8 min read

Content Development: Definition, Process, Phases and its importance

8 min read Before achieving great things, you need to be planned prepared and spent enough time. So, if you’re reading my blog, you already understand the marketing value of an excellent content development process. Maybe you have heard a famous sentence, “Content is King“, or inbound marketing. Have you thought about it what does it means and […]

5 min read

7 Essential Things That Every Content Marketer Should Know

5 min read Content Marketing is an inherent part of every digital marketing strategy. You need to develop a clear understanding of the elements that go into creating an effective content marketing plan if you want people to “know, like, and trust” your brand. Content Marketing involves a lot more than just the creation of content. There are […]

4 min read

How to Grow your Blog Organically

4 min read There are many paid ways to super speed your blog’s growth. They sometimes work but they are always costly. Growing a blog slowly, over the years – organically, requires a few basic blogging skills and most of all – Patience. Whatever be your niche, as long as you keep at it and work on your […]

5 min read

12 Steps to Writing More Effective Content

5 min read Personal. Meaningful. Precise. All words that should describe your website content. Increasingly younger audiences want your website to work for them. They want it to speak to them and be clear and meaningful in ways many of us haven’t bothered with in the past. As you create and write more content (or have it created […]

4 min read

12 Ways Content Will Evolve by 2019

4 min read Authentic. Useful. Functional. Dependable. All words that describe content marketing, especially as 2018 gains steam. Content is the backbone of websites and marketing plans. Content has already evolved well beyond articles and copy. Blended media already holds a top position and with good reason. So many eras have come and gone already in internet marketing. […]

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