Best Coding Language To Learn: Tips For 2024

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Choosing which of the hundreds of computer languages now in use to learn might be intimidating for someone new to the IT world. Knowing the best coding language to learn can help you leverage your industry-related talents and become eligible for a range of software development professions.

The good news is that you don’t have to capture every Pokémon to learn programming languages. All you have to do is find out which ones are most pertinent to your industry, in demand by employers, and have average salaries that coincide with your professional objectives.

IT workers may carry out a wide range of jobs and projects, such as online apps and video games, by using programming languages. There are many languages available if you’re interested in employing them in either your private or professional life.

Best Coding Language To Learn

Continue reading and exploring to learn about the best and most modern programming languages to learn in 2024.

What Is a Programming Language And Its Types?

However, errors and typos make programming languages unreadable, unlike natural languages. Because computers read and execute code consistently, even a single error—like a missing closing parenthesis—can stop the code from running.

Software engineers utilize top programming languages to convey goals to and among computers. These experts create scripts, queries, apps, and more using a variety of current languages.

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Come along as we establish a strong foundation in cybersecurity and programming to help you thrive in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

You need to know five types of top programming languages before knowing the best coding language to learn in 2024.

  1. Procedural programming languages
  2. Functional programming languages
  3. Object-oriented programming languages (OOP)
  4. Scripting languages
  5. Logic programming languages

8 Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2024

You probably want to know the best coding language to learn out of the over 700 available. Ultimately, your final decision depends on your professional objectives, skill level, and the languages employers utilize in their businesses. Here are the top 8 best programming languages to learn in 2024:



Becoming an experienced software developer without mastering JavaScript is getting increasingly complex as the need for dynamic online applications grows. For the eleventh consecutive year, JavaScript is the most popular and best coding language to learn among developers, according to Stack Overflow’s 2023 Developer’s Survey. The percentage of poll participants who said they had used JavaScript in the previous year was close to 64%.

Front-end web development requires JavaScript in addition to CSS and HTML. JavaScript is used by most famous websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, and others, to build dynamic websites and dynamically show content to visitors.

However, JavaScript also gives developers the ability to build back-ends that drive mobile apps and web apps or even function as an independent API to enable connection with other businesses and services. This increases career possibilities since those seeking organizational freedom may become highly sought-after full-stack engineers using a single language.

Reasons To Learn JavaScript:

  • This programming language is the most widely used for the eleventh consecutive year.
  • It serves to enhance static web pages with dynamic elements and interaction.
  • This language does not require an additional compilation stage.
  • It only needs a browser to function; it is not platform-specific.
  • Developers have spent years building vast code libraries that enable JavaScript to function outside the typical web browser.



Maybe the most straightforward coding language to learn on this list is Python. Many people claim that Python is a favorite option for novices because its syntax is straightforward, intuitive, and nearly English-like.

Python is a flexible, strong choice when selecting the ideal programming language for your scenario because of its wide range of applications. For instance, the open-source, feature-rich, and easily understandable Django platform in Python is a well-liked choice if you are interested in back-end web development. Several well-known websites, including Mozilla, Instagram, and Spotify, were developed using Django. Therefore, it is another of the best coding languages to learn in 2024.

It has recently become increasingly well-known in the data science and machine learning domains. Scientific tools like Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, and Pandas are to blame for this.

Reasons To Learn Python:

  • It’s among the best codes to learn because of its grammar, which is similar to natural language.
  • It was created to simplify the use of databases and various forms of machine-based test automation.
  • Python works well for developing code in real time.
  • Coding knowledge is unnecessary because the text is in an easy-to-understand syntax.
  • It provides integration and testing support for popular third-party libraries like Conda and Pip.



Because C is a low-level language, working with it necessitates understanding the fundamental computer hardware. Although this dramatically facilitates learning other languages, performance is sacrificed. While this might not matter much for a social media app, it matters a lot for games, visual effects software for movies, and even parts of software systems such as Linux or Microsoft Windows. On the opposite end of the computer spectrum, it’s as essential. Car computers and other embedded systems must make the most of their limited processing capacity.

Reasons To Learn C and C++:

  • C’s goal, grammar, and tools are all geared at enabling close hardware interaction.
  • C features functions like those in Java or Python, written in instructions that resemble a person’s.
  • These days, a C program may run on any physical computer or operating system, including Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and Ubuntu.
  • Because of its outstanding performance, C++ is still a popular option for creating operating systems, gaming engines, and other software that requires high speed.

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SQL programming, in addition to Python, is necessary for effectively utilizing data in online applications. On the other hand, SQL makes it possible to save, retrieve, and modify data inside of an already-existing database, in contrast to other modern programming languages on our list. It is the best coding language to learn in 2024.

Numerous websites and applications are powered by SQL database servers, which store data like user profiles and postings. Nevertheless, job options in SQL extend beyond online or mobile app development, as it just concentrates on data. SQL expertise is necessary for work in high-paying, in-demand professional pathways like data scientists and BI analysts.

As the primary language for database programming, SQL has a syntax that must be understood to query a database efficiently. Learning SQL is a good idea for programmers who want to work with apps that often employ databases, such as payment gateways, social networking platforms, and music libraries.

Reasons To Learn SQL:

  • With the help of this robust tool, you may extract data from several linked databases.
  • Since more and more companies are using data to inform their decisions, it is in high demand.
  • Its tiny command set and straightforward syntax make it a relatively modest coding language to learn in 2024.
  • Several versions of it are designed to meet specific demands, such as security (other SQL dialects to consider include MySQL and PostgreSQL).
  • Because it enables linear progression, it might be helpful for trend tracking.
  • Obtaining data from databases and producing key performance indicators aids businesses in evaluating their performance.



