Digital Marketing Manager Salary in USA 2022

Digital Marketing Manager Salary in USA
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Digital marketing has become an important part of marketing activities in all industries to engage the audience, traffic, and generate quality leads. Brands that want to succeed in today’s digital world need digital marketers to run their business and ensure that their services and products are visible online. Professional and skilled digital marketing managers require knowledge of marketing strategies and creativity skills. The field of digital marketing is becoming successful these days. If you are looking for a career in the digital marketing field and want to become a digital marketing manager, you have highly paid digital marketing jobs in the market. Understand the marketing skills and what digital marketers do? In this blog, we will discuss digital marketing manager salary. How much does the marketing manager make?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is also known as Online Marketing. It covers many functions but generally refers to implementing all public channels for a brand or company. Digital marketers build trust and increase awareness through digital channels with promotional content and materials. Digital marketing is the act of encouraging, selling, and promoting products online. It involves the promotion of services and products within online groups. Each company has its preferred social channels to publish content. Social media platforms like Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram are the most commonly used platforms to share posts and promotional content using graphics, videos, and text. Newsletters, Emails, and web-based advertising are famous tools to reach a targeted audience, while some companies benefit from text and multimedia messages for direct promotion. WordPress, Tumblr, and Medium also play an important role in digital marketing as they permit companies to take advantage of techniques like SEO to increase traffic to their pages. So, do we know what digital marketing is? 

What does a digital brand manager do?

Nowadays, digital marketing jobs are in very demand. The main role of the digital marketing manager is to make sure the successful running of digital channels and campaigns that create new customer leads to promote the brand and its products. Digital marketer does not work alone. They collaborate with community and social media managers and the head of marketing to make sure that tasks are distributed among the right people. In some cases, the size of a company tells how digital marketing is when it comes to completing tasks. In small organizations, a digital marketing manager creates an overall strategy, plans all activities, implements each activity, and reports on the campaign’s success when it’s completed. Whereas, in a larger organization, digital marketers have more time and resources to focus on strategies, assigning tasks to other team members.

Digital managers might devise the sponsored campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, etc., and then execute, report, and track them by social media managers. Digital managers with the other marketing team members like graphic designers, content writers, and videographers work on different strategies and plan to ensure that targets are met.  

What are the responsibilities of the Digital Marketing Manager?

As you can see, this position needs a wide variety of experience and knowledge. As a digital marketing executive, you might expect to:

  1. Plan and manage the company’s social media accounts and company website
  2. Grow the website traffic and increase digital growth
  3. Work with the content marketing team on content design.
  4. Monitor the primary marketing tactics to establish the effectiveness of online advertising
  5. Report on the execution of digital marketing activities and compare the results against key performance indicators and ROI
  6. Develop and set campaign budgets
  7. Check the brand message regularly to verify its consistency
  8. Build a workable digital marketing strategy
  9. Collaborate with other helping teams to create unique client-centered landing pages
  10. Provide educational opportunities, relevant data, and growth opportunities for digital marketing staff
  11. Analyze end-to-end consumer experience in different digital channels
  12. Identify the advanced digital technologies and current digital trends affecting the industry.
  13. Prepare and execute conversion tests.

What is the average digital marketing manager’s salary?

Marketing manager salary varies according to the work, experience, and talent. Naturally, you have more experience; more salary is yours. Senior digital marketing manager salary is high compared to mediocre digital marketing manager salary. 

Digital Marketing Manager Salary

According to, here is the graph representing the marketing manager salaries in the USA. The marketing manager’s average salary in the USA is $69,006/year.

Digital Marketing Salary: Payscale

According to Indeed, the graph represents marketing manager pay in the USA. The digital marketing manager’s salary is $61,323. 

Digital Marketing Salary: indeed

According to glassdoor, the graph shows digital advertising salary. The marketing manager’s pay in the USA is $123,899.

Digital Marketing Manager Salary: Glassdoor

According to builtin LA, the average salary for a digital marketing manager in the US is $85,022. The average additional cash compensation for a Digital Marketing Manager in the US is $9,204. The average total compensation for a Digital Marketing Manager in the US is $94,226. Digital Marketing Manager salaries are based on responses collected by Built In from anonymous Digital Marketing Manager employees in the USA.

Digital Marketing Manager Salary - Builtin

The average yearly salary includes transport, housing, and other perks. Digital Marketing Manager salaries vary based on experience, skills, gender, or location.

If you are interested in the digital marketing field and want to run your own digital business, educate yourself and understand all marketing strategies and tactics. There are also many digital marketing manager jobs. Some of the most successful people in the world would never stop learning. You can build your digital skills by reading our 600+ advertising and digital marketing tips. When readers need digital marketing tips and information or new ideas for marketing strategies, this is one of the best blogs you’ll find. You’ll gain knowledge and creative ways to earn money through this blog.

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