Business Blog: 7 Easy Steps to Get Started

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Although several years ago, blogs became a vital marketing tool even before the explosion of social networks, and now with these even more.

However, the idea is not about starting a blog without being clear about why, how, and who will manage it.

More than half of blogs are abandoned in their first three months, so you have to keep an eye on the guidelines before starting writing your blog.

Although it is not essential that you write a personal diary, political review, or a celebrity blog, it is necessary to start a blog for your company or yourself as an entrepreneur/freelancer. Don not keeps your publication in shape and stick to your goals.

When a website visitor lands on a blog that hasn’t been updated in months, it is similar to walking into an empty business with broken windows and full of dust.

It does not have a great look, and it does not help you with your brand reputation on the internet. Don’t let that happen to you; get started in the right way, and proactively do things. Let’s start with the basics:

What is a Business Blog?

Because a blog is a cheap and fast way to build a solid internet presence and attract potential clients to your particular niche, it is still an ideal way for entrepreneurs, writers, technicians, consultants, speakers, and other professionals to build trust and credibility with the conversation in the comments section by different people.

Keep in mind, you’re running your blog on your domain (not free as your

I have nothing against free blogs, but if it is your business blog, why should someone read it if you cannot invest $10 a year in your domain and $12 a year for your web hosting? Get our Linux Shared Hosting plan with a FREE .COM Domain and kick start your business blog.

By its nature, a blog is perfect for busy professionals because they can easily and quickly publish and update them. It is recommended to create fresh and unique content frequently (two to three times a week is recommended as a minimum) that is useful for your potential and current customers and is considered best according to SEO Professionals.

Unlike the static “traditional web,” a blog is a dynamic site and mostly build using An open-source Content Management System named WordPress that encourages you to develop your website without hiring any developer. It also helps the visitors interact with you through comments to get to know you better.

You are building trust when you create a conversation with your audience or visitors. You are building your business network and increasing the visibility of your products and services naturally.

A blog is essential in your digital marketing strategy with social networks. Combined with the website of your products, services, and / or that of your company, you will have everything you need to develop and manage your business worldwide from the internet.

7 Steps to get started with your Business Blog

As a famous quote is, “any business badly planned from the beginning will be difficult to expand. “, your blog is key to the success and expansion of your business on the internet and social media platforms.

For that, it has to be well planned from the beginning. Following are the basic steps that I recommend you to follow:

1. Before doing anything else

Analyze the reasons why you want to start your business blog. Many people use a blog as a lead generator to build their database, subscriber list, etc.

Most people are looking to build a platform for visibility, while others use the blog to develop content for other purposes, such as books, affiliate marketing, articles, promotions, and programs. What is the goal of your blog? How is the objective of the blog related to the purposes of your business?

2. Who is your ideal reader?

For most businesses, the perfect reader is similar to their ideal customer. It is essential to know your target audience to satisfy their needs and focus on delivering quality services.

3. How do you want your readers to feel when reading your blog?

This may seem like an odd question; however, it will help you tap into your audience’s emotions. Do you want your reader to be inspired, motivated, and take action?

Remember that taking advantage of this will help you focus your content on serving your reader.

4. How much time are you going to dedicate to your blog each week?

This is the essence of any blog. If you can’t commit yourself to write a lot of valuable content, then I recommend that you do nothing.

As I have discussed earlier, the most effective and successful blogs have fresh and unique content available at least two to three times a week. Is that reasonable for you to handle? Are you going to have a team of bloggers?

Remember, there are many, many ways to create content. If it’s not your blog, it doesn’t have to be your content all the time.

5. What is the central message of your blog?

This relates to the topic of your blog and the niche you are following. What do you want your readers to learn? Why should someone read your blog, and more importantly, why should they subscribe and follow you?

6. Create your editorial calendar

It is no secret that content rules on a blog, so having a content plan helps to get your desired goals. A vital element of a good blog is having a list of 5-10 keyword-rich categories.

Once you determine the categories of your blog, you can plan your content calendar. If you plan to post three times a week, make a list of 5 topics from each category. Then fill in your calendar. Five topics per category, with ten categories: You have 50 posts from your blog on your plan.

7. Build your blog

Now that the research is done, you know your message, and your content is ready to go, it’s time to get to work and build your blog.

This is where the fun part begins, and I don’t think it can be covered in one more point in this article. You have two things to think about: 1) Are you going to do it yourself, or will someone else build the blog for you? and 2) Are you fond of web technology or not? There are many blogging platforms, each with its pros and cons.

If you have basic knowledge, you may prefer to build your WordPress website without learning web development with our step by step guide.

As you can see, there are many more things to consider for business blogging than meets the eye. The more preparation and dedication you put into and especially before starting your blog, the more successful it will be.

Once the preparation work is done and the blog is built, you will have a powerful marketing tool to create a presence on the internet, increase your visibility, and attract the right people for your business.


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