An Introduction to PBN – Private Blog Network

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More than a decade ago when SEO was in it’s very nascent stage, people figured out that optimizing and getting results from their first site was a lot more difficult compared to their second site.

The simple reason was the fact that people can easily inter-link their sites once they have more than one website.

Link building isn’t difficult if you have got time and resources. But the process becomes easier if you have got more than one website – that way you won’t have to rely on external factors, you can simply link your own sites and rank them.

This process of creating more than one site or blog is known as private blog network or PBN.

In time, the search engines got smarter and understood that people are making way too many sites just for the benefits of linking them together. They came up with filters that dis-credit and penalize such activities. This in-turn meant that websites that are being created for running a PBN needs to be well maintained, they should have good content and most of all, they should have minimum foot prints.

An Introduction to PBN – Private Blog Network

Here’s an SEO basic if you are new to everything – if youlink to an online resource (article, image, PDF, video etc. ) it ranks well insearch engines. If you link using an anchor text – then the resource ranks wellfor that term. If the site from where you are linking is relevant to the sitethat is getting that link – then it is even better. There’s way too manyfactors here that determines the results but one thing that comes out clearlyis that Links are important for SEO.

If you try to build this link online then there are several ways you can do it. Most of these links will come from sources that are out of your control – for example Guest Blogging, which requires that you post an article on a blog which is maintained by someone else. You have to check the stats and content of the site and determine if that site is a good fit. What if at a later stage your link got removed, worse if they start linking to questionable sites.

This is where PBN is effective because you are the one who is in control of your network and you can opt. for better content and links for it.

How to Start a PBN that works:

Starting a PBN is pretty much the same as starting any otherwebsite. You need a domain,a web host and somecontent. The difference is in the intent as with a PBN your priority is to makeit look natural and have minimum foot print.

If all of your websites from the PBN network is hosted on the same webhost, or the domains are registered by the same registrar, or you use services like Google analytics or adsense that can be traced for the ownership of the domains – the search engines or your competitors will track down your network and you will get exposed. Best to spread out and use as many webhosts and domain registration services as you can manage.

Start with a Domain – Registering a new domain name isn’t a bad idea. If you are planning on the long term then register a fresh domain and start working on it. In a year or so, it will be a strong site with plenty of SEO power for linking use.

Alternative you can do, what most other people does – search for a domain that is expired and get it registered. Once done, start working on it. We will cover this point in detail in another article where we will explain how to best use a dropped or expired domain. With an expired domain, you will be able to speed up your progress as the domain already has an age, it has links pointing to it and if all goes well, the search engines will quickly pick it up and start valuing it again.

Once the domains are registered, the next step is the Web Hosting.

For most marketers, PBN hosting is the part they are most worried about. This step is the most important one – if done wrong then the chances of a search engine hitting your network with a penalty gets stronger. It is best to look for web hosting that aren’t promoting it as a SEO or PBN special web host.

For starting a PBN the first thing that you need is a good web host. Feel free to use multiple web hosts to minimize your footprint.

PBN Content – Must be Cheap yet High Quality:

When it comes to determining what content is best for your PBN network – it is always good to go for a mix. Buy some really high quality articles, preferably longer too and keep them on the sidebar of your blog’s homepage as a display of quality. Next you need regular content, preferably around $5 to $10 an article – must be unique though. This is the type of content that will be posted on the site every week. Best to get a free lance author and do a long term content contract – so that he logs into your blog, add some content and keep the schedule queue longer.

The idea is to keep the things on auto-pilot so that it takes very minimum maintenance time, yet from the outside it should look organic and natural.

Along with adding the articles it is also important to keep sharing your content on the social media. There’s tons of social sites where content can be easily shared – you can take out a few minutes every day for sharing of content or you can put the sharing part too in the job description of the freelance writer.

The last step – Linking:


Once your PBN is live and kicking, the thing that you needto worry is the maintenance. A network that is made for the purpose of linking,needs to be taken well care off. This is where your SEO expertise will come toplay. You need to link to your main website but you need to keep the linkingnormal and organic too – the idea here is to make your PBN site look as much asany other site.

The difference between most PBN sites and normal sites is that normal sites get a lot of content while PBN is almost always never updated, or people use cheap and spun content to keep the PBN sites going. If you are able to setup a weekly content schedule – at least once a week, then your PBN sites will act like any other organic website.

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An Introduction to PBN – Private Blog Network

  • Hammad Mohsin

    Here is good to introduce about PBN private network blog. PBN is a network that comes with a number of blogs that link back to your main blog. This is not new and has been used quite a while now by most of the marketers. Creation of PBN helps your main blog appear on the top of search results however it is not as easy as it looks. Now search engine comes with smart algorithms. That do not prefer using this trend of creating a lot of blogs and link back to your main blog. If you do this you will come with a higher chance of getting banned or penalized by Google and it will take no time to de-index your page from the search engine.

  • Moss Clement

    Hi Oleg,

    What an excellent content you have here. Many bloggers, especially newbies, are not aware of PBN sites. In fact, when I started, I knew nothing of the sort. However, your article is a game changer for several such bloggers as it opens their eyes to new blogging tactics.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Sathish Arumugam


    Thanks for your article about Private Blog Networks. How about guest blogging to or from PBN’s sites? Is it safe to do? And, how to differentiate PBN’s from the crowd?

  • Shaheer Farooq

    Good question, recently I submitted the same question for even the non-pbn sites. Because Google does not like paid-kind of links. And some sites get paid to offer guest posts.

    Plus sometimes it is hard to identify if the blog belongs to a PBN Network.

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