10 Best Mobile Apps To Ease Your Life

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If we’ve just introduced the smartphone into our lives, we need to keep up with the best apps that can give us a helping hand on every level. Needless to say, we have discovered over time best mobile apps in which technology is working for us! And I made a top 10 for it.

1. Scout

Even though Waze and Maps are at the top of GPS applications, we do not always have internet at our disposal. Let’s think we’re in a place without a signal. Scout is an offline GPS application, which means you can use it anywhere, including abroad, for free (does not access the internet once installed). Maps include stationary radars, gas stations, speed limits, ATMs, car parks and venues. It is one of the best mobile apps facilitating our daily lives.

2. Pixlr

Do you want to edit the pictures in any way, but quickly? Pixlr is the app that has so many tools that you will feel like a professional. I can adjusts pictures, corrects colors and contrast, adjusts brightness, effects and predefined drawings. Or maybe you even want to draw something over the picture! Or write a text. Put everything in the right frame, choose a filter and, you are done, your picture can be an exhibition! You can save it on your phone or post it directly on one of the suggested social networks.

3. Urby

Are you bored and you want to know what’s new in town? Download Urby, the app that brings together all the exciting events in the area, no matter what their type is. You have theaters, concerts, workshops, various shows, book launches, conferences, and lectures. Already you can make plans for the evening after you have scrolled twice through the application! As there are shows where tickets end immediately, they activate notifications, so you will not lose anything you care about. The application works for some cities in the country and for hundreds of foreigners countries.

4. Moovit

Or you’re the kind of person who needs public transport, or you want to get from point A to point B by bus and you don’t know how, but the Moovit app does all the work for you. Install the app, enter the location where you are and your destination. Moovit calculates your fastest route and tells you at what time the public transport will come and where you need to change the bus/subway, approximating the length of the trip. More than 800 million travelers around the world use this application. In May 2020, Moovit was acquired by Intel for $900 million because it is also one of the best mobile apps.

5. Flickr

Are you tired of losing the pictures? Or are you lazy to sit down to download them all the time on the computer? Use Flickr! It’s the best storage application because, based on a Yahoo account, you have 1 TB of free space (about a quarter million pictures)! Apart from the fact that you can take your holiday photos directly from the computer sorted into albums and collections, the app allows you to view them, as well as having an automatic backup feature of your phone in the cloud. So get rid of the worries of their loss!

6. Flipboard

If you want to stay up-to-date with international news, the Flipboard must be installed immediately on your phone! It is an award-winning news aggregator, which also verifies the veracity of information by comparing several sources. You can set the areas of interest, watch some publications, and save the articles to read them later.

7. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is the kind of application that helps you organize yourself more efficiently. With the function “divide list by folders” , you will not have to worry about missing something. And when you have finished a task, you can check it. To avoid anything, you can schedule a birthday reminder, bill payment, and whatever you think is necessary. Synchronize between your phone, tablet, and computer, so you can have your lists in your hands!

8. Spending Tracker

When you do not know how much money you got left, you should monitor them. Spending Tracker helps you organize your budget every month and always know how much money you have or what you have spent. In this way, it even helps to save you. If you want to increase your income then check a list of websites that helps to earn an attractive amount of money.

9. Foodpanda

Are you hungry and you don’t want to get out of the house / office? Foodpanda brings together the best restaurants in your city that can deliver on demand. It also shows you the offers of the day and the waiting time for the order. You can pay directly from the application or with cash on delivery. If you are thinking about extra income then i have 43 home-based business ideas to earn more with less efforts.

10. Two Dots

Are you trapped or you just have to wait for something and forgot your book at home? The Two Dots will get rid of your Boredom! It’s a game where you have to unify colored spots. The design is attractive, and it’s even easy to play, it becomes very challenging when you play it. The game is not against time, so you can finish all 985 levels with only 1 life! And their number increases from one update to another.

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