15+ Common Copywriting Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Copywriting is one of the most effective methods of marketing. With copywriting, marketing becomes a best-seller. However, with no strict guidelines on how to write content, it can take hours and hours to create something that will be successful. Copywriting requires an experienced professional who can leverage text to appeal to a reader’s wants and deliver an engaging message. Creating interesting content is important for turning those visitors into customers. Content marketing is a fast-growing industry that needs skilled writers to move forward. But there are some common copywriting mistakes that every new writer makes. If you are getting started writing copy for potential and targeted customers, you should avoid these mistakes. You can easily target your potential customers and develop a solid copywriting business by avoiding these mistakes.

What is a CopyWriter?

Copywriting mistakes: What is a copywriter

A copywriter is someone who writes persuasive written content and provides consumers and clients with information about a product. Copywriters write copy and create content for advertisements and marketing, but it can be completed through digital platforms.

Avoid These Common Copywriting Mistakes

If you have a strong grasp of English grammar and the ability to communicate well through words, you can create a lucrative career by becoming a copywriter. Yet many new copywriters commit some copywriting mistakes.

One way to get better at writing is to learn these 15+ most common copywriting mistakes people make when they write copy. You should avoid these copywriting mistakes if you want to become a copywriter.

Writing To Yourself Rather Than Others

Many new writers write content in a way that makes sense to them. It is one of the biggest copywriting mistakes because it fails to consider your target market.

Copywriting mistakes: Know your audience

A copywriter needs to know the needs of their audience and write to those needs to make an engaging and effective piece of content. To correct this mistake, take some time to know your audience and what attracts them, then write to those needs.

Formal Writing

Avoid writing too formally. There is no need to be overly formal while writing content for the web. Many new writers make this mistake, especially if they are fresh out of school and used to writing papers. Web copywriting is informal, and good copy will read almost like you are speaking to the reader.

This copywriting mistake is difficult to control because business owners want their copy to be professional. University students typically struggle with that, so you need to balance a casual writing style that flows well and writing that may seem unprofessional. Inserting some informal sentences into the copy can help.

Capturing The Wrong Tone

The tone of a piece of writing is the emotion it conveys. Each company has its specific voice that expresses its desired message. You must capture the style and stay consistent in your writing.

If you create content with too much contrast or inconsistency, readers will have a hard time connecting with your content.

Making Assumptions About Your Readers

Don’t make assumptions about your audience. When writing sales copy for a company, consider the target condition provided by your clients. While you need to make sense of the situation your client wants you to write for, it is best to avoid assumptions.

Using Too Much Jargon

Copywriting mistakes: Using too much Jorgan

Jargons are unique words or expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand. Suppose you use too much jargon without understanding what your target audience wants while writing content. In that case, it easily distracts readers’ attention from your content, and they might not be interested.

To reach the public effectively, you need to know what terms are popular now and the right way to phrase your ideas in search engine optimization. A professional copywriter will learn how to define jargon as they write. For example, you could say:

  • With SEO, you can optimize your website.

It might make sense to someone who is an SEO marketer. Instead, you can say:

  • With SEO, you can get more search traffic to your website.

Usage of Cliched Words or Phrases

Avoid using cliched words (an expression that was once innovative but has lost its novelty due to overuse) or phrases. If you are not careful, your writing can get boring. You don’t want to overuse certain words.

To avoid this mistake, analyze your writing and consider long phrases that are repeated. Use a synonymy to change your writing to make it more engaging.

Writing Weak Headlines

When writing for the web, you will write with a lot of headings and subheadings. This can be especially challenging when clients have set their template with instructions. Clients are now asking for more than just headlines and subheads, so make each one count.

Weak headlines don’t grab the attention of readers. Headlines and subheadings need to be specific, contain optimized wording, and provide the reader with a basic content outline. Use complete statements, and write so they show a benefit. Readers will scan these headings and decide if they want to read the page further, so they must create attention.

Using Lengthy Sentences

Creating lengthy sentences is also one of the biggest copywriting mistakes. Avoid using long sentences as they are difficult to understand and readable for readers. Focus on writing concise content.

Ignoring SEO

Copywriting mistakes: SEO Copywriting

While website creation has grown to be a necessity in 2022, there is a chance that it will become a desired product on your blog. With this, you must consider that even minor improvements in optimization can result in increased sales and web traffic. Key phrases and terms need to be used consistently, and data should be observed to more effectively reach the audience.

Making Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

Many writers make mistakes in grammar and spelling, but you should be aware that they happen sometimes. Use a tool like Grammarly to ensure you are not making these kinds of mistakes when you create content.

You’ll never get repeat business if you submit a project without having proofread it. A landing page or home page with a strong typo will make your client look unprofessional and might not hire you again in the future.

Ignoring The Page Design

Online marketing is about building a good user experience and providing content that works with your website’s design. Whenever possible, take a screenshot of the content on your client’s website so you can match the right piece of content to the visual space designed for it.

However, there are times when this information is unavailable. In this case, use headings, bullet points, and short sentences to write with design in mind.

Copying The Content From Other Resources

Copy the content is also one of the most common copywriting mistakes. It’s easy to copy and paste blog post formats online. But, you should always do your research and make sure you invest time in your unique ideas. Avoid copying the content from other resources. Avoiding plagiarism is very important because copying someone else’s content is illegal. Not only that, but it puts a wrong impression on clients when their content is identified as another client.

Using Unexciting Words

Some words in the English language are just unnecessary.

  • Very
  • Just
  • Really
  • Amazing
  • Quite
  • Totally
  • Literally
  • Suddenly
  • Like
  • Absolutely

Avoid these words as much as you can.

Using Too Many Modifiers

Copywriting mistakes: Using too many modifiers

Adjectives and adverbs have their place, but they are easily over-used. If you use an adjective or adverb in your sentence, make sure it is vital to drive the content. Content can become wordy when using too many modifiers like adjectives, adverbs, and phrases. You can lose the details of what you are saying to all the extra words.

Making Claims Without Research

Suppose you write an article that makes claims about a product or scientific research and back it up. Scientific studies, customer testimonies, and relevant statistics can prove your claim.

Ignoring Mobile Copywriting

Marketing professionals need to design content for thumb-stopping visuals that are readable on mobile devices with easy-to-read font sizes and readable headlines. Paragraph lengths should be short, graphical elements should be relevant to the text, and unnecessary words should be eliminated.


Copywriting is a profitable option to make extra money or create a real income. But many new copywriters fall victim to common copywriting mistakes, such as not having sound writing techniques and trying too hard to be unique. If you are running your business and want to hire a content writer or copywriter, read this article before hiring a content or copywriter.

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