Top 20 Best Video Search Engines Of All Time

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Video material is trendy right now. Watching videos online takes up an average of 6 hours, 48 minutes a week for internet users. That represents a 59 percent gain over the previous year. Furthermore, people spend 2.6 hours on pages with video as they do on pages without video. So why not include some engaging and relevant videos in your blog to make it more enjoyable? We have excellent news that there are many search engines you may use to either find the right video to use in your blog or to get inspired to produce your own.

Everyone enjoys viewing videos, and the typical person does it for 2.5 hours per day. In addition, 69% of customers prefer to view a video to learn more about a product or service. Text-based articles are selected by 18 percent, while infographics are liked by just 4 percent.

What Is A Video Search Engine?

A video search engine is a web-based search engine that crawls the Internet to find video content. There are two types of video search engines: those that only search for content posted elsewhere and those that allow content to be uploaded and hosted on their servers. The length of a video clip can also be searched for in some search engines. Video search results are often accompanied by thumbnails of the videos they refer to. Video search engines are a great place to browse exciting videos on the Internet. They all have something to offer that is worth checking out. The video search engine is a terrific starting point for their investigation for those having difficulty discovering the proper film online. They will assist you in finding just about anything you are looking for, whether it is professional content from significant networks or user-generated content.

So, how do you go about finding a video that delights you? And how can you make sure that people can find your video content if you’re making it?

You can use a search engine, such as Yahoo video search engine or Google, to find exciting websites or blog articles, as well as videos. 

If you’re looking for a video on the Internet, there are several options. You might begin by searching the Internet using the likes of Google. A video search function is available on all of the most popular search engines, allowing users to look for videos from various online sources. Filters help you find videos of a specific length, quality, and other criteria.

You can also use video hosting sites’ search engines like YouTube. For example, if you’re looking for videos on our Kinsta YouTube channel, you can utilize YouTube to find them. Finally, there are video search engines that are dedicated to video. For instance, you can use Social Searcher to conduct a social media video search or Shutterstock to conduct a stock footage search.

Does A Reverse Search Engine Exist?

You may be familiar with Google’s video search engine and other search engines’ reverse image search.

Reverse image search engines allow you to enter an image file and search the Web for identical or similar images.

While no search engine can reverse a whole video, reverse image search engines can. Take a screenshot of the video or search using the thumbnail image.

We recommend the following search engines for reverse video search:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Verify
  • Shutterstock

Top 20 Video Search Engines

Let’s take a look at the top 20 video search engines we’ve found.


It’s no surprise that Google has one of the most popular video search engines on the Web. Video search is one of Google’s strengths. Aside from news and photographs, you’ll discover a Google video search near the top of the search results. Google is often regarded as the world’s most popular search engine. “King” of Search Engines” is what you’d call Google. It has a market share of 81.5 percent. No matter where you are or what gadget you use, Google has a firm grip on the market. Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded it.

Google uses advanced algorithms to provide its consumers with the most accurate results. So, it appears to be the most effective method for locating what you’re looking for on the Internet.

It also has a user-friendly interface and provides a customized experience. Search engine results and features are constantly updated to give its users the most excellent possible experience.

You can use a variety of Google filters to discover the perfect video, including:

  • The length of the video
  • When the video was made
  • The best way to say this is: (any quality or high quality)
  • Even if it’s closed-captioned.
  • The source: (website)

In settings, you can choose “Advanced Search.” This gives you a few more options, like looking for videos in a specific language.

Although Google engineers deny this, Wall Street Journal published an article claiming that YouTube videos were prioritized in search results.

Google Video Search For Mobile

Google provides a solid smartphone solution for this, thanks to Google Lens. Using your phone’s camera, you may capture a picture and easily crop it, as well as search for similar images and movies.

Viewing media content on mobile devices is becoming easier and easier as more storage and quicker data networks become available. If you have a good internet connection and a compatible player, you can watch Google Video content on various mobile devices.

