Why Choosing A Career In Microsoft Azure: Top Reasons

Why Choosing A Career In Microsoft Azure: Top Reasons
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There is more to Cloud than what meets the eye. Cloud technology is here to stay and transform every single business and industry sector forever. Microsoft Azure is the fastest-growing cloud in the market as of today. There are many reasons to choose a career in Microsoft Azure, but we will discuss some top reasons why you should choose a career in Microsoft Azure.

Why Choosing A Career In Microsoft Azure: Top Reasons

Flexibility in choosing a career

Certifications are significant while pursuing a Cloud Computing career. In this respect, Azure Certification helps you with career flexibility. Microsoft Azure offers role-based certifications such as Cloud Developer, Cloud Admin, AI Engineer, Security Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Solutions Architect, and Data Engineer. In total, Azure offers you the option to choose many different role-based certifications that you have the flexibility to choose from.

Any Azure Certification will help you find job opportunities in various sectors, like IT, Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Government, Insurance, Construction, etc. In these sectors, you may have to manage, develop and implement Azure cloud services.

High Salary opportunities

Another great point or reason to choose Azure certifications is the high salary opportunities and the recognition that comes along. With an increasingly high demand for qualified cloud professionals, you earn a high payroll compared to other IT professionals.

According to the stats presented by ZipRecruiter, an Azure-certified Developer earns an annual average salary above USD 131,000, and Azure Solutions Architect earns above USD 144,000. With more experience and professional certifications, you can become a Senior Azure professional with more payroll. These figures change from one location to another depending on the region’s demands, your work experience, skill-sets, and the type of company and industry you work.

Easy to learn

A good level of interest and rise in demands lately has paved the way for many training institutes and platforms catering to professionals’ needs by offering them paid courses and training on Azure. Many Azure-certified professionals also chip in to help newcomers achieve their objectives.

If you are looking for a great course on Azure, I recommend you check out Azure Certification Course, which teaches you Azure end-to-end to help you master the cloud technology through hands-on experience.

Anyone willing to break into Azure Cloud could do so with ease, as it is structured and will find many of the common tools like GitHub, Hadoop, etc.

Progressive Career Development

We already talked about career flexibility in choosing from many different role-based certifications that Azure offers you. Earning Azure certification validates your expertise and knowledge in using and working with the Azure platform. These certifications ensure that you get recognition, a higher salary, and better opportunities to fulfill your career development objectives.

Another point is that demand for Azure services is increasing and will naturally drive the demand for Azure-certified professionals. Today Azure certifications are covering wide-ranging professional tracks that include Administrators, Developers, Security Engineers, AI Engineers, Data Engineers, Solutions Architect, Data Scientists, etc.

Worthy candidate to organizations

Many organizations rely on Azure-certified professional’s expertise in handling their platform that uses Azure infrastructure to run their businesses. With each Azure certification, you are proving to be more vital to your company. With each Azure certification, you are inching closer to the expertise level that will help steer cloud strategies of businesses for maximum output in less cost burden. You are better able to judge the pros and cons of various cloud services that will better suit the company in the long and short term.

Best in security features

Azure is one of the safest Clouds out there in the market. They offer security protocols and tools that ensure the security and protection of hosted, managed, and fully managed services and applications. Azure proudly showcases its ISO 27018 certification that is recognized by European authorities for Data protection and cloud privacy. The security feature of Azure helps companies and businesses to focus on running their businesses and handling clients rather than worrying about user privacy or the security of their data.

Better integration with the .NET platform

Azure offers its customers the .NET integration to its platform so that they continue developing applications. The .NET platform is an open-source cross-platform for developers that Microsoft created way back. And since then, it’s been one of the most popular programming platforms where thousands of developers build apps with many different applications.

The best thing about .NET integration with Azure is that its managed by Microsoft itself and offers fantastic community support too. So you don’t worry about the back-end, and it relieves you from unnecessary things to focus on building great apps. Azure also supports various other platforms such as Java, Linux, PHP, etc., which are open-source platforms to run their applications on Azure. 

Certification validates your technical expertise and commitment.

Earning your Microsoft Azure certification shows that you are an expert in Azure, and it also shows your level of commitment to earn it. As it takes a lot of practice and working experience to crack these role-based certifications that Microsoft Azure offers. I recommend you enroll in an industry-recognized training course on the Azure role that you wish to clear.

Employers are looking for candidates who are serious about their careers, show commitment and have the necessary skills to complete the tasks at hand. Earning Azure Cert will help you showcase these all at once to help you stand apart and open doors for wide-ranging career paths.

Enterprise agreement clause

The Enterprise agreement clause helps businesses develop their own set of apps on the Microsoft Azure platform. And also get various tools and products of Microsoft at a discounted price along with Azure services. There are more than 60 million Azure customers today, and Microsoft claims that 95% of the Fortune 500 companies use Azure Services for their varied use-cases. If you have the necessary skills with Azure Cert. you can land a job in one of these dream companies.

Enhanced DevOps skills

DevOps is a cultural shift in the Software Development Release and Lifecycle. DevOps has transformed the entire lifecycle of developing applications and maintaining them to a much more flexible, fast, and efficient method of developing apps with the help of intense collaboration, communication between teams, and automation in the process. Today the Cloud is increasingly being integrated with DevOps. Professionals of the DevOps domain are also mastering cloud stack to help combine the force and reliability of both Cloud and DevOps together to reduce the time and cost of bringing the products to the market.


Cloud Computing is here to stay and is leading the innovations in the IT industry. Microsoft Azure has an impressive service at the table that is capable of fighting AWS in its home ground. Azure offers competitive services globally at similar prices to AWS. If you are looking for opportunities in the Azure platform, then this is the right time to cash in.

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