Although Rust is a relatively new language in contrast to the other languages on our list, learning it nonetheless has many benefits. Rust is the most popular coding language to learn among programmers for the eighth consecutive year, according to Stack Overflow’s 2023 Developer’s Census, with 80% of Rust programmers stating that they intend to keep using it. Therefore, it is also the best coding language to learn in 2024.

It addresses the Elevator issue, which is the concentration of particular activities in different regions of a disk. Rust was thought to be a better programming language than C for creating complex programs at the time. It is a sophisticated language useful for creating Internet of Things (IoT) apps. You can widely use it to develop scalable browsers, gaming engines, and operating systems.

Developers may conceal code details in Rust thanks to its zero-cost abstraction, and its autonomous memory management feature eliminates the need for a garbage collector.

Like C and C++, Rust came together by Mozilla Corp and is mainly meant for low-level systems development. But what Rust brings to the table is a focus on security and speed.

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Reasons To Learn Rust:

  • System programming, or software and operating systems creation, constitutes one of its most popular uses.
  • It’s one of the more in-demand abilities for blockchain technology engineers.
  • Because of how it has a structure, memory safety has a guarantee, allowing you to program confidently.
  • It is still developing with the addition of new frameworks, instruments, and resources.
  • It alleviates some memory management issues developers frequently encounter while working with C and C++.



Whether or not you work in the programming industry, you have undoubtedly heard of this well-liked programming language. So many major corporations are still developing Java, so it has a rank among the top programming languages. Overall, it is the best coding language to learn in 2024.

Although Java is a more complex language to master, skilled developers who can code in Java are highly sought after. The yearly average salary of a Java developer is around $109,225.

You can use Java to create enterprise-level web applications and Android apps. Additionally, Google produced Android Studio, a fantastic framework for developing Android applications using Java.

Reasons To Learn Java:

  • It functions across a wide range of development domains and is constantly changing.
  • It’s an OOP or object-oriented programming language, meaning that each interacting object in the program has its own set of characteristics and behaviors.
  • Because Java is such a popular language, practically every issue you may run into with it has previously been solved by someone else.
  • It develops programs of any complexity, ranging from banking apps to online stores.



Swift is an excellent place to start if you want to develop mobile apps and Apple goods. It is a relatively fresh coding language from which to learn. It was first made public by Apple in 2014 and is used to create apps for iOS and macOS.

Swift came about from the bottom up with performance optimizations in mind, considering the reality of contemporary iOS programming. In addition to running on all iPhones and iPads, iOS is the foundation for additional operating systems, including tvOS (for Apple TVs) and watch OS (for Apple Watches). Additionally, iOS apps remain the most lucrative in the mobile app store, and Apple is still at the top of the software sector. Swift is also the best coding language to learn for beginners.

Reasons To Learn Swift:

  • It’s an open-source programming dialect that’s clear and simple.
  • As a precaution, it removes entire classes of dangerous code.
  • It is straightforward to use.
  • It provides an informed user community.
  • With integrated error checking, it is safe by design.
  • Several of the largest corporations in the world, including Apple, IBM, and Airbnb, utilize it.

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Last but not least, the best coding language to learn is Go. Go has become the “little language that could” and is one of Google’s fundamental languages. Go is the perfect low-level language for engineers who wish to get into systems development. It covers many of the features of C and C++ but without the challenging syntax and high learning curve. Building servers for websites, data pipes, and even algorithmic learning packages is a breeze with this programming language.

The positive aspect is that Go’s concurrency is comparatively more straightforward compared to other programming languages in 2024. Programmers just have to add the “go” syntax to have a function perform as a subprocess when using the lightweight Goroutines thread.

Additionally, learning Go has become quite popular among programmers. Go is more straightforward to learn than C, even though it uses the same disciplinary syntax.

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Reasons To Learn Go:

  • Businesses that favor this emerging language include SoundCloud, Dropbox, and Uber.
  • Compared to C++, it is a more minimalist language with fewer methods of operation.
  • Over time, less is necessary to maintain the system’s functionality.
  • Because of the built-in libraries, you won’t need to rely on frameworks as much.
  • Because it is procedural, fewer characters are necessary.
  • The learning curve is less severe, even for those who have never worked in IT.


The programming language that best suits your hobbies and career objectives should serve as your first language to learn. Knowing the best coding language to learn in 2024 is necessary. In addition to teaching you how to code, beginner languages like Python also assist you in improving your analytical and critical thinking abilities.

SQL is an excellent option if working with databases is your goal. HTML and CSS may become apparent if you concentrate on web development. Swift is versatile, expressive, and modern; it can be used in many iOS applications, making it an excellent selection for developers who wish to concentrate on creating iOS applications. Comment below on your thoughts about the best programming language to learn in 2024.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q#1 What Programming Language Is Most In Demand?

Two of the most prevalent languages in the startup sector are in great demand: JavaScript & Python. Most startups implement Python-based back-end frameworks like Flask, Django, and NodeJS (JavaScript). These are also the finest and most modern programming languages for novices to learn.

Q#2 What Language Do Most Coders Use?

The most popular programming language worldwide is JavaScript. Understandably, it’s one of the simplest and modern programming languages to learn and most online browsers use it. Nearly no previous coding experience is necessary to begin studying JavaScript; you can begin practicing and playing with it immediately.

Q#3 Which Is The Easiest Coding Language To Learn?

HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby are the simplest/easiest programming languages. They have readily available functions or modules and a reasonably easy syntax. Thus, it renders it one of the most widely used programming languages and is quite beginner-friendly.

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