Video Search Engines: Google

Many people use their Macs or PCs to view Google Video or YouTube video content. When I have a fast connection and some downtime, I want to watch material on my mobile device as a mobile device user. The problem is that there was no method to achieve this until now. Using Scott Robbin’s Mobile Video search content tool, you can watch AVI or MP4 files on your mobile device. An AVI or MP4 file can then be saved to your phone’s storage card or internal memory when you search for a video. These mobile search results only include videos less than four minutes long because of most mobile devices’ enormous file size and limited bandwidth and storage capacity.


Unlike other video search engines, YouTube only searches for videos on YouTube.

There is a reasonable probability that you will locate your desired video on the Platform because of the massive amount of content added to YouTube every minute (500+ hours). Because Google owns YouTube, Google has excellent search capabilities.

YouTube allows you to sort videos by length and date they were posted, just like Google. A growing number of businesses are realizing the value of video content to attract attention and interact with their customers online.

Alexa ranks YouTube as the number two most visited site in terms of global traffic. Every day, it attracts about 30 million visitors.

Video Search Engines: YouTube

Their actions also demonstrate video content’s ability to hold viewers’ attention. YouTube visitors spend an average of more than eight minutes a day on the site, and each visit averages more than four pages.

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Despite YouTube’s enormous popularity and high levels of participation, this does not imply that all of these visitors are using the site’s search function to locate the video they seek. By now, we’ve gathered enough information on YouTube’s user behavior to know that the vast majority of visitors arrive there by clicking on a link to a specific video (typically from Google) and that once they’re there, they tend to stick around and watch whatever YouTube suggests they do next.

However, certain studies show how important YouTube is as a search engine.

In 2017, Moz and Jumpshot analyzed (US-only) data that separated Google’s properties and added other top sites (e.g. Amazon) to understand search behavior better. With 3.71 percent of queries, YouTube came in third out of 10 sites. However, this is lower than and Google Images, but above Yahoo!, Bing, and Facebook.


Google has an 87 percent market dominance, while Bing has only a 7 percent market share. However, don’t discount Bing’s video capabilities just yet. It has a simple interface with a daily-changing backdrop image. You have access to navigation panels and pages that allow you to view all of your previous searches and information relevant to your current search. Aside from that, it provides rapid access to information such as top game scores and past game results. A calculator, for example, is one of the many features available.

Video Search Engines: Bing

 Bing video search is better than Google in several areas. Bing’s filters include time, date, and source, just like Google’s. 

They also offer quality, although, unlike Google, Bing has the following options: “any quality” and “high quality.” All

  • 360p or less
  • 360p or greater
  • 480p or greater
  • 720p or greater 1080p or greater

Additionally, Bing allows you to filter whether the videos are free or paid.

Bing’s video search engine results page (SERP) is more visually appealing than Google’s, with huge thumbnails that provide a brief preview when hovered over. You will be transported to the video’s website; however, you can watch the movie directly on Bing.


Not everyone is content with utilizing conventional search engines such as Google or Bing. Privacy concerns have prompted many to use DuckDuckGo. This search engine does not keep track of your previous searches, prevents external trackers, and connects you to the encrypted version of a website wherever available.

If you’re interested in keeping your data out of Google’s hands, there is some good news: DuckDuckGo now includes video search.

Video Search Engines: DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo enables you to conduct searches based on the duration, resolution, date, and licensing type (Creative Commons or YouTube Standard).

One exciting feature of this service is modifying the region of your search to see results in the country of your choice.


Over 300 million people use Dailymotion, making it the second-largest video-hosting service after YouTube. This “search engine” is similar to YouTube in that it only returns results from the Platform itself. To get a broader range of effects, use both YouTube and Dailymotion. Filters on Dailymotion are limited to the time and date of the video’s upload. Around the same time when YouTube was launched, a video-sharing website called Dailymotion was born in France.

