Domain Registration Promotion 2018 – (starting from 4.80$ for one year)


We glad to offer Domain registration promotion on selected TLD’s as low as 4.80$ for one year domain registration. Please visit our website to secure your domains. Please find discount codes below:


TLD Discounted offer (USD) Promo code Expiry date
.pw 4.80$ TLDPW48 06/30/18
.space 6.00$ TLDSPACE6 06/30/18
.website 9.10$ TLDWEBSITE91 06/30/18
.site 9.60$ TLDSITEONLINE 06/30/18
.online 9.60$ TLDSITEONLINE 06/30/18
.club 12.00$ TLDLINK12 06/30/18
.click 12.00$ TLDCLICK12 03/31/18
.link 12.00$ TLDCLICK12 03/31/18
.store 12.00$ TLDLINK12 06/30/18
.me 12.00$ TLDLINK1212 12/31/18
.shop 14.40$ TLDSHOP144 06/30/18
.blog 14.40$ TLDBLOG144 03/31/18
.tech 16.80$ TLDPRESS168 06/30/18
.press 16.80$ TLDPRESS168 06/30/18
.gift 19.20$ TLDGIFT192 03/31/18
.help 24.00$ TLDHOST24 03/31/18
.photo 24.00$ TLDHOST24 03/31/18
.host 24.00$ TLDHOST24630 06/30/18


*Prices and dates are subject to change without prior notice. Promotional prices apply only to first year for new registrations*

Please find announcement details here:



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8 Comments on “Domain Registration Promotion 2018 – (starting from 4.80$ for one year)”

  1. Hi Austin,
    I appreciate you putting this together. These are so inexpensive and its always nice to have a reference whereby we can compare.

  2. Avatar Emma Ballet says:


    I’m interested to host my domain but I’m looking for expire domain in bulk, Can anyone tell me something that I can get expire domains in bulk.

  3. Avatar Iyanu Victor says:

    Thanks for sharing, honestly they are worth the price for a year. I believe there will even be more discount on domain names than now

  4. Avatar Sana says:

    Can i get .pk domain. Because i want to rank in pakistan

  5. Thanks for sharing, this great post honestly these are worth the price for a year. please do share more such articles

  6. Avatar Freethinker says:

    Can you provide domain price list for transfer and renewal?

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