7 Best Grammarly Alternatives to Improve your Writing

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Grammarly is one of the most popular tools to check grammar, detect plagiarism and improve the written content. Whether writing a blog post or sending an email to the client, professional and error-free writing always positively influences your reader. Businesses, professional writers, and agencies use this tool to improve the quality of their content and eliminate writing mistakes.

Although Grammarly is the top writing and grammar check tool, it too has some shortcomings. For instance, this tool might not help recognize poorly structured sentences and misused words.

Fortunately, there are many Grammarly alternatives available online that you can use to enhance content quality and remove mistakes. These advanced tools use AI technology to detect errors and suggest possible improvements in any piece of content. In this blog post, we’ll review and compare top alternatives to Grammarly and how they can help achieve proficient content writing.

Top Grammarly Alternatives (Sites & Apps)

The tools mentioned below are pretty similar to Grammarly, and most of them have some fantastic added features. Let’s look at some professional writing tools and apps like Grammarly.


It is an editing, grammar, plagiarism checker tool to improve your English writing. It is like a personal writing assistant that allows you to write error-free content. This is a famous writing and editing tool that supports Google Docs and many other platforms. Whether you’re a blogger, author, or student who has to submit academic papers every other day, ProWritingAid will help you manage all of that.

Grammarly alternatives: ProWritingAid

Best features

  • It has a manuscript editing tool that detects repeated words, suggests context-sensitive style, and improves the overall sentence structure.
  • The word explorer of this tool suggests the most appropriate words from dictionaries with explanations that save a lot of time.
  • This tool also provides suggestions for word synonyms to improve the word variations and avoid using repeated words. ProWritingAid works best when integrated with Google Chrome and Docs, Microsoft Suite, Apache Open office, etc.
  • With this tool, you’ll get 20 different types of reports for content evaluation.


  • They don’t offer a monthly plan, so you have to subscribe for an annual plan if you want to go premium.
  • It works very well on Google, but not on other browsers like Safari, Firefox, etc.

Hemingway App

Ernest Hemingway is known for his simple, precise yet persuasive writing style. No content clutter, no complex sentences. This tool will help you achieve precisely that. The Hemingway App keeps your content to the point and removes excessive text. If you want to keep your writing simple and straightforward, this is the tool for you. When you paste your content to this tool, it automatically highlights passive voices, complex sentences, and adverbs.

Grammarly alternatives: Hemingway App

Best features

  • It is an offline tool; you can use it remotely with no internet connection.
  • You don’t have to format the text, click a button, and your content gets formatted automatically.
  • You can also export your content to other external editors, such as MS editor.
  • One-click integration feature allows you to publish your content to WordPress or Medium directly.


  • This tool lacks the capabilities of Grammarly.
  • You don’t get any browser plug-in with a paid plan.


It is a grammar checker and writing assistant tool that uses AI technology to detect real-time mistakes in your writing. This tool is very good at grammar and punctuation checks and provides recommendations and alerts for potential improvements in the text. It has a user-friendly interface; you can easily paste your text into the tool and get suggestions for alternative words, spelling corrections, complex sentences, and poor phrases.

Grammarly alternatives:  linguix

Best features

  • It improves the tone and style of writing.
  • You’ll get real-time spelling and grammar correction suggestions
  • This tool also provides performance statistics by analyzing your text.
  • It helps you eliminate all grammatical and spelling mistakes and gives the best writing advice.


  • It only detects basic spelling and grammar mistakes. If you want to fix advanced grammar issues, you might need to switch to another tool.
  • You’ll not get any improvements in readability, structural writing, and style.


An advanced writing assistant and grammar checker corrects your mistakes and gives suggestions to rephrase your thoughts more effectively. Beewriter improves your overall content quality and refines your writing to help you grab the reader’s attention. This tool allows you to rephrase your writing in different ways and use the right words to express your emotions. You can use this tool to write effective emails, web content, articles, and press releases. It does not just support the English language, you can also use this tool to write in other foreign languages, such as Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German.

Grammarly alternatives: beewriter

Key Features

  • It provides the writing notes to list all the possible reasons for the errors that need to be corrected.
  • It is a powerful and advanced grammar correction tool that can detect and fix mistakes that might go undetected in other tools. 
  • Beewriter also provides the statistical analysis of your writing.
  • It supports different writing styles and provides enormous suggestions for improvements.


There is no free version of this tool like Grammarly, and you have to buy a plan after a 15 day free trial period.


This grammar checking tool is quite different from other tools in the list. WordTune helps you improve your overall writing style and fix the basic mistakes. Unlike other conventional proofreading and editing tools, it focuses more on restructuring the complete sentences. This tool will give you multiple rephrase options for every sentence to express yourself more clearly and precisely.

Grammarly alternatives:  WordTune

Best Features

  • Provides tons of alternative words and phrases to keep your writing simple, precise, and effective.
  • It is an interactive and effective tool that fixes your mistakes in seconds and provides suggestions for improvements.
  • The rewrite feature of this tool helps you translate and rewrite the text, making it the best option for non-native English speakers.
  • It is a great tool to proofread content for businesses, educational institutes, and other professional writings.


  • Plagiarism in your content can reduce the efficiency of this tool. Checking your plagiarism first would work well with WordTune.


This is a grammar correction and writing tool designed for enterprises to effectively write content for emails, articles, promotions, and much more. This tool’s advanced machine translation system allows you to address 60% more quality issues than any other language tool. Sapling browser extension comes with an API feature that will enable you to integrate this tool into your web-based text apps, such as Gmail, Salesforce lightning, etc. This tool helps you enhance your writing efficiency and overall performance as an enterprise.

Grammarly alternatives: Sapling

Best Features

  • World-class tool for grammar and spelling corrections.
  • Writing on this tool, you’ll get autocomplete suggestions, just like Gmail.
  • There is no data retention policy, and it also offers on-premise deployment.
  • You’ll get browser extensions for Google Slides, Outlook, Google docs, etc.
  • Its robust AI algorithm gets wiser over time and improves its actions.


  • It provides no extensions for Android and iOS.
  • It doesn’t support the Safari browser.


It is a web-based writing assist and grammar checker tool specifically designed for students to check the quality and accuracy of their academic papers. PaperRater has a powerful proofreading system that provides suggestions to improve the overall content quality and fix other mistakes. With intelligent AI technology, this tool helps you check your papers in a matter of seconds.

Grammarly alternatives: PaperRater

Best Features

  • Powered by AI, this tool offers advanced grammar checking for academic papers.
  • It also checks text plagiarism and shows the percentage of copied and original content in the file.
  • To improve your English writing, it provides suggestions for words and sentences, examples, and definitions.
  • It has an automated proofreader that shows real-time results and writing instructions and feedback.


  • As it is designed for academic papers, it is not ideal for proofreading articles and other business content.
  • Premium plans are not affordable for students.

Final Words!

Well, there are many Grammarly alternatives out there offering some fantastic features for improving your writing style and fixing errors. Whether running a business or managing a blog, you should try out these paid and free Grammarly alternatives to improve your writing. The professional proofreading, editing, and writing assistant tools mentioned in this article are pretty helpful. To find your best Grammarly alternatives, you must try some of them that seem more suitable to fulfill your needs.

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