Video Search Engines: Dailymotion

Each of the 19 countries where Dailymotion operates has a dedicated, optimized, and language-specific access point. Dailymotion’s most common age range is 18-24, but the 25-34 and 45-54 age brackets are not far behind. For the most part, 42 percent of Dailymotion’s traffic comprises hardcore fans, and 45 percent of those visitors are regulars, making the site more like an online fan club than an ad-supported service.

For international video marketers, Dailymotion is a dreamland with 42 million monthly unique visits, according to Quantcast.


Facebook is also a significant source of videos. After Google and YouTube, Facebook is the third most popular website. Each month, more than 1.25 billion users access Facebook Watch, the company’s video-sharing, and viewing section.

Social media platforms were seen as possible ranking signals and traffic boosters before introducing Facebook’s search capability.

Since 2007, when only roughly 100,000 businesses were listed on Facebook, it has been a reliable directory site for small businesses. However, it was an excellent opportunity for companies to get into the world’s fastest-growing social media network, but only through mutual connections and brand recognition. Now, when you search for a local business on Facebook, you’ll see results that are disturbingly identical to Google’s local 3-pack. For all we know, there is some sort of mechanism in place to determine which firms are included in local three-packs.

Video Search Engines: Facebook

More than 1.5 billion people look for businesses on Facebook every day, and more than 600 million people view their company pages every day. They have a long way to go before they can match Google’s daily search volume of 3.5 billion. As a social media platform, claiming slightly over 40 percent of Google’s search inquiries isn’t something to scoff at.

 If you’re looking for videos, you can either use the Watch page or the main search box to input a term and pick “video.” Two options are filtering by posting dates and seeing live videos, music videos, shows, or your own saved videos.


Since its founding in 1996, Dogpile has served as a metasearch engine aggregating results from several other search engines such as Yahoo! and Excite and others such as WebCrawler and AltaVista.

Dogpile is a meta-search engine designed to address the issue of poor search results. Dogpile can give a more excellent range of content than other search engines since it uses numerous indexes instead of just one.

As one of the oldest metasearch engines still in use today, Dogpile is also one of the most aged search services in existence. Search engine Dogpile has attracted notice for combining results from several indexes into one page.

Video Search Engines: Dogpile

This characteristic characterizes metasearch engines.

Dogpile is one of the few remaining old-school search engines. Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Yandex are included in today’s results. Searching for videos on Dogpile is an excellent approach to ensure you’re getting results from as many different sources as possible.


It was created in 2005 as YouTube, a video-sharing website. Since then, it has fallen out of popularity, finally filing for bankruptcy and being taken Veoh: You may search for online videos, television series, movies, and music with Veoh, which is a free service. Any query you enter into the site’s search box will be sorted according to its results, regardless of what you’re looking for.

Video Search Engines: Veoh

Veoh returned many results, which users found to be satisfactory. It produced better results than most of the websites included in this roundup. To be more specific, a basic search for “professional baseball team” yielded the most relevant results out of all of the websites I examined. If you want to watch a video on Veoh, you’ll have to go through a commercial first, but that’s a small price to pay considering the enormous quantity of videos available. Veoh was one of my favorite characters. I believe you will as well.

Over by a different company.

Veoh’s content is out of date and unable to compete with the likes of YouTube and Vimeo. But one fantastic feature makes it worthy of inclusion on this list.

Besides the length and genre of the video, Veoh allows you to search by the language of the video and subtitles. All comedic videos are available in Bulgarian with English subtitles if you’d want to see them that way. Veoh’s video library features user-generated content and classic films and television shows. On our list, there are no other search engines that accomplish this.


With headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, Yahoo Inc. has been owned by Verizon Communications since 2017, making it the company’s parent company. Jerry Yang and David Filo, both graduate students at Stanford University in California, started it in 1994 as a part-time side project for Yang and Filo. Online tools, information, and links to other websites are all available to users of Yahoo!.

