A Journey from Console Gaming to Android/IOS Games | Timeline, Trends, And Future


Today, the game development industry is winning the whole world. The increasing amount of F2P projects; spontaneous development of the console game marketplace; a rapidly increasing number of multiple game products on App Store and Google Play are taking game development to another level. In this article, I shall reveal the evolution of the game development community, its trends, and the future. With the help of the provided information, you will develop a clear understanding of how multiple niches were introduced in the process of game development. 

Early Gaming Days

During 1978, the highly successful game named Space Invaders was responsible for attracting huge investors towards the gaming industry. Giving you a bit of its background, it was first developed and launched in Japan on the arcade machine that was a gaming framework of its time. Despite its simplicity, It is still considered to be the founder of all-new modern games. Furthermore, it is Space Invaders that acted as the ladder for the gaming industry, making it to the top charts. Later, it spread widely across America and there more than 60 000 space invader units were traded within the time-period of just 2 years that means it was a huge success for it. As a result, there was a boom of these arcade machines and the first phase in the evolution of our gaming industry. 

All things considered, the genuine breakthrough in gaming occurred in 1979 when the American wholesaler Bally Midway significantly increased the arcade machine market in the United States. Coincidentally, numerous well-known games like Street Fighter, Pac Man, or Killer Instinct, have shown up on arcade machines from the start and then moved to different platforms.

Dawn of Console Games

In conjunction with arcade machines, game consoles made their mark in the market. Despite the fact that the historical backdrop of consoles has started in 1972 with the arrival of the world’s initial home-made game Magnavox Odyssey Console. The genuine success occurred in the late 70s when the Atari 2600 gaming console went on sale. In light of the Atari ventures, the advancement of PC and video games strikes at another level. The video games industry begins to recharge with new huge players, for example, Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft, and Sony.

Somewhere in 1993 and 1996 Nintendo, Sega, and Atari made various efforts for breaking into “web-based” gaming by utilizing link suppliers, however, none of them truly worked because of moderate Internet abilities and issues with internet suppliers. The development of the Sega Dreamcast, the first Internet-based console was a miracle at that time. In 2000, those genuine modifications were done in web-based gaming as we know them today.

The Dreamcast was a genuinely progressive framework and was the principal web-based gadget that became popular. However, it likewise was an enormous disappointment, which put Sega’s support heritage to an end. Getting access to the Internet was costly at that time, and Sega use to end up with colossal bills as clients utilized its PlanetWeb program.

The arrival of Runescape within 2001 was a distinct advantage. MMORPG (greatly multiplayer online pretending games) permits a huge number of players globally to play, associate and contend with individual fans on a similar platform. The games additionally incorporate talk capacities, enabling players to cooperate and speak with different players whom they meet in-game. These games may appear to be obsolete now, yet they remain amazingly prevalent inside the committed gaming network.

The Era of Personal Computers

PCs are stated to be one of the most significant platforms for gaming, whose development began in the 1960s. These games were quite simple and with text adventure genres in which correspondence between the end-user and the PC was brought out by entering directions through the console. The future advancement of these games on the PC stage is firmly identified with the development of PC abilities and its components. The promotion of PC mouse as a piece of the interface, the presence of effective sound cards, which had the option to create all-out sounds, quality improvement of pictures, and mainly the advancement of PC networks. As a result, a new generation of gaming was introduced.

With the beginning of the digital era, the PC games industry has transformed drastically. Presently engineers had the option to blow life into the players’ greatest dream – a capacity to play with different end-users around the globe without leaving their home. The absolute first web-based game was developed in text form and released on the TelNet web late in the 70s. The coders considered their creation a short MUD or Multi-User Dungeon. These days MUD is the fundamental starting point of every single virtual game we recognize.

The advancement of web dragged new and interesting online projects: customer and browser. At the end of the 90s, the high-speed web connection was responsible for transforming a browser into a different and autonomous platform for multiple games. The browser allows the user to play games without downloading them on to their personal computers.

Mobile Gaming (Android/IOS Gaming)

The enormous development of cell phones caused a great deal of development and improvement in the gaming industry. Cell phones either android or IOS, have immediately turned themselves into another platform for correspondence and gaming as well. Java games for cell phones didn’t have any genuine competition neither from web-based games nor social or customer games. The invention of smartphones was introduced at the end 1st decade of 2000. Innovation has enabled game designers to lead incredible projects, which represented the versatile game market in the entirety of its brilliance.

Actually, mobile games are currently being actualized through two sorts of machines: tablets and cell phones. however, because of the similitudes in operating frameworks, specialized attributes and methods for conveying the finished result to the client, engineers rarely separate them into various platforms. Many believe the portable game market to be promising and fit for creating the most extreme benefits with low entry resources.

