Top 14 Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 2023

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Living in the digital era; it is hard for us to think about our lives without any digital equipment. Businesses have also realized the importance of digital media and started rushing towards digital marketing to get the most out of it. With the increasing online competition and changing customers’ demands, the digital marketing is not an easy nut to crack, but once you get hands-on it and understand your customers’ requirements, it will be a piece of cake for you. 

When it comes to digital marketing, you may find thousands of tools and suggestions, but remember that not everything is going to work for you. In this article, I am sharing some amazing ways to improve your digital marketing strategy. Before adopting any digital marketing strategy, you have to be very clear about your digital marketing goals to choose the right tools for your business. I have shared 14 best digital marketing strategies that you should be using this year, you can adopt any of them based on your business goals and long-term marketing plan.

Check out the 14 amazing digital marketing trends of this year that you should be following.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You cannot go-long with your digital marketing plan without maintaining SEO. Your digital marketing success is very much based on your SEO because it is one of the most essential aspects of digital marketing. Google algorithms keep changing and you should have a good understanding of Google algorithms to make your SEO plan turn out well. It is recommended to hire an expert to do SEO for you if you are not a pro. You can make organic SEO marketing strategy yourself to rank your site or get SEO hosting services from the third party to do most of the SEO part for you that will save a lot of time and efforts.

According to the new algorithm of Google, you should use HTTPS pages om on your site. If you are currently using the HTTP pages then it is recommended to shift to HTTPS. The reason behind using the HTTPS instead of HTTP is that HTTP is no more secure. Google will not be ranking your page if you are using the HTTP for your pages. 

To maintain the SEO of your website, you have to focus on different aspects like the use of keywords, Inter-linking, on-page SEO, etc. you can also make a blog for your website that is an amazing tool to improve the SEO of your website and rank your content higher on search engines. 

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing or also known as SME is also a kind of digital marketing that is used to increase your SERPs using the paid ads method. Search engine marketing is easier for you if you are familiar with Google ads and display ads. 

If you are new to Google ads then don’t worry because with a little effort you can educate yourself about the work process of this platform. Google has made the things easier for you by introducing the customize ads options that would allow you to make different kinds of ads such as YouTube videos, display ads, textual ads, in-app ads, etc. the search engine marketing more easier with localized ad capability and some amazing matrix to analysis the working of your ad. 

Note: Other than ads used for search engine marketing there is a lot of other kinds of ad opportunities such as Facebook ads to promote your business on social media platforms. 

Content Marketing

While doing digital marketing, content is something that you offer to customers as a tool of engagement and it is made to attract your target audience. When it comes to digital marketing, you should remember “Content Is King”. There are different kinds of content that you can make for your audience such as textual content, video content, images, audios, podcast, etc. No need to use all kinds of content for your business, based on the audience interests you can use 2-3 kind of content to attract your audience. 

While making the content, make sure you are providing good quality because Google deeply observes your content and rank it accordingly. While developing the content for your audience make sure it is adding value to their lives or solving a problem. There are different platforms on which you can publish your content such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blogging platforms, etc. the kind of content you post on each platform would be different for example, on Instagram the textual content would not be as useful as the videos and images, similarly, YouTube is meant for the video content. 

Note One thing you should know that the primary purpose of content marketing is not to promote your brand, but it intended to increase the interest of the public on your products and services. 

Local Search Marketing

The trend of local search marketing is also increasing from the past few years. Many local businesses have realized the importance of local search marketing to found by local customers. it is estimated that around 85% of all customers use the search engines to find out the local businesses. If you want to do local search marketing for your business the Google is offering you some amazing tools to make it simpler for you. 

By using “Google My Business“, you will have your listing turn up and someone does a Google search depends on the keywords of the user. You can also use it to show your business on Google Maps. With Google, it has become easier to update your listing and nothing becomes outdated.

