.biz Domain Meaning: What it is and Why We Should Use it?

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Both .biz and .com are trendy domain extensions throughout the internet. As the .com domain is difficult to obtain, this top-level Domain (.biz) was introduced to replace the demand for .com domain names. .biz domain meaning, What does .biz mean in a web address? The word .biz defines “business .”It is relevant to business websites. You may doubt whether .biz will get benefits for your business or not. In this blog, we have covered all your question related to the .biz domain. 

Is .biz a good domain?

Is biz a good domain? If you are interested in SEO for your website, the .biz domain is similar to the .com domain as they both are relevant and have optimized content. This extension keeps your website URL friendly and short. It also increases the chance of potential visitors to the website. Use a keyword-focused domain name. As the name indicates, the .biz extension is related to businesses. It would be a perfect choice for business websites. Let us explain the advantages of the .biz domain and why we should use this domain extension.

For What Purpose .biz Domains Used For?

.biz domains are used only for commercial purposes or business. Domains are significant for establishing an online presence. ICANN introduced .biz domain in 2001 along with other domain extensions. More than 2 million websites are registered with .biz extension. Google and other search engines identify it. Other generic top-level domains like .info and .co are used for any website. However, the .biz domain name is used only for business and commercial purposes. Domain extensions interface the location and the purpose of a website. Users can guess from domain extension names what the website is based on. Users guess that a .info domain extension is related to an informational website. .biz domain meaning that it is related to business websites. Meanwhile, the .org domain is for non-commercial websites. This is why the .biz domain is the perfect choice for a business site.

Why Should You Choose .biz Domain Name?

Whether you choose the .biz domain name or not is your decision. It is a benefit that you can choose your desired domain name with the .biz domain. Because it is easier to get a domain name with a .biz extension than a .com extension, if you have chosen .biz, your users will quickly access the website’s features. However, .biz can be used for other purposes, but it is more beneficial for business websites. It is a better option when you need something unique. You can create attractive and innovative names that link with your extension. It can also help you out in branding.

Affordable Than Other Domain Extensions

.biz domain is more reasonable than other extensions. You can find a .biz domain for about $20, whereas other domains are costly. It is also necessary to select a reputable company to buy your domain name. So, I suggest you purchase domains from Temok. Even then, you can transfer renewed domains in a bulk order also. Here, you can check all domains with affordable rates which suit your business needs. It is an excellent option to choose .biz if your budget is low.

Considering The Factors When Using .biz Domain

Here are some important factors which you should consider when using the .biz domain. At the start, many scammers used this domain name. If you want to generate revenue and earn online money, it is not suitable for those. But, it is a perfect choice for those who represent their business online. If your content is of very high quality, it will rank in search engines.

What Should You Know About .biz SEO?

Most people use the .com domain extension as it is familiar and easy to remember. But if you have another extension other than .com, Google identifies top-level domains like .biz, .info on the same extent as .com. If your content is high quality, it will be ranked high in search engines. If your SEO strategies are exceptional, you can rank higher than other websites. So, it is a significant factor when selecting a domain name.


Sometimes, the .com domain is not easily accessible. Either it is unavailable or expensive? But you don’t need to be confused. We have the alternative of the .com domain. .biz domain meaning it is acquired from the word “business .”It is related to commercial and business websites. It is easily accessible and is cheaper than other domains. .biz domain is identified as one of the top-level domains by search engines like Google. By using good strategies of SEO, you can rank very well.

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