The Most Popular Game Development Engines


Established within a little apartment of Copenhagen in 2004, unity technologies tend to develop a game engine which is a program/software for developing computer games. Clients are able to configure, purchase, or import computerized assets like audio cues, and forests, and make the rationale controlling how every one of these components associated with players. About half a portion of the world’s games is developed with Unity, which is especially prevalent among versatile game designers. For a typical Unity, web player build, know that it can be deployed onto dedicated hosting service. Because when you tend to develop a web player build it will transmit a folder comprising 2 files, a unity file that consists of the assets for your game, and the second one is the Html file which is a basic webpage along with web player build implanted in it. You could just put this up on your web server and link to it and it should work


An unreal engine is termed to be a complete unit of tools that enables coders and video game developers to produce interactive, realistic, settings across the desktop, console platforms, mobile, along with AR/VR/ MR. The first Unreal Engine was developed in 1995 by Tim Sweeney of Epic Games. The relevant game made its mark on the top chart, and then the Epic Games started licensing the usage of the ultimate Unreal Engine for other coders/ programmers, enabling them to devise their own creations just by using an unreal engine which became one of the best tools for developing games.


Godot Game Design

This sort of a game engine allows you to develop your editors, individual for custom behaviors, and a lot more. It also offers a flexible scene system and generates node arrangements along with support for inheritance and instancing. Moreover, it offers a user-friendly content formation pipeline for the level designers, artists, animators and anyone between them. It also possesses the feature of persistent live editing that means any changes that you make are not lost when the game is stopped.

Game Maker

For both side-view or 2D top-down games, it is the best suitable game development engine. If you don’t have many technical proficiencies related to game development, you can utilize their visual programming language to drop or drag code. You can operate and call operations, modify and associate with records and other information, operate scripts, even develop an in-app buying framework. All things considered, GMS is truly focused on the beginner clients, and with their ongoing update of the intuitive framework, it’s much more adaptable than ever. What’s truly cool here is that you can take a peek at the relevant code backside the drop and drag boxes. That implies that you could hypothetically figure out how to code as you make your game, and tweak it as per your needs, even with no coding background. That being stated, it’s commonly best to not be learning another expertise as you’re making a game.

 On the contrary, if you possess some programming abilities, you can utilize their very own scripting language, inventively called Game Maker Language (GML). GML depends on C, so it’s somewhat obsolete in that viewpoint, with most advanced software engineers developing understanding to C# or C++. In any case, on the off chance that you do realize how to program, it’s presumable you won’t have any issues getting settled with GML.

From the past several years it is considered that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is going to be the best computing platforms for game development. As Oculus was appreciated by reporters and developers when it introduced its DK1 headset which was a prototype in 2013. For AR, Google revealed what can be possible along with AR’s weird-looking glass headset, which was exposed mainly in 2012. After that, the question entirely changed from “Would VR and AR be the best computing platforms in the future?” to “When exactly AR and VR are going to be the computing platforms for gaming? “

Both VR & AR have viewed their major triumph with gaming, which now makes quite a sense as these platforms are developed for immersion experiences. Games including EVE: Raw and Valkyrie Data overwhelmed anyone who tends to play them, all thanks to the natural gameplay and immersion. I can say that anyone that got experience with VR headset must believe that this technology is the future in gaming.

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence tends to be quite valuable with the advancement of mobile/ Mac games by analyzing the end-user behavior. Well, artificial intelligence can enable gaming designers to examine how gamers are associating with the android game. Information is significant and AI can assemble information to make it a crucial part of user experience. Gaming gives individuals a mutual involvement with continuous contact with other users. In future AI can change the ongoing interaction itself relying on the fed information. For instance, a player is getting baffled since he/she is stuck on a particular level. Here AI will assume the job by offering indications to a player, without trading off the fulfillment of beating level. For example, you won’t need to pick between simple, typical or hard game levels rather AI will essentially respond to your interactivity and create it as indicated by the player. In this way, there can be a period in not so distant future, where you will play FIFA versatile with a completely extraordinary character contingent on your past gameplay.

Artificial intelligence has the capacity to automate serious tasks, empowering engineers to focus on the profitable parts of game advancement. For little gaming studios, AI can help make music, illustrations, characters enabling them to assemble more captivating games than before.AI has been a significant piece of the gaming scene as far back as the start and this innovation is progressing rapidly. It is out of the question that, Console and PC games are paving a way for Artificial Intelligence in gaming. With the fame of Mobile games, it won’t be long when AI will be the future of the gaming development community.


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