Chat GPT Stock: Your Guide to Intelligent Investing

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ChatGPT has generated undeniable buzz in fields ranging from art to client service to academia. It has caught the interest of many people, including investors. Even though ChatGPT investing is not publicly listed, speculation about its future IPO (initial public offering) has grown. Let’s look into this hot issue and find out what the Chat GPT stock price is.

ChatGPT (short for “Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer”) employs a straightforward conversation interface to answer inquiries directly and is as straightforward to use as Google Search. The free AI chat system gained 100 million users in only two months following its introduction on November 30, 2022, and it can disrupt sectors ranging from internet search to multimedia production.

Continue reading and exploring to learn more about the latest ChatGPT stock price in 2024. We will also let you know if investing in Open AI stock is safe.

What is ChatGPT?

Because you’re seeking information about ChatGPT stock price, you’re already familiar with it. But, for the benefit of the uninformed, let us come to know this technological miracle. ChatGPT is an extensive language framework for chatbots created by OpenAI. It was trained on a vast dataset of content and code to produce text. It may convert or translate languages, answer your inquiries, and generate many forms of content.

While many people think ChatGPT is beneficial, others dislike it. It benefits the entertainment, advertising, and even healthcare industries. Conversely, those in medicine, law, and other fields that rely on human innovation dislike the program.

Many individuals, particularly investors, are curious about the Chat GPT stock price due to rumors surrounding its IPO. Some experts predict the chatbot will become a critical growth stock in the coming years. Although many people approach the subject warily, others caution that it is a high-risk investment.

What is a ChatGPT Stock?

ChatGPT stock is not publicly traded. OpenAl, the firm behind ChatGPT, is a private corporation. As of May 2023, neither ChatGPT nor OpenAl were listed on any stock market. Consequently, there are no public equities that connect with ChatGPT or OpenAI. As natural language processing and artificial intelligence advance, ChatGPT is becoming widely popular in terms of usage technology in various sectors. This list includes firms involved in the creation and execution of ChatGPT and other comparable technologies, as well as companies that the technology’s growth may influence. The stocks listed below have been chosen according to their ability to gain from the increased usage of ChatGPT and numerous other natural language processing advances.

How to Invest in Chat GPT?

How to Invest in Chat GPT

As we previously stated, Chat GPT is not a publicly traded company because OpenAI is a private corporation. As a result, the general public cannot invest directly in OpenAI or Chat GPT. However, some stocks are poised to gain from the expansion of Chat GPT and artificial intelligence in general.

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Microsoft (MSFT)

Investing in Microsoft is perhaps the most straightforward method to study OpenAI Chat GPT stock and its offerings. Microsoft is popular as a multifaceted global technology powerhouse. It generates revenue from a variety of products, notably the operating system Windows, the Azure cloud architecture service, subscription goods such as the Office productivity suite, hardware such as the Surface, gaming consoles under the Xbox brand, and the LinkedIn corporate social network.

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, believes AI is the future of computing and has smoothly incorporated ChatGPT and OpenAI technologies into many products, notably Azure, the company’s cloud computing platform.

Microsoft is the key entity closely associated with OpenAI and ChatGPT. It is vital to note that Microsoft is a massive corporation. Investing in Microsoft creates an indirect relationship with the ChatGPT community.

Microsoft is now the world’s second-largest establishment. Microsoft’s market valuation of $2.2 trillion is only exceeded by Apple, a different US-based technology dynamo. Microsoft has recently emerged as a solid performer, with a year-to-date gain rate of +23.6% as of this writing. Will Microsoft keep trying to grow?

The most direct road is via Microsoft (MSFT -0.68%), a corporate behemoth that has had a strategic alliance with OpenAI until 2019 and has paid billions of dollars for the AI startup.

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You might also gain exposure to the expansion of Chat GPT stock by purchasing NVIDIA. This is why NVIDIA’s graphic processing units are extensively employed in developing OpenAI’s GPT models. In addition to becoming used by OpenAI, NVIDIA stands to gain from the overall advancement of artificial intelligence technologies.

Nvidia stock has skyrocketed in the previous decade as its graphics processing processors have become essential components of everything from entertainment to self-driving vehicles to artificial intelligence.

AI requires incredible computational power, and Nvidia’s processors outperform its competition. Interest in its chips has skyrocketed as the business offers the building bricks for AI platforms.

More than twelve months after ChatGPT’s introduction, Nvidia has emerged as the largest beneficiary of the AI boom, as cloud infrastructure businesses and others rely on its processors to run AI models. Sales more than quadrupled in the company’s third-quarter report.

You may indirectly support ChatGPT by putting money into NVIDIA. NVIDIA is a major player in developing powerful computer components known as GPUs, which are critical for AI activities such as training huge language models like ChatGPT.

NVIDIA has a reputation for its technologies, which are utilized in mobile devices, computers, and gaming. They specialize in automotive electronics, artificial intelligence, gaming, and mobile devices. (AI) develops AI applications for commercial customers. Since then, C3ai has been notorious for its volatile performance, acquiring a perpetually unprofitable business reputation. Still, the firm observed a 5.6% year-on-year gain between 2022 and 2023, and the company is hopeful about its transition from a subscription service to a consumption-based model, hoping that fiscal 2024 will be more successful. If you’ve got a higher risk acceptance, C3ai may be worth watching.

