality lot of lead magnets can initiate call-to-action and help you accumulate visitors into your sales funnel. Thus, marketers can maximize the number of targeted leads & also shorten the time from conversion to a sale. 

Now that we have understood what a lead magnet is! Let’s move ahead and discover ways to attract ideal customers to your lead magnets.

Optimize the Landing Page:

The home or landing page is one of the most visited pages of your site and hence, the perfect arrangement to promote your lead magnet. Your lead magnet can prove to be highly effective since you’d be able to instantly grab your audiences’ attention and incentivize them at the same time. It is advised to promote the lead magnet in the upper half of the page as a considerable proportion of visitors might not scroll down and miss out on engaging freebies.

Optimize the Landing Page:

An intuitively designed, professional-looking landing page helps to establish trust with the website visitor. Now, once you have the visitor in that space, you must pitch your free content in exchange for their email address. If done right, the lead magnet can help you draw a line between a missed opportunity or a done deal. The key is to incentivize the visitors immediately and woo them with quality content.

Offer Webinars:

2020 saw over 67% of marketers around the world increasing their investments in webinars. Webinars today have become a popular tool to foster a loyal customer base. A live or pre-recorded video presentation can help you deliver innovative business insights to prospective customers. You can host your webinar on popular social media sites, and while the visitors sign-up for it, you can redirect them to your landing page.

Offer Webinars:

With webinars, you can present a plethora of rich information and keep your content evergreen. You can easily reuse the same content over a period of time. To ensure maximum engagement, you can leverage ready-made, professional-grade templates like SWOT Analysis, Industry Analysis, or Case Study PowerPoint template, respectively & woo your audience like anything!

Start Podcasting:

With a listener growth of 29.3% in the last three years, a podcast today has become an effective way to get your message to the audience that is aligned with your business. A solid 20-30 minutes of talking about the audience problems and how your product solves it can be a game-changer. Give out PDFs, short eBooks, Videos, Audio files, or lessons to the attendees in exchange for their email addresses.

Start Podcasting:

While creating a podcast, you should consider coming up with something your listeners can relate to and identify as a solution. Since you’re short on time, the podcast should not overwhelm the audience and help them consume the gist of the information verbally, and you can encourage them to delve deep with your freebies.

Emphasize on Guest Posting:

Guest blogging helps you expand your brand’s reach and unlock instant exposure to targeted traffic. You can leverage guest blogging as a lead magnet as well! By including free content upgrades ranging from a checklist, email course to PDFs, you can transform every guest post into your website’s landing page.

Emphasize on Guest Posting:

Offer lead magnets through well-crafted guest blogs that are written strategically to provide valuable information enticingly. The key here is to establish yourself or your brand as the expert! The content should be persuasive such that it’s clear to your audience that you’re an expert in this domain. Therefore, go the extra mile, give away free trials, mini-courses, and let your lead magnets bring in results.

Unleash the Power of Social Media:

When it comes to getting your lead magnet to an unprecedented audience reach, social media is no less than a goldmine for marketers. You can maximize and leverage social media to spread your message. Create a lead magnet, update your cover/profile pictures, and don’t forget to put in a Call To Action. You can also consider adding lead magnet links to platforms that support user bio or pinning the lead magnet on top of Twitter or Facebook feeds.

Post about the lead magnet frequently across a multitude of social platforms. An effective lead magnet can engage with the user and encourage them to share their details in exchange for quality content. Facebook hosts a vast repository of user groups related to specific niches. You can become a part of these groups and post the lead magnet there. The key is to sprinkle relevant content into multiple social media platforms and keep trying.

Wrapping It Up:

It doesn’t matter how much value your freebie brings if your lead magnet is unable to capture the visitor’s attention. If done right, your brand can benefit remarkably from lead magnets, build superior trust and authority with the visitors. 

Often marketers try to sell to people right off the bat! The practice drives website visitors away & nonetheless, it is aggressive. A lead magnet is a perfect way to kickstart the process, nourish the relationship with the visitor, slowly help them discover the value you provide, and convert them into a loyal customer.

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