Content Strategist: Responsibilities And Job Description

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If you don’t understand what a Content Strategist performs, don’t worry; you’re certainly not alone. Content planning is an excellent professional option. So, what exactly does a content strategy specialist do? To summarize, a content strategist’s responsibility is to develop and implement a strategy to lead content initiatives and choices that fulfill the goals of both businesses and users.

There is an increasing need for content strategists. LinkedIn currently lists 60,000 persons with the job title content strategy specialist. There are 1,278 available positions globally.

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What is a Content Strategist?

A content strategy specialist is in charge of establishing content strategies tailored to the company’s or client’s goals and the demands of its customers. A content strategy specialist is in charge of handling and producing content needs throughout the project’s life cycle, as well as creating content strategy outcomes.

Content marketing has fully-fledged exponentially over the last period and shows no signs of slowing down. Consumers are increasingly resistant to conventional “push” marketing approaches. Therefore, clever marketers are pivoting to digital content.

Consistent, high-quality, and compelling information influences customer decisions more than any other method. It captures the attention of prospective consumers, raises brand recognition, and develops loyalty.

Essentially, a content strategy specialist creates this helpful, usable material. According to the research from HubSpot, 82% of marketers plan to use content marketing in 2021 actively. This figure is up 70% from last year, indicating the need for content strategists is continuously increasing.

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Content Strategist Job Description

A content strategy specialist must create a content strategy that is consistent with and aims to fulfill the objectives and goals of the business. He or she establishes content topics/pillars to educate, divert attention, inspire, and captivate the company’s prospective consumers.

Unlike the Content Marketing Manager, a content strategy specialist prioritizes top-level content planning above implementation. He/she represents the “brain” behind content development, curation, organizing, and research. The ultimate purpose of the content Strategy professional is to attract visitor traffic to the website and persuade the reader to take a lucrative business action by strategically including relevant and valuable material.

Moreover, strong writing skills, client-facing abilities, and extensive SEO knowledge are required for the position of content strategy specialist. Additionally, the strategist must collaborate with the company’s content management system, online analytics system, SEO research programs, and other technologies to help prepare and publish content.

However, as the primary person in charge of content strategy, the content strategy specialist supervises and strategizes the content foundations and sub-pillars for consumers at all phases of the customer experience. He or she must be conversant with the many client personas that the organization targets. Moreover, the Content Strategy expert gathers information, conducts extensive research, and analyzes consumers’ attitudes and pain points regarding the company. Additionally, armed with this knowledge, he creates the brand’s content strategy to captivate and convert new and current audiences.

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Content Strategist Roles and Responsibilities

Content Strategist Roles and Responsibilities

Content strategy is both an art plus a science, and the duties of content strategists differ per business. You may be the only content strategy specialist in your firm or a member of a content strategy group.

But to begin, here are some indispensable activities and responsibilities you would antedate to take on as a content strategy specialist:

  • Define important brand messaging for content. Develop and explain a value proposition.
  • Develop content workflow, administration, and governance.
  • Create and distribute content standards papers, including design, tone of voice, and accessible rules.
  • Map content to phases in the user experience.
  • Conduct content audits and maintain a complete and current inventory.
  • Conduct competitive analysis.
  • Identify gaps and possibilities in content, update and reuse current material, and consider information architecture. Create content models and provide suggestions for taxonomy and metadata.
  • Optimize content following SEO best practices and do keyword research.
  • Create and administer editorial calendars.
  • Posting to Content Management System.
  • Use analytics tools to track content visitors, participation leads, and conversions once material has been published.
  • This isn’t an entire list, but you can see there’s a lot to consider! Being a content strategist could represent a fascinating and diverse job.
  • Prioritize, plan, distribute, market, and sustain content across platforms and audiences.
  • Brief colleagues and assign content tasks.
  • Content project administration.
  • Conduct contributor interviews.
  • Conduct user studies and serviceability tests.
  • Develop and work with audience personalities.