Video Search Engines: Yahoo

Since Yahoo Video Search has been in beta for months, it has a head start on most other search engines. It is by far the most powerful video search service on the market. It also includes footage from CBS and Reuters, MTV, and VH1 as well as clips from IFILM that are crawled by Yahoo’s Slurp crawler, and music videos from Country Music Television and In addition to Scripps Network’s Home & Garden Television and The Food Network, Discovery Communications’ Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and Travel Channel are also distributing their content via Yahoo Video Search.


Vimeo is third only to YouTube and Dailymotion in terms of video hosting.

If you’re looking for better video and audio quality, Vimeo is a better option. In some cases, the same video can be found on both sites, but Vimeo typically has a higher bitrate. For marketers and content developers, Vimeo is a great option.

Video Search Engines: Vimeo

Vimeo allows you to search for a video by:

  • Category
  • The length of the video.
  • Whether the video is live or 360.
  • whether the video is a “staff pick.”
  • Paid or free
  • Type of licence

Social searcher

Video material is available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Multiple social media networks can be searched for at once with Social Searcher. There are 11 sources from which you can explore, and you can filter by emotion (positive vs negative) and language.

Video Search Engines: Social Searcher

In addition, Social Searcher gives analytics for the aggregated search results, so you can see who the top posters are, the usual sentiment of the video posts, popular terms from the posts, and so on. A lot of videos are missed by Social Searcher. Search each Platform individually to get the complete results.

On the other hand, Social Searcher is a terrific method to see what videos are available on a given topic across all social media platforms.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could help the environment while you work at your desk? Ecosia enables this. Ecosia donates trees to areas in need with the advertising revenue it receives from your searches. To plant a tree, Ecosia estimates that roughly 45 searches are required.

Video Search Engines: Ecosia

Because Microsoft Bing powers Ecosia, your results will probably be similar. Filtering is possible based on the post’s resolution, duration, date, and time. Using Ecosia users’ help, a counter shows how many trees have been planted.


Russian search engine Yandex is the country’s most popular and the world’s fifth-largest behind Google (Bing), Yahoo! (powered by Bing), and Baidu.

Unlike Google or Bing, Yandex was explicitly designed for the Russian market so that you may see a distinct set of results. However, the Yandex search video engine may be used in English.

Video Search Engines: Yandex

On Yandex, you may search for videos based on their length, quality (HD or not), and the date they were posted (recent or not).

In addition, there is a “see also” part provided by the search engine. People who watched these videos also watched the ones on your SERP. In addition to Google, Yandex also made our list of recommended search engines.


Baidu is the most popular search engine in China and the fourth most popular worldwide. When it comes to China’s search engine market share, the competition is nonexistent, with Baidu holding a 70.5 percent share versus Google’s 1.6 percent.

Video Search Engines: Baidu

Baidu doesn’t have an English version, and even if you search for an English keyword, the results are significantly skewed toward Chinese sites. However, if you want to see what the Chinese consumer sees, Baidu is your best option. If you’re having trouble following the interface, Google Translate can help. There are no video filtering options available in Baidu.

Swiss Cows

Swiss cows is a video search engine with an emphasis on privacy. If you use DuckDuckGo, this search engine doesn’t collect your personal information or record your searches.

Video Search Engines: Swiss Cows

Pornographic material is not indexed or displayed in any way.

You can narrow your search by date, time, quality, and aspect ratio (widescreen or standard).


Video search engine site Blinkx is exceptionally well-designed, and it can be used to find footage on a variety of themes ranging from technology to sports. According to the company, it has more than 35 million hours of video cataloged at this time. Based on the excellent selection available, I’m inclined to trust that figure.

Video Search Engines: Blinkx

Blinkx’s search was particularly appealing to several people. If you type in a keyword that you’re interested in, the tool will scan sites such as YouTube, Hulu, and major television networks to find what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, the search results page can be a little difficult to understand. Another thing that should be mentioned here, when you arrive at the results page, the site immediately plays the top result. It’s an inconvenient function that shouldn’t be turned on automatically. Aside from those two drawbacks, I thought Blinkx was a good app. It’s one of the more effective video search engines available on the Internet.


