10 min read

What to do After Installing WordPress

10 min read As you probably already know, WordPress is the most widely used and excellent platform to create a new blog. No matter what topics you are going to publish or your strategy, WordPress offers everything you need to create a professional blog, with a great design, plugins to expand the capacity and functionalities, and all kinds […]

4 min read

Why WordPress is still the favorite option to build a website

4 min read Almost 40% of all pages on the Internet are designed with WordPress, and if you talk about the CMS-built sites, then nearly 65% of them are WordPress websites. WordPress was launched in 2003. Since then, it has become the most widely used web development tool in the world. Learning this application is no accident. Rather, […]

3 min read

Popular Website Types You Can Build with WordPress

3 min read When we talk about WordPress, almost everyone associates it with creating a blog, although this is true. Initially, WordPress was conceived to develop blogs; over time, thanks to its flexibility to integrate plugins and themes, it was transformed into a true content manager, more than a blog manager. WordPress allows you to create different types […]

8 min read

Ultimate WordPress Security Tips

8 min read In web development, it is very common to see WordPress website owners busy with security concerns. The most common opinion is that open-source software is vulnerable to all kinds of attacks. But this is not true; in fact, it is usually the other way around. Or rather, it is partially true, but still, WordPress is […]

78 min read

600+ Advertising & Digital Marketing Tips by Industry Experts

78 min read We have compiled a comprehensive list of advertising and digital marketing tips to help you make an effective marketing strategy. In this article, you will get actionable advice for 34 categories and marketing areas from the most outstanding marketers all the time. Please take note of all the tips, get organized, plan, and get to […]

10 min read

Web Developer Salary: The Latest Facts and Trending Technologies

10 min read If you’re looking for a career in web development, you will face many burning questions. How long will it take to learn all the essential skills? What is the average web developer salary? What does a typical day of a web developer look like? Are Web Developers In Higher Demand? Of the trendy and rapidly […]

11 min read

Best WordPress Translation Plugins For Multilingual Audience

11 min read In this digital world, creating websites in two or more languages ​​is quite frequent in different business segments on the internet. Whether you are a service provider who wants to expand your geographic reach or a company with customers worldwide, you need to translate the content as per the visitor’s language. And when we talk […]

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