One thing you should understand is important of your social reputation and online reviews of customers. to get more positive reviews on your website it is important to offer good experience to your customers and inspire them too. On social platforms, posting targeted content and starting conversations can help you to use inbound marketing. Inbound methods are more likely to attract the customers to your business, rather than search for customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is also a good way to reach out to your audience or customers who are not active for a while. When it comes to email marketing, it is not just about sending emails to your customers but the more important thing is to reach them at the right time. Email marketing has the potential to generate more leads as compared with using other digital marketing methods. Using this you can also increase your conversion rates and sales. Email is a good way to personalize your marketing for a target group. If you are getting out of your budget and fed up of overspending on your digital marketing then email marketing is the most affordable option to choose. Email marketing is totally free if you are not using an outsource service.

As compared to the other sort of marketing, it is one of the most integrated methods of marketing. In your emails, you can add a social icon, as well as referral reward systems. It will eventually help you to lessen your sales cycles while using convincing content.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a kind of digital marketing, where you used social media platforms to link with your customers to increase sales, promote your brand, and get more traffic on the website. This also includes publishing content on social media, engaging followers, analyzing results, and running ads on social media. Some of the major social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You have to choose your social media platform carefully by understanding the interests of your audience and which social media platform they are more likely to be on. 

To grasp the attention of the audience, Forbes has mentioned a lot of things, such as content posting automation when your audience is active. You can use the tools like Hootsuite to schedule your posts, it will help you immensely to reach users specific time zones. You’ll want to create content and post it on social media to prove your clout. Don’t be very honoured to do this as it can make you lusty and impact your brand and expertise. While you are curating content from others, they will likely respond. And, don’t forget about accessing more influencers to post your content on their popular social media channels and promote it for you.

If you want to know how you are performing on social media, you should analyze its engagement, reach, and social media sales using an analytics tool known as social media analytics. A business that wants to reach to a specific audience at scale would run targeted social media ads using the social media advertising features.

Influencer Marketing

In the beginning, when the social influencers marketing term first introduced, it was just limited to the celebrities and some dedicated and professional bloggers. You may never think of running a digital marketing campaign without spending money? When you can save money doing inbound techniques and email marketing, hiring influencers can be the same.

If you think influence marketing is too expensive and only big companies can afford it, think again. Luckily, the influencers are not just limited to celebrities. On social media, an influential person not always has to be a celebrity. It can be anyone with many followers and a good record of brand promotions. You might have seen, people giving a review on different products on social media, they are also influencers. 

According to Forbes, you first have to find top influencers and for this, you have to make good research. You can do hashtag searches on different social platforms such as Twitter to get to know about different viewpoints of people related to your industry. Once you find some potential influencers on social platforms and should make a deal with them about promoting your brand or make a review video on it. you have to pay a certain fee for this or maybe someone willing to do it for free in exchange for your products. 

You should track your results to assure ROI. Always know that the influencers with fewer followers can have as much influence as those with more followers.

Notewhen it comes to influencers marketing, Instagram is a potential platform to find influencers to promote your product. 

Landing Pages Optimization

The landing pages are a part of our digital marketing campaign. All experts of marketing reiterate how the traffic of their landing page is the basis of effective inbound marketing. Your landing page should be very attractive for the audience because most of the times the problem arises when your landing page is not effective enough for your audience. To solve this issue, you have to look at your web design, including where you have placed the advertisement and Call to Action. Your overall design and development of the website have a huge effect on it. You will want to spend on pay-per-click advertising place ads for your website on associated digital platforms

Other choices involve buying other companies’ sponsorships or do email marketing. In the last case, inserting a link that direct your reader to the landing page for getting more content is a common strategy. For Call to Actions, must include one on the homepage to avoid difficulties. Even a Call to Action at the end of the blog gives can encourage the reader to visit your website. Kissmetrics noted once that Call to Action placement based on your landing page’s length. In a shorter page, you should place the Call to Actions above the folder.


Remarketing is another major digital marketing that is a smart way to link your audiences to the website who may not have made an instant enquiry or purchase. It lets you position targeted ads for an audience who had visited your site previously – as they browse somewhere else on the web. You can track these visitors by using the cookies and create some ads based on cookies on related websites. You can make new ads on the website to effectively target your goals. All of the data that you get from website visitors offers you valued data to tweak ads to the points they are more effective.

