7 min read

Server Maintenance Checklists: Become more Proactive with Imperative Advices

7 min read Servers are the machines that are running without any downtime and make the enterprises online. 99.99% availability is only possible if you perform proper server maintenance of your machines or get the services from a hosting provider who assures you the 99.99% uptime. If the server goes down, it could cost the business thousands or […]

8 min read

Difference between IMAP and POP3: Uncover All Differences Between Two Major Email Protocols

8 min read Email is something you presumably underestimate many times. I can bet that you use it consistently. However, you haven’t really thought about how does it even function. Although, when you set up a server for your site, you’ll have to realize a couple of nuts and bolts so as to arrange your email appropriately.  Email […]

8 min read

Why Website Backup Is Important? | A Guide to Do Complete Website Backup

8 min read No doubt, the online world is full opportunities for growing business. creating a website for your business can multiply your lead generation but it does not mean your resources and data is safe. No matter how good your security precautions are, still, you should always be ready for the worst case. Remember, your data is […]

8 min read

VPN Is the Best Solution to Bypass Proxies and Firewalls

8 min read It is often noticed that every week there’s significant news about encryption, leaked information, snooping, or other computerized protection concerns. A large number of these articles talk about the significance of augmenting the security of your Internet Link, such as utilizing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when you’re on open café Wi-Fi, however, they’re frequently […]

8 min read

Ultimate VPN Guide Gives You Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Private Networks

8 min read Let’s make things a bit simple, if the VPN service is not available, one’s PC or any other gadget seems like a non-fenced house. Anybody can accidentally or intentionally break into your privacy or browse records at any time. And when you utilize a virtual private network service your internet becomes an unbreachable fortress and […]

15 min read

Watch your Hacker | A Quick Fix to Prevent and Mitigate Website Hacking

15 min read Hacking is like a horrifying nightmare for any website owner. The hacker on your website can not just steal your information or data but it can also get into your servers. In this digital era, as the number of websites is increasing every day, the threats of hacking are also raising. Although doing online business […]

4 min read

Multiple Critical Security Vulnerabilities | Exploits Meltdown and Spectre – Emergency Security updates

4 min read It has been disclosed recently that multiple critical security vulnerabilities affecting many CPU actitechtures, (CVE-2017-5753 , CVE-2017-5715, and CVE-2017-5754) Security engineers within Intel and each operating system’s community are working to provide patches to eliminate this threat. At least one of your servers may be vulnerable and should be upgraded to a more recent kernel […]

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