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Either you are a business startup or running a business for years, consider a question. How do your customers know about essential details like achievements, history, success story and others? You will provide all these details using a well-prepared company profile that confidently highlights the strengths of your company.

As your Curriculum Vitae gives a brief introduction about the qualification, working experience, tools, certificates, interests and hobbies. In this article, you will learn the basics of a company profile, importance and useful tips to create. This article has the aim to answer your question of how to create company profile?

What is the Company Profile and its Importance?

A company profile is a professional introduction or complete summary of your business and projects or activities. It has aimed to inform people about your products and services in order to raise your capital. As you know, almost every traditional business is shifted on the internet or planning to make an online presence. In this digital world full of competition, it is difficult to differentiate your business and gain the interest of customers.

The company profile is a great opportunity for you to differentiate your company in order to earn a good reputation. You will experience the difference in the length because startup businesses have only two pages. Whereas every successful business has some awards, testimonials, certificates and special projects or plans, so they can create company profile around 30 pages easily.

Brand reputation plays a critical part in the digital marketing of your online business. Don’t forget to understand the 30 most trending and effective ways of content marketing. The information from your “About Us” page to all social media profiles shares your personality with the audience.  Sometimes, the short details are not always good, you need to explore the details without any ambiguous things.

Consider an example for better understanding of the concept, many people know about the Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. Both sell the coffee but in the end they attract different audiences because of unique brands.

You will frequently overhear arguments about this topic, with people claiming one coffee chain to be higher than the other. You are actually unaware of the rivalry, and you had never heard either Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks before. Instead, you arrived at the following different statements form their company profile.  

Image by Dunkindonuts
Image by Starbucks

Now you have read the opening paragraphs of both, you’re influenced to check out one brand in more detail over the other. It is not only the language or text that gives you a sense of business but it is also design, font, and color.

What is the Importance of a Company Profile?

So far, 69% of Americans have shopped online and 25% shop online at least once per month. Keep in mind the Americans are not only the ones who buy things online. Nowadays, most of people all over the world understand the benefits of online shopping and buy most of the things online.

Your website is the virtual office on the internet and company profiles on different social media platforms are online outlets providing information about your brand. Your profile proliferates and reinforce the brand reputation in a particular industry with the help of a creative business story.

Tips to Create an Exciting Company Profile

1.  Use Unique Tone Of Voice

Most of the people know that black and white is boring than another spectrum of colors. So, the creative website designers use this concept and add attractive elements that are really helpful to make your brand noticeable.

Understand your audience and develop the right tone to deliver your message in a concise way. The table given below represents the voice characteristics.

Voice CharacteristicsDetailsDoDon’t
PassionateWe are passionate about bringing new techniques in traditional processesUse the strong verbs and be championsUse passive voiceBe wishy-washy
QuirkyWe are not afraid to challenge the status quo and be ourselvesExpress yourselfUse different unexpected examplesLose of core massageUse too much slangUse overplayed examples
IrreverentWe take our product seriously; we don’t take ourselves seriouslyUse attractive and colorful illustrationsBe too casualUse too many obscure
AuthenticWe are going to give you the tools to make your job easierBe direct and honestStick to your wordsOwn any mistakes and show how to address themUse superlativesOverpromiseOversell the product’s capabilities

 Analyze the buyer for the perfect color of a particular product. If the product is especially for children, it will be brighter otherwise the decent colors are more attractive for aged persons. In short, using more sophisticated colors you can better attract your targeted audience.

2.  Keep It Simple and use the clear format

Neither go too short nor too long, maintain a balance. Consider examples to better understand:

Example 1:

“Hey, we are Company B. We provide solutions to your problems and issues. We have many high-profile projects coming up in the next few months. If you would like to work with us, you can always give us a call!”

Example 2:

“Hey, we are Company Z! We have been part of the recent (high profile program) in conjunction with (company you have heard of). It is focused on educating the people from (the area you know). Our recent case studies, (case 1) and (case 2), have been published in (publication you recognize). These projects have (results that you would value for your business). If you trust, we can provide better solutions for your business, inquire with us. We are here for you to help!”

Example 3:

We are Company A!

“We have worked with company B’s project in Netherland. Controlled by our expert team members, each specialized in (areas of expertise), we have achieved optimum results in the project that made (variables) each have respective 220% increase while having only a 3% margin of error.”

Example 3 has all the requirements that might sell your company right. But it is too long with pointless details. Your audience wants to know what you did and how you did are enough details that are easily digestible in a few seconds.

Example 2 is specific and send a value-driven message with results and examples that are much related to the audience. It also provides a more personable approach as compared to example 1.

Try to understand the audience and adopt a way of writing that should be as easier as an 11-years-old can understand easily.

3. Tell a Story

You must have an appealing mission statement about your business values, ethos and niche. It is a necessary part of any online business that most of the visitors are interested to understand what you offer, and how you plan to grow as a business. It helps them to choose you rather than your competitors.

Disney’s mission statement provides the most creative entertainment experience and encourages you to believe.  

“The mission of The Walt Disney Company is to entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, reflecting the iconic brands, creative minds and innovative technologies that make ours the world’s premier entertainment company.”

Disney’s mission statement

4.  Organize Your Narrative in Chronological order

Don’t jump from past to present and back again, it is a confusing and bad approach. Always write your companies’ history in a chronological format using the paragraph or timelines. Make an easy to understandable flow and enlist your key achievements to show how your company is completing the way of success.

Don’t worry if you are a business startup, you can add the establishment and development of your brand. How to create a company profile is not a tough game if you follow all the rules that are discussed in this article. 

5. Don’t forget to Add Best Testimonials

All good testimonials can add more value to your online business brand, simply by giving consumers feedback from any old customer. In any B2B business, testimonials from your biggest clients are considered more valuable. In a B2C organization, on the other hand, short quotes with feedback that provide the values to your business. These words are not yours and try to show real feedback without seeming to advertise.

6.  Include Contact Information

It is the most important part of the company profile, it is time to add in some beneficial information! As you know, your company profile can be used offline, so don’t forget to include your address, phone numbers and email in the header of the document. If you are going to share on any website or forum, you can add your link.

7.  Don’t forget to add Call to Actions

Every section of your company profile needs a related call to action links or contact number of the particular department which is dealing with this service or product. It is necessary to leave your user with some food for thought and a way to find the answers to his questions.

8.  Proofread before Publishing

Humans can’t error-free, it is a vital part of any document that you must carefully read the complete document and provide co-workers to point out mistakes. Another important thing is to keep updating on a regular basis.


Every company profile is designed to tell the people, how they do, how it begins, what it can and what achieved. Hopefully, these simple tips will help you to create your company profile stronger. Always keep in touch with new digital marketing trends in the market and make better marketing strategies. 

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Create an Attractive Company Profile with expert Tips

  • Hammad Mohsin

    A company profile is an introduction to your business and aims to tell an audience about your products or service. However, a company profile should not just tell your audience what you sell it should also tell viewers why you sell it. A company profile often includes a compelling story about how the company began, as well as the company, vision.

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