Non-subscription services, wireless mounting, and high-quality video quality are some positives.


Not having subscription choices to increase storage space is a drawback of real-time viewing.


CastTV searches the Internet for television programs and exciting videos. Its choices left a lasting impression on me. You’re sure to find at least one clip from your favorite show, whether it’s recent or archived.

Video Search Engines: CastTV

CastTV, in contrast to many of the other services featured in this list, mainly relies on popular video-sharing websites such as Vimeo, blip. Tv, and MegaVideo. As a result, you may be able to locate some clips on CastTV that aren’t available on more “professional” services such as Hulu or Netflix. For example, a complete episode of the television show “24” is currently included in the search results on the site. If you click on that link, you’ll be taken to MegaVideo, where you may watch it. Also, keep in mind that certain movies you watch may prompt you to install a toolbar on your computer. Although it doesn’t appear very often, CastTV does ask you to download its toolbar to watch some videos. In some instances, refrain from taking action and go on.


Pixsy is a video and image search engine that allows you to search for videos and images. It sifts through the Web in search of all of the relevant stuff to your quest.

Video Search Engines: Pixsy

Pixsy is a well-designed website, and its search results are accurate for the most part. However, even though it contains content from a range of service providers, I was underwhelmed by the number of results returned. I was also dissatisfied with the results pages on the website. They crammed far too much information into a tiny amount of space. Pixsy is a fun site to check out, but it has the potential to be even great with a better design.


Truveo is a fantastic video search engine or video engine that you should check out. Regardless of what you’re looking for, the site searches through videos on websites ranging from YouTube to to find what you’re seeking. Its choices left a lasting impression on me.

Video Search Engines: Truveo

Truveo is a delightful experience to explore. Simply enter a keyword into the site’s search box, and the site will handle the rest of the work. You can search for channels, television networks, and topics using the search bar. You may also narrow down your search results by rating, release date, or the number of views. The search was completed in a short period. The sheer amount of results that were displayed was astonishing. If you’re seeking video, Truveo is a site you should check out.


Is there any video you need for your website that is free of copyright? Shutterstock is a search engine for images, illustrations, vector graphics, 3D models, movies, music, and audio files. Licensed, royalty-free images, video, and audio are available from the Platform to many consumers, including individuals and businesses of all sizes, including bloggers, multimedia creators, and huge companies. More than 80 million images, video clips, and music are available in the software. Product Shutterstock photos is a website that allows its users to upload their photographs for use in various projects. These people have access to a massive collection of stock imagery used in multiple ways. They offer a wide selection of alternatives that include a one-time payment and a monthly subscription plan for a cost. No-cost software Shutterstock is a well-known online marketplace for purchasing and selling creative photos.

Video Search Engines: Shutterstock

Founded in 2003, the company currently offers over 40 million high-quality, creative images and videos and music and stock footage. If you’re looking for a specific image, you can search based on keywords, color, orientation, or the type of license. Sorting photographs by popular tags, newest, or highest rating will help you narrow your search. Stock footage may be found and purchased on Shutterstock. Alternatively, you can search for videos based on a specific image. Shutterstock can recommend stock videos comparable to your image if you drop them into the search bar. So the question regarding how to find any video on the Internet- is simple to answer after reading this article.


Yes, video is a huge trend right now. Watching videos on the Internet is much more popular than reading large amounts of text. More than 85 percent of U.S. internet users watch online video content each month. It’s not easy to make videos, though. For some people, a breath of fresh air is all that is needed to reignite their creative spirit. As soon as this occurs, be sure to check out the best video searching sites on the Internet.

Having a firm grasp of the leading video search engines and the criteria for their search rankings is critical for your business. Search engine optimization (SEO) for your video blogs is complex. The best approach is to narrow your search to a single-engine. Google is the biggest video search engine in the world.

If you’re trying to find internet videos or the source of a video, using video search engines is the most straightforward approach to go about your search. Keep these search engines in mind the next time you need inspiration, and explore away.

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