AWS Dedicated Hosts: All You Need to Grow Your Business


In this digital era, no one can deny the importance of being online for any business. In the online environment, the business of the companies grows dramatically and they can be successful in a short time. In this digital business environment, everything is possible, only if you know the use of the right technology for your business. When it comes to online websites, server hosting is the major factor that holds the destiny of your online website. For the growing business, AWS dedicated hosts are the best choice as it provides businesses with all that they need. When your business is in the growing phases, everything changes rapidly and to manage the change effectively, you need flexibility and more control over your resources.

 There are many of the online big companies that are using the Amazon Dedicated Host because of its high-end performance and reliability. Netflix, Yelp, Samsung, Nokia are some of the major brands that are using Amazon ec2 Dedicated Hosts. In this article, I will discuss, why the Amazon Dedicated Hosting is best when it comes to your business expansion.

AWS Dedicated Hosts Provide More Flexibility

Flexibility is something, that is crucial to your business growth and expansion. Unlike the other server hosting, the Amazon ec2 Dedicated Hosts are very adjustable to the changes and the user can easily change the bandwidth, CPU capacity, RAM and data storage of these servers, when they feel the need for it.

In the AWS dedicated hosting the configuration of the servers is in your hands and you can change it anytime. With the AWS servers, you are now open to every opportunity on your way. Being an online business, you must know that, there is a huge chance for the market expansion and your customers can grow rapidly, so it is good for you to be ready for the change. So now with the AWS dedicated hosts, you don’t need to worry about the changing demands of customers because these servers can adjust themselves to the changing requirements of the users. The best thing is that changing the specification of the servers would not have any bad impact on the user’s experience.

 So, if have the AWS dedicated host, you should not fear the change, and always ready for the new opportunities on your way.

Full Control on Resources

Do you know what is the most painful thing about the shared hosting? You are always worried about connected partners activities because it has a direct impact on your server efficiency, bandwidth etc. When it comes to growing your business, you should not limit your resources by sharing it with someone else. In the growing phase of your business shared hosting is not an option for you.

The AWS dedicated hosts provide you with complete control of the resources without any third party involved. Better control of the resources means better control of your business. Now, when you have the full control of the resources, you should not worry about the lacking of resources or other security concerns by sharing your resources.

Allows Customization of Resources

When the business grows, you have to be specific about your resources depending on your customer’s demands. One of the best things about the dedicated servers is that they allow its users to customize their resources by personally configuring their CPU, RAM, software and the bandwidth.

In the shared hosting platform, there is no possibility for the configurations and you are forced to get adjusted to the environment of shared hosting servers that everyone else is using. Being restricted in your activities, somehow also restrict your way to success.

Now, the AWS dedicated hosts allow the customization to make your hosting environment more compatible with your business needs.

Offers High Performance and Reliability

Over time, when your website customers increase, you need more efficient hosting to manage the high traffic on your website. When it comes to managing the high traffic on the website without any downtime, AWS dedicated host is a powerful tool to control the website effectively.

Although the cost of the Amazon ec2 dedicated hosts is more than shared hosting because it provides you with perfect bandwidth, storage and the power that you need the most for your business. Of course, to get all the best stuff, you also have to pay the cost for it.

The Amazon ec2 dedicated hosts are also very reliable and you don’t need to worry about any downtime.  In the shared hosting, the server unexpectedly goes down and your website becomes offline. You cannot afford this for sure, because the user experience is everything for an online website.

AWS Dedicated Hosts Offers Scalability

 The need for more space and resources increase when your business expands and grows continuously. The more resources you have for the business, the more monitoring and scalability you would require to manage the resources. The Amazon ec2 dedicated hosts provide the advanced scalability to the clients for their servers, so they can easily monitor their resources and the server anytime they want.  The easy scalability of Amazon ec2 dedicated hosting also helps in the maintenance of the servers.

Managing High Traffic

As it is discussed above, theAmazon ec2 dedicated hosts provide you with complete control of your resources, that also help you in the management the website effectively. For the growing business, the AWS dedicated servers are effective to manage online traffic.

The other hosting servers like shared hosting and cloud hosting are not very good at managing the high traffic on the website because of their limited resources and when the traffic increase the server efficiency decreases. You can easily customize your Amazon ec2 dedicated hosting servers’ specifications depending on your website traffic.

 The reason why the big online companies use the Amazon ec2 dedicated hosts is its high efficiency to manage the load without any downtime.

Advanced Security

For online businesses, security is a major concern, especially when cybercrimes and hacking are on peak.  You cannot ignore the security of your information and data when you are an online entity.  The advanced security is one of the greatest benefits that AWS dedicated hosts are providing their customers. The AWS provides more high security than the other hosting servers like shared hosting and VPS.

 The companies that have to deal with the confidential information and data mostly prefer AWS dedicated hosts because it provides a less risky environment for the data storage and transfer. 

 In the dedicated servers, your resources are not connected with the other partners that provide you with more security and protection and you are less likely to have data breaches over the AWS dedicated servers.

 The AWS dedicated hosts contain the hacking protections, DDoS protection and the anti-virus is also installed in it. The auto-updates of the AWS dedicated hosts app notifies the users about any suspicious activity over the server. For your business expansion, AWS dedicated host is a must-have to avoid any sort of mishap and data misuse. 

The AWS dedicated hosts are the ideal option for the company, who are a concern with the confidentiality of their data and want complete protection while transferring the files.

Unique IP Address

When you are sharing the same IP address with some other company, your reputation and the online image is also linked with that company.  For example, if the other company is found doing some illegal activity, it will directly reflect on your business reputation.  So, if you are a concern with your company reputation then make sure not to share your IP address with any other company who is not trustful.

The good thing about the AWS dedicated hosts is that it provides the unique IP address for their clients. It saves you from many troubles in the future, especially if you are an e-commerce company, you should have a unique IP address for saving payments and transactions.

Having a unique IP address is also very good for your SEO ranking because when you are sharing the IP address, the other companies ranking would have an effect on your SEO ranking. 


 In this article, I have discussed the AWS dedicated hosts and why they are a perfect choice for the growing businesses. There are many of the factors involve that makes AWS dedicated hosts a favourable choice for your business expansion. Its high performance, reliability, advanced security and control on the resources are one of the most prominent benefits of the AWS dedicated hosts. If you want to grow your business, then don’t waste your time to find the “right server” for you because you already know the one that is best for you. Do share this post, if you find it knowledgeable. If you have any query related to AWS dedicated hosts, you can ask me in the comment section.


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  1. Dedicated Hosts allow you to use your existing per socket per core pr per VM software licenses.

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