Necessary Skills Required to Become a Successful Content Strategist

As a content strategist role, you’ll need the following certain skill sets to succeed:

  • Proven strategic writing and project management skills.
  • and edit results-driven material.
  • Taking a great interest in corporate objectives and aims.
  • Strong attention to detail and leadership abilities.
  • Pressure-handling capabilities.
  • Excellent SEO copywriting abilities – no matter how effectively you strategize, you won’t be able to produce fantastic content. You must have strong copywriting skills to plan, direct, develop,
  • Content presentation abilities – you should be able to identify how to package material for new and existing customers to entice them to take action for your company.
  • Delivering content abilities entails determining the optimal channel for providing material to your target audience.
  • You should be experienced in managing and strategizing marketing initiatives.
  • Content monetization abilities – As a content strategist, you must be able to design how your content can entice people to purchase your product or service, resulting in income.
  • Multitasking and organizing abilities – you must manage many tasks and individuals daily.
  • A bachelor’s degree in communication, marketing, advertising, reporting, or a related discipline.
  • Strong understanding of systems for managing content, keyword research tools, social media systems, search engine optimization (SEO), & search engine marketing (SEM).
  • Having the capacity to perform under pressure.
  • Excellent content presenting skills.
  • Excellent organizational and time administration abilities.
  • Strong analytic skills.

How to Become a Content Strategist in 2024?

How to Become a Content Strategist in 2024

Here are the measures you may take to become a content strategist:

  • Build Your Network

As you acquire your degree and finish your internships, start building a network for your future profession. Build professional ties with your coworkers, bosses, and academics. Consider joining an employee group to network with people in the sector. Building a professional network is an important step since it allows you to learn about vacant openings for a content strategist and obtain references for applications for jobs.

  • Set Your Career Goals

The first step in becoming a content strategy specialist is determining whether it is the right job for you. material strategists sometimes work under timelines and produce large volumes of material for their marketing campaigns. Moreover, if you’re very creative and work well under stress, being a content strategist could represent a good fit for you. Consider if your abilities and skills are a good fit for the role, and whether this route will help you reach your long-term professional objectives.

  • Apply For Content Strategist Roles

After obtaining many years of expertise as a content producer or marketing professional, you may apply for content strategist employment. Many firms demand that you have extensive expertise and talents in content development and leadership to be considered an excellent candidate. However, to apply for content strategy opportunities, create an effective CV that highlights your capabilities. Review job descriptions and utilize keywords on your CV to match your abilities and experience to open openings. To sell yourself to potential employers, describe tasks you’ve performed in entry-level employment or on your own during an interview.

  • Get A Bachelor’s Degree

Many businesses need at least a bachelor’s degree for content strategy employment. Here are the measures you may take to become a content strategist. Get a degree in communication, marketing, or a similar field, such as journalism and technical writing. While pursuing your degree, study courses related to your prospective employment, such as:

These sorts of programs can help you develop your creativity and leadership qualities. Moreover, you may use what you learn in a degree career in your future profession.

  • Complete Internships

While pursuing your degree, consider doing internships to hone your abilities and build professional contacts. Winter and summer holidays are ideal for doing shorter job shadowing, but you can also do so while continuing your education. Consult a faculty adviser or job coach to obtain internships in a relevant field, such as marketing.


However, a candidate is more likely to have a year or more of expertise, potentially as a Content Strategist for another organization or in a function such as marketing or copywriting.

The average annual salary for a Content Strategy specialist is $60,006. However, this may differ based on where they reside, the sector they work in, how numerous years of professional expertise they have, and whether or not they work part-time or full-time.

Content strategists might start as entry-level employees. However, a candidate is more likely to have a year or more of expertise as a Content Strategy Specialist for another organization or in a function such as marketing or copywriting.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Do I Become A Content Strategist?

A great content strategist owns solid organizational capabilities, allowing them to professionally handle various projects and limits. They use a systematic method of content development and broadcasting and may order jobs based on implication and urgency.

What Is A Content Manager vs. a Content Strategist?

A content strategy specialist assurances that the company’s content creativities are aligned with its business goals and attached to its target audience, while a content manager assurances that the content is of high quality and properly delivered.

Is A Content Strategist A Copywriter?

A content strategist, on the other hand, considers the comprehensive picture and plans how the messaging will be delivered throughout the engagement. Depending on their function and the organization’s size, they could also be or not be accountable for copywriting.

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