4 min read

What is Application Support?

4 min read Application support is a vital part of customer service. It is the process of providing help to the users of a product or service. There are over 150,515 application support specialists currently employed in the United States.  This process includes solving customer complaints, giving instructions on how to use a product or service, or suggesting […]

5 min read

10 Best Mobile Apps To Ease Your Life

5 min read If we’ve just introduced the smartphone into our lives, we need to keep up with the best apps that can give us a helping hand on every level. Needless to say, we have discovered over time best mobile apps in which technology is working for us! And I made a top 10 for it. 1. […]

8 min read

Android Version List: A Complete History and Features

8 min read From the initial release, android has changed conceptually, visually, and functionally with the passage of time to provide advanced features to its users. In this article, you will learn the android version list from the beginning to the latest running mobile operating system with its history, functionality and features. 1. Android 1.0: Alpha (API 1) […]

15 min read

Top 40 Apps | Find the Best Small Business App In 2020

15 min read Undoubtedly, smartphones have made our everyday lives very easygoing. From communication to online car booking, the smart apps of your mobile are effectively managing your day to day activities. The use of mobile apps is not just limited to personal use but you can also use them to optimize your business operations. In this post, […]

15 min read

All You Need to Know About the Website and Web App Development Pricing

15 min read The businesses are now getting familiar with the importance of websites and web apps for their long-term success. In this digital era, it is essential for the businesses to development website or a web app to effectively access their customers. The demand for website web app solutions increasing rapidly that also raise the cost of […]

14 min read

Android Developer VS Web Developer: Which is the Best Choice to Make More Money

14 min read When it comes to choosing a career between mobile development and web development, most of the people got confused because they don’t actually know the difference in both of them. There is no doubt that mobile and web development are two totally different careers and it requires the person to have different skills and capabilities. […]

2 min read

New Gutenberg WordPress Editor: Are You Ready?

2 min read The new WordPress 5.0 includes the much-anticipated Gutenberg editor that allows you to drag-and-drop items in the website builder. No more Tiny MCE text block editor. Gutenberg is involved in all New WordPress hosting installs since launching on November 27th, 2018. WordPress New Look The Gutenberg editor allows you to select blocks of text and […]

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