The Advantages of Shifting Your Business to Dedicated Cloud

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For businesses, being online has now become a significant thing. There are many types of hosting available in the market that can be used by the businesses to be online. The question is, which hosting is best for your business? It is more depends on your business needs. But recently, the businesses started moving towards the dedicated cloud hosting, to get some independence and make their services more specific. The dedicated cloud hosting is the perfect solution for the businesses, who want some privacy in their matters. Unlike another cloud hosting, in the dedicated cloud, you have your own separate cloud servers for your website. The dedicated cloud is designed to provide the clients with more adjustable infrastructure and resources depending on their business needs.

 The features of the dedicated cloud are compatible with the growing business, who have to go through change and manage a lot of users on their websites. When your business is expanding, the shared hosting or cloud hosting can create unnecessary noise for you, because of the interference of other networks or companies using the same server.

In cloud hosting, your business is dependent on the other connected networks in many ways, but dedicated cloud solves this problem. In this article, I have discussed some major benefits of dedicated cloud to businesses.

Offers High Performance and Reliability

In the dedicated cloud, you have a separate server for your website, and now you can adjust your CPU, bandwidth, RAM, etc. according to your business requirements. The dedicated cloud servers are highly efficient because they are only dedicated to your website. The businesses in the dedicated cloud have full control over their resources and they can change them anytime they want. The dedicated cloud is reliable as its hardware is designed concerning the enterprise-level needs. The overall performance of the dedicated cloud is three times more effective as compared with the other could hosting.


The dedicated cloud offers its clients high scalability.  In the dedicated cloud, there are very fewer restrictions on the servers and the clients can increase the resources specification anytime.  Because of the flexible environment of dedicated cloud, the resources and level of capacity can be easily increased or decrease. The dedicated cloud offers automatic upgrading and monitoring, that reduce the overall downtime in the website, due to the maintenance. So, the maintenance of the dedicated cloud is easier and it can save a lot of time and efforts of the businesses.

The high scalability of the dedicated cloud can allow businesses to be adjustable to the changing environment and business needs.

Services Customization

One of the best things about the dedicated cloud is that it provides its clients with more customized services. At the time of buying the dedicated cloud services, you can ask your service provider for the customized packaged suitable with your business needs, with full control on the server. Now, you just have to pay for the stuff that you actually want for your business.

No Downtime

Because of the high efficiency of the server in the dedicated cloud, there is no downtime occurs. Unlike cloud hosting, in which customers mostly complaint about the downtime. The downtime usually happens when there are a lot of devices hosted on the same server, or when your website traffic increases, server automatically goes down. The downtime also makes your website slow to load and less responsive to the users. The downtime has a bad impact on the website reputation, so it is significant for any online business to avoid downtime. In the dedicated cloud, the server is only dedicated to your website that would save you from any downtime.

 The 99.9% of the uptime is guaranteed by the dedicated cloud, that is imperative for the better experience of the users over the internet.

The dedicated cloud is ideal for the businesses, who have to manage a lot of traffic on their websites.

Less Costly

 Surprisingly, the dedicated cloud is providing your business with a lot of benefits at very less cost. Although you have a personal server dedicated to your business in the dedicated cloud, still the prices are very less than the typical dedicated server hosting. The business can get all of the benefits that dedicated servers are providing, at fewer prices.  The affordability of the dedicated cloud makes it more accessible to the new online businesses in the market.  

Other than the capital cost, the maintenance cost of the dedicated cloud is also very low because you don’t have to worry about the server hardware because they are all managed by the service provider without any extra cost added. 

More Flexible

There is no doubt that the dedicated cloud is more flexible in nature as compared with the other cloud hosting solutions.  Flexibility is one of the most dominant features of the dedicated cloud. The businesses can change the specification of their resources anytime, especially in the growing phase, the business has to go through a rapid change and it has become crucial for them to change with the changing demands of their customers.

For growing businesses, the dedicated cloud is a perfect and effective solution because it provides high flexibility. 


In the dedicated cloud, businesses can get a lot of benefits such as high performance, reliability, scalability, uptime, flexibility, lesser cost, etc. In this article, I talked about the advantages that businesses can get from the dedicated cloud and how dedicated cloud can help the businesses to grow. If you have any experience related to the dedicated cloud, do share with us. The dedicated cloud can solve many of the business problems.  I hope the information; I have provided in this article is helpful for you. Let me know about your thoughts about this article in the comment section.

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The Advantages of Shifting Your Business to Dedicated Cloud

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