Alphabet Inc (GOOG)

Investing in Alphabet Inc, Google’s parent firm, could serve as a solid idea if you believe technology like Chat GPT stock name will grow more profitable in the future. Google has long invested in artificial intelligence technologies, and in 2017, it launched a dedicated AI branch.

Google Bard offered a lot to the AI table, including its Pathways Language Model (PaLM 2) with its charitable Common Crawl Collection. More crucially, Bard has available Google Search, allowing it to get answers from within the internet. With Google controlling 86.4% of the search engine market, this capability might offer Bard a considerable advantage.


The IBM 5160 is a variant of the IBM PC with an integrated hard drive. Published on March 8, 1983. The 5100 series is popular as one of the earliest home computers.

IBM (NYSE:IBM) has existed at the vanguard of artificial intelligence (AI) investigation and expansion for many years. IBM has also industrialized several AI-based products, including Watson Discussion, a natural language processing tool that supports organizations to better answer consumer requirements. IBM’s dedication to AI research and development displays no signs of fading anytime soon.

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Upstart’s shares suffered a significant dip in August 2023, falling by over fifty percent from July. However, the firm is still performing nicely. It made wise decisions in the automotive business, and huge brands like Mercedes are backing its software.

The Upstart stock was having a tough time lately, with some very dramatic declines in August 2023 (over fifty percent from July). However, the corporation isn’t doing badly. It made some noteworthy inroads in the automobile business, with corporations such as Mercedes recommending its software solutions.

Because the automotive industry is vast, Upstart is expanding into a safer environment. If things remain to go well, the company’s Chat GPT stock price might rise.

The automobile industry is one of the world’s largest, therefore Upstart appears to be on the correct route by shifting its activities into a less dangerous area. If all goes well, it may lead to improved performance and, as a result, increased stock value.

Perion Network

Another option to gain contact with ChatGPT is through Perion Network, a small-cap advertising technology company. Perion is most recognized for its bright hub, which connects publishers with advertisers to improve ad placement and inventory for both sides.

However, search accounts for about half of the company’s income, largely thanks to its collaboration with Bing. Perion is one of the advertising technology businesses that Microsoft employs to improve ad performance and conversion rates. Perion receives a revenue split from Bing if a user clicks on an ad, which results in a sale.

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Should You Invest In Chat GPT Stock?

Should You Invest In Chat GPT Stock

As previously said, AI technology is already beginning to alter many facets of our lives. However, because AI is still in its early stages, significant questions regarding its safety and morality remain. This means that whether or not Chat GPT stock is a suitable investment will determine your risk tolerance.

Investing in ChatGPT or similar AI stocks might be a profitable alternative for risk-taking investors. That is particularly relevant when considering firms like Microsoft, which have a variety of goods in many industries that they can utilize to enhance and distribute AI systems.

ChatGPT and the next version of artificial intelligence are still in their early stages. Some are even wondering if ChatGPT is safe to use because the product is new and has recently begun monetizing. Furthermore, the euphoria around AI stocks prompted a boom at the start of 2023, causing shares of AI stocks such as (AI 10.52%) and everything related to machine learning and AI to skyrocket. Recently, a lot of these equities have retreated as the euphoria fades.

People who enjoy taking chances with their investments may want to try investing in any of the above ChatGPT-related stocks. Microsoft appears to be the safest pick because they have a wide range of products that can employ AI chatbots, and its connection with OpenAI guarantees it will profit from future AI breakthroughs.

Nvidia is another strong option, as it will likely benefit from the growing demand for high-end computers. Perion Network stock can make significant profits if its newly launched Bing search engine catches popularity.


There is no direct method to invest in OpenAI Chat GPT stock. However, you may want to consider investing in artificial intelligence research stocks. Look into companies that work with them, such as Google, Microsoft, or Nvidia. You cannot buy ChatGPT shares because of the corporation. OpenAI is not a publicly traded firm; it is a private company.

However, you can ChatGPT informally. Microsoft directly connects with ChatGPT, and investing in Microsoft stock allows you to get a share of the AI chatbot activity. Microsoft has a significant investment in ChatGPT, providing a means to participate in the technology’s success regardless of whether you can’t buy the Chat GPT stock directly. You can contact us if you have any concerns about the ChatGPT stock price in 2024 or anything else.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can You Buy Stock In ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is not traded publicly. OpenAI, the firm behind ChatGPT, is a private company. This implies that it has no trade on a stock market, and its shares aren’t available to everyone.

Who Owns ChatGPT?

ChatGPT belongs to OpenAI, the company that created and launched it. OpenAI is a business that has focused on AI research. It began as a nonprofit organization in 2015 but became for-profit in 2019.

What Is The Best AI Stock To Invest In?

NVIDIA (NVDA) is one of the best AI stocks to invest in. It gives you a 231.3% yearly return.

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