Eventually, remarketing supports you to stay more connected with your marketing strategies and tactics, increases conversions, and aids in brand awareness. You can gain your competitors’ customers, help you to get back any investment you spend on making new ads.

Use Video Content 

Over the past 10 years, we become more visual culture fascinated by images in the digital platforms. With the increasing use of mobile devices, people are no more attractive to textual content then the visual content primarily videos. We are at the point, where content’s consumers prefer video over another visual medium. You can see the massive viewership on video platforms like YouTube. Irrespective, where you are posting your videos, without compelling content, it will never work for you.

Recently, the personalized video has become a standard for marketers, that is a good way to attract targeted viewers. The main purpose is to make your content more user-friendly, rather than a sales pitch. There are different types of videos can be made such as behind-the-scenes business tours, testimonials, Vlogs, etc. One of the major trends in video marketing is Storytelling. You can make a video online about yourself or your business development journey, by telling a compelling story and prove you are providing something valued or solving a problem. It is good to keep your videos shorter, your you can make a series of video, each video dedicated to one topic. The time of your video matters a lot because the attention spans are shorter, and you should tell your story briefly with a convincing hook.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most famous method used by people to make money online and it is a source of passive income when established. It is actually a method where an individual does the partnership with another business to make a commission by referring visitors or readers to a specific product or service of a business. This is how you can do affiliate marketing on an initial basis. To be really successful at affiliate marketing and make a good amount of money, you have to put a lot more effort

As far as blogging is a concern, a blogger can also do affiliate marketing for a company through an affiliate network or straight from the eCommerce business, and doing this, they can make a good amount of money by being an affiliate and placing a link, banner or button within a blog that will direct the readers to the affiliate products.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a significant component of many online marketing methods. Knowing more about it should become a top priority as it becomes a business’s standard internationally.

With 91 per cent of successful businesses, marketing automation is said to be very important for the success of any business, it also allows you to predict the future of marketing.

To be successful by using this tool, you to have to look for a CRM platform offering built-in marketing automation. These can effectively work together as your CRM contains your contact information. Automating marketing contact directly with your contacts that helps you to assimilate your marketing at one place instead of using various sources.

Podcast Marketing

The podcast is also an effective digital marketing tool. When you want to link with your audiences on a personal level, sound lets the listener hear the sentiment in your words. A podcast is a key tool for companies to make an effective marketing strategy. One rule to make a personal bond with your customers is that if your customers are there, you should be there too. 

Podcasts are a good way to absorb information when you are driving the car, in exercising session, during a public transport commute, or while multitasking. The issue is that there are a lot of marketing podcasts out there, you may find it difficult to attract more people in the beginning when finding standout marketing knowledge.

Here’s a great tip for you to succeed in your podcast marketing as a newbie in the field. Use Podcastle – an AI-based platform for creating podcasts without any equipment or audio editing skills.

Responsive Web Design

No matter how amazing is your digital marketing plan, if your website is not responsive, you are losing a big chunk of audience. Reaching clients through mobile is the standard now, and that is going to go in future. For digital marketers, it is essential to ensure that your website conforms to mobile screens. Responsive web design is the only way you can make this work successfully.

Using responsive web development, you can automatically make your site conform to mobile devices. Responsive website design does not just mean mobile-friendly website but your website should be responsive enough to adjust to all devices such as tablets, iPods, Notebooks etc. 

Final Words!

This article discusses the importance of digital marketing and what are the trending ways to do digital marketing. There are different digital marketing strategies such as SEO, search engine marketing, remarketing, content marketing, local search marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, landing pages optimization, video marketing, affiliate marketing, marketing automation, podcast marketing, and responsive web design improve your digital marketing for any company. You can choose any digital marketing techniques best suited to your business and interest of the audience.

 I hope the digital marketing strategies that I have shared with you in this article are useful and would help you in future to do effective digital marketing. You can share your thoughts about this article in the comments section below. 

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