Django vs Laravel: Which Backend Framework is Better & Why?

Django vs Laravel : Django vs Laravel: Which Backend Framework is Better & Why?
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Choosing a web framework between Django vs Laravel is a challenge in web development. Web frameworks work like a skeleton on which you’ll develop or build your applications. Django and Laravel both are very important frameworks. They both have outstanding features, functionalities, and capabilities to support and fulfill user requirements in different industries.

If you are a WordPress developer and want to learn about the comparison between Django and WordPress, we have a detailed article on it. So, learn more about Django vs WordPress here. In this article, we have compared Django vs Laravel based on different features. But before that, let’s clarify the basic concepts of Laravel vs Django.

What are Web Frameworks?

In general, a framework in programming is a tool that offers ready-made components or customized solutions to boost development. Frameworks are used to develop web applications and deploy them worldwide. Web frameworks are designed to ease software development, especially helping new developers who are not ready to write code. Instead, frameworks allow you to use a reusable piece of code to develop the applications and add features to them. With the help of frameworks, you can create a professional application with comfort and ease.

Django vs Laravel: Define Them

Before comparing Django vs Laravel, let’s define these two frameworks.

What is Django?

Django vs Laravel : what is django

Django is a free and open-source web framework that encourages fast development and allows developers to write efficient and clean code. Django is a model view template model built with Python. It’s quite a powerful framework, and it’s used by some of the most significant companies in the world as their backend infrastructure. These companies include Pinterest, Udemy, NASA, and Instagram. It was released in 2005 and developed and maintained by the Django software foundation.

Is Django easy to learn? This framework helps you to develop web applications quickly with less code. How long does it take to learn Django? Due to its readable syntax, it can save the time and effort of developers. It is highly flexible for various projects in different industries and includes various pre-made feature packages. It is also best for building complex applications. As it’s a Python-based framework, it helps develop products for data science, computation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and other scientific uses.

Features of Django

Below are the features of Django

  • Outstanding Documentation

Django has outstanding documentation, which is one of the best features. It offers the best documentation compared to other technologies and motivates learning more. As a result, users can easily find the solution to their problems. It also helps to use the technology.

  • SEO- Optimized

SEO stands for search engine optimization, a unique feature of Django. It helps to add web pages to the top results. Search engines like Google use some algorithm that sometimes doesn’t cooperate much with the developer. Django maintains the websites through the URLs rather than the IP addresses on the server. It minimizes the developer’s headache when they don’t need to convert the URL into numeric code.

  • Scalability

Django is used worldwide, and it gets executed without any errors. For example, many prominent social media platforms use Django like Instagram. Instagram has millions of users, and it has a large amount of data. Django offers a system that can manage complex data without any system failure.

  • Security

Django is a trendy framework because it is highly secure. It is very secure as it covers many loopholes which were not automatically done in other technologies. We can prove that many websites use Django and generate a lot of traffic.

  • Rapid Development

You can make a fully functional website with Django, and developers don’t need to know the backend details. It provides you with the built-in admin panel, so you don’t need to build it from the start, and it also provides the built-in support of SQLite. So we don’t need to write typical SQL queries. Instead, we can use the Django models.

Django Market Share

According to SimilarTech, almost 92,000 websites use Django as their primary framework.

Django vs Laravel : Django Market Share

Following are the top websites using Django as their primary framework by top leading countries across the globe.

Django vs Laravel : Django Market Share
Django vs Laravel : Django Market Share

Top Industry Verticals Using Django

There are many top industry verticals where Django is being used.

Django vs Laravel : Top Industry Vehicles Using Django

What is Laravel?

Django vs Laravel : What is laravel ?

Laravel is an open-source framework written in PHP. This framework manages server-side processes such as HTML authentication, routing, etc. Laravel offers the facility to build a whole functional website with customized backend logic. Some big projects, such as, Rozerpay, Packet, 9GAG, etc., are written in Laravel. It is much popular among the developers.

Features of Laravel

Below are the essential features of Laravel.

  • Pre-packaged Tools

It gives ready-to-use packages for user authentication and provides tools to do everyday tasks such as routing, HTML rendering, and testing APIs.

  • Template Engine

Laravel is famous for its built-in lightweight templates, which are very helpful in creating attractive and dynamic layouts. It offers different widgets and JS and CSS code with a robust structure.

  • MVC Architecture Support

Laravel follows the MVC (Model View Controller), responsible for determining business logic and presentation layers. MVC pattern of Laravel comes with many built-in methods. These methods increase the application performance, speed, and security as well.

Laravel Market Share

According to SimilarTech, almost 139,259 websites use Laravel as their primary framework.

Django vs Laravel : Laravel Market Share

Following are the top websites using Laravel as their primary framework by top leading countries across the globe.

Django vs Laravel : Laravel Market Share
Django vs Laravel : Laravel Market Share

Top Industry Verticals Using Laravel

There are many top industry verticals where Laravel is being used.

Django vs Laravel : Top Industry Vehicles Using Laravel

Comparison of “Django vs Laravel”

Following is the comparison between Django vs Laravel.

Django vs laravel : Comparison of "Django vs Laravel

Some Other Important Differences

  • Django has 43,384 GitHub Stars, whereas Laravel has 34,329 stars.
  • 92,000 websites are running in Django. On the other hand, Laravel hosts 139,259 sites.
  •  Django provides higher security for business applications. Laravel implements the basic security features.
  • Django offers the middlewares support, whereas Laravel offers only HTTP middlewares.
  • Django comes with many valuable features like decorators, third-party libraries, and SEO tools. But, Laravel contains method injection.
  • Django provides the ready-to-use Administrative Graphical Interface, whereas the Laravel authenticate and template engine mechanism is used to design hierarchy schemes.


This article has discussed the different aspects of leading web frameworks. You may get confused about which framework is more suitable. Both frameworks are shown great features. Let’s summarize the above point. It would help you choose a suitable framework for your project/career.

Django is best if –

  • Creating SEO-friendly and dynamic social media websites.
  • Wants to comprise the ML integrated apps.
  • You want to develop a secure app for B2B communication.
  • One wants to leverage data analytics and visualization.
  • Django is best for data-driven apps in the travel, food, and hospitality industries.
  • Wants to build CRM for e-commerce platforms.

Laravel is best if-

  • One wants to develop a website with engaging content.
  • Laravel is the best choice for creating an advanced application without adding new features.
  •  You want to use the pre-written advantage of different widgets with JS and CSS.
  • You want to create a web application quicker and faster.
  • You want to create a website using PHP Data Objects (PDO).

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