Top 10 Web Analytics Tools To Check Your Website Traffic

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How many people visit your website? Alternatively, how to generate more relevant search engine traffic to your website? Check the effectiveness of your website by looking at its traffic. You may better target your marketing, advertising, and content creation activities by using website traffic statistics. You may analyze the website traffic data with web analytics tools and develop a strategy to increase the functionality of your website if we have it.

In addition, you should analyze how well your website performs compared to its competitors. You are mistaken if you think it can be successful without learning what your competitors are doing. By examining your competitors’ website traffic, you may study their marketing approach and how they attract more visitors. You can also boost your domain authority with these realistic techniques.

How can you examine the website traffic of your own and your competitors, then? Using website traffic analysis tools is the solution. Site traffic analysis tools provide all of this data, which can help your company study competitors’ marketing tactics. Many web traffic analysis tools are available online that allow you to track the traffic to your website but also support you in determining the performance of the various campaigns you are running for it. So, today we’re going to present you with the top 10 web analytics tools for analyzing website traffic. 

What is Website Traffic Analysis & What are traffic Analysis Tools?

The process of monitoring, analyzing, and reporting data to assess web activity, including website elements like pages, photos, videos, etc., is known as website traffic analysis. By looking at the traffic to your website, you can identify which of your promotional campaigns are effective and should be kept up, as well as which ones have failed and should be discarded. You can determine how many people visit your website, how long they stay there, how they convert, what material works the hardest for you, and which additional off-site channels bring in the most visitors. And with those, you may identify and fix problems with the site.

Website traffic analysis tools provide a complete overview of a site and practical suggestions for increasing traffic. They provide you with a detailed report that includes user behavior on your site, the number of visits, their origins (organic, backlinks, or sponsored advertisements), the number of time visitors spend on your site, its keywords, SEO, and more. You may also use them to compare and check website visitor volume. Use a website traffic analysis tool to reach your online traffic to that of your competitors.

Top 10 Best Web Analytics Tools

The market offers thousands of traffic analysis tools, some of which are free and others are not. This blog will discuss the top 10 traffic analysis tools depending on their features, usability, and cost. So let’s get started with the list.



SEMrush is one of the first names that come to mind when thinking of traffic analysis tools. Out of all traffic analysis tools, this one provides the most accurate website traffic numbers and offers excellent word statistics. With the help of this tool, you can view important website data like the volume of monthly traffic over time, the distribution of traffic by location, the keywords that generate the most traffic, and more. 

There are free and premium versions of SEMrush. You may view up to ten traffic overview reports daily using SEMrush’s Traffic Analytics’ free version. Essential metrics for the website you are analyzing are provided on the overview page, including:

  • Overall visits
  • Different visitors
  • Pages per visit 
  • Length of an average visit
  • Bouncing rate

Using SEMrush’s Bulk Traffic Analysis function, you can simultaneously examine the traffic numbers for several companies and lists of indexed web pages and backlinks. Furthermore, it offers thorough guidance on improving your website’s SEO and content for both local and international searches.

Similar Web 


 To give users a better insight into their customers, SimilarWeb uses a variety of approaches to data analysis and acquisition. SimilarWeb is a cutting-edge tool for data analysis that collects information about a website’s performance, traffic, and other factors from numerous sources into a single data set. 

Similar Web has a customizable dashboard that is easy to use. It allows you to keep an eye on the data of your competitors as well. It displays organic keywords, paid searches, and changes in the number of searches. 



A full-featured SEO tool, Ahrefs includes capabilities including link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and site audits. This tool teaches you more about a site’s domain authority, top competitors, and organic search traffic. The application allows you to view traffic statistics by filtering the report by year, the last 30 days, or all time. Its database has over 400 billion indexed pages and over 11 billion keywords. Because of this, the program can give its users the most accurate statistics possible. 

Ahrefs offers a straightforward and friendly user interface. This tool can be something other than an SEO expert to increase your traffic. All the website information is retrieved by entering the URL into the search field. They provide a wealth of learning resources to assist you better.

Site Audit and Explorer are included in the free Ahrefs Webmaster Tool, which is available to all site owners. The best feature is that you may check the website traffic of your competitors as much and frequently as you’d like with the free edition. It also offers a fully accessible premium version.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

The best free website traffic estimation tool currently on the market is Google Analytics. It enables you to make your marketing decisions less on speculation and more on statistical and machine learning models. Because of its superior Machine Learning models, Google Analytics can offer more detailed insights and customized reports. To manage all the Marketing metrics, Google Analytics provides powerful integration options, including Google Ads, Survey 360, Google AdSense, Search Ads, Data Studio, and Google Search Console. 

There are both free and premium versions of Google Analytics. Small to medium-sized businesses can use their free version. Only major companies can afford the premium versions with their more precise data because they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. The paid edition is best if your website receives millions of visitors each month and you want to dig deeper.



Serpstat is an SEO software that helps track, collect and analyze information about website performance for organizations. It’s a complete yet reliable solution to improve your site’s search visibility, increase organic and paid traffic, and produce qualified leads for your company. You can use it to perform competition analysis, keyword analysis, backlink analysis, site audits, rank tracking, clusterization, and other tasks. So, having a tool that combines all the key SEO elements into one apparatus should be less time-consuming and more affordable. 

Serpstat’s features are similar to those of Ahrefs and SEMrush. However, Serpstat is less expensive than Ahrefs and SEMrush.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg

With the help of the digital analytics platform Crazy Egg, you can see what your customers are doing right now. It uses mouse-tracking technology to give you a visual image of the components of your page that people are most likely to click on, where they came from, what portions of your page they are ignoring totally, and which ones they are reading interacting with the most. 



Woopra supports you as you track your website visitors’ paths while there. You can review the success of your campaign, the most popular content, and a wealth of information about visitor trends.

With thorough retention reports, it is possible to determine whether or not users come back after using your product or services. It displays trend reports and guides the best way to proceed. It also provides reporting in real-time.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics

 Adobe Analytics provides real-time reports to business owners so they may optimize their websites. Data will be analyzed using Adobe clouds, and detailed information will be provided. With the help of adobe analytics, you may track the specifics of your campaigns and improve your website. It is adaptable if you want to concentrate on a specific data type. It also gives the integration process flexibility.

Sitechecker Pro

Sitechecker Pro

To assist businesses in enhancing their search performance, Sitechecker is an SEO solution featuring several capabilities. Its three most noticeable features are the Site Monitoring, Rank Tracker, and Backlink Tracker capabilities, which are included in the platform’s subscription pricing plans.

However, it does offer several free tools, such as its Traffic Checker, which can be used to examine the website traffic of any provided domain.



 For businesses and individuals who want to handle several projects at once, WebCEO is a comprehensive set of SEO tools. In contrast to the other tools on this list, WebCEO does not allow you to search directly for another website’s traffic statistics. Users instead build a project on their website, then utilize the Competitor Metrics tool to examine the traffic of comparable websites.


In this competitive world, nothing is more crucial than beating out your competitors. Analyzing your competitors’ traffic will help you understand your market and what is causing you to stay behind them. Tools for website traffic analysis are helpful in this situation. They allow you to gain knowledge of your competitors, improve your marketing tactics, and boost website traffic. 

Unfortunately, there needs to be a better solution. But each of the options we listed above has advantages of its own. Choose the option that best fits your business goals and target market. Finally, regardless of your chosen technology, it is essential to quickly examine the data you obtain from it and develop a strategy for making it a reality on your website. Use them wisely to beat your competitors and earn the business. This article should have helped you select the best tool for your company.

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