AliExpress Alternatives That Will Boost Your Dropshipping Earning

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When it comes to selling products online, dropshipping is the easiest option to consider. It is a good way to make money without acquiring anything in your stock like a typical retail store. One of the most crucial steps for any dropshipping business is the selection of suppliers. For the sake of growing your dropshipping business, you must find the suppliers that are providing good quality services.  Who is not familiar with the AliExpress? It is a big name for the dropshipping businesses but with the increase in the shipping charges and product shortage, it is not easily accessible and the dropshipping suppliers have to go for other dropshipping wholesalers that best suit their business needs. If you are a dropshipping business and need guidance to find out good dropshipping suppliers, then you are at the right place. Here in this article, I will discuss the most profitable dropshipping suppliers that are easily available and their shipping charges are also low compared with the AliExpress.  There are many AliExpress alternatives available in the market that can be used by the dropshipping business to earn more money.

Here are some of the most dominant dropshipping alternatives, that would help your business to grow.


If you want to start your dropshipping business, then Wholesale2B is a good choice for the new business because you can start your dropshipping on it with a free account. The Wholesale2B account is also very simple to handle because of its user-friendly interface that lets you search for your desired products. You can find a wide range of products on Wholesale2B, with 120 categories of products. Wholesale2B provides high-quality services with an efficient database, exchange handling, and order return. 

 One of the best things about Wholesale2B is that it provides you with a lot of plans for different pricing and platforms that would let you choose the best one for your business. If you are not getting any plan for your business, you can go for D.I.Y plan.

The tools and services provided by Wholesale2B can be useful for different kinds of businesses. So, you can use Wholesale2B, to sell products of different retailing companies such as Amazon, WoCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce etc.

The cost of different selling options for the Wholesale2B is also very reasonable ($20/ month). You can either handle your orders yourself or ask Wholesale2B to do it for you. The Wholesale2B would just cost 3% charges for handling the orders for you.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Wholesale2B


Flexible plans: The Wholesale2B provides many plans to customers to choose the one that is best suited to their business.

Free catalog browsing:  You can make a free account on Wholesale2B and research the product in the catalog without any cost or credit details.

Sell a product on any platform: Wholesale2B provides an amazing tool to sell their products on any platform.


Dull Customer Support: The customer support of Wholesale2B is not very good because there is no phone, email, or chat feature available.

A small catalog of products: The product catalog in Wholesale2B is very small compared with the other dropshipping companies.

Worldwide Brands

When it comes to bulk distribution, Worldwide Brands is the best option for you. The directory of the Worldwide Brands is very comprehensive. You can find almost every category of wholesale suppliers by using the Worldwide Brands services. If you are thinking of doing dropshipping business in various categories then Worldwide Brands is the most ideal for you. In Worldwide Brands, you don’t need to deal with the middleman, which means you don’t have to spend any middleman fees.

In the Worldwide Brands, you can sign up for free and search the directory. You just need to pay $299 and get a database subscription for a lifetime, for both drop shippers and wholesalers. There are no annual or monthly recurring fees for the lifetime offer of Worldwide Brands.

The prices of the Worldwide Brands products are affordable and they are providing high-quality services. Worldwide Brands is providing its companies with first-class services and they are very supportive to solving the customer’s queries related to their business.

Some of the pros and cons of Worldwide Brands are the following:

Lifetime Membership: for the Worldwide Brands membership, you have to pay only once and it will never expire.

Unlimited Orders: without any extra fees added you can order any number of products, without any limitations. 

No Scam; All of the suppliers on the Worldwide Brands are certified, so you don’t need to worry about the scams or frauds on this site.

Updated Directory: The directory of the Worldwide Brands is updated automatically every month.


Small Profit Margin: because of the market saturation, the profit margin on the products was reduced.

Need Certification: when you need to place a large order on the Worldwide Brands, the supplier might require certification. So, to work on the Worldwide Brands, you must have all the business documents. 

Dropship Direct

The Dropship Direct would make your search for a supplier easier for you. The Dropship Direct would make your access to the different suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers easier. The product range of the Dropship Direct is very extensive. The features of Dropship Direct are very versatile, which allows the customers to design their inventory depending on their business needs.

The Dropship Direct uses the Saas approach for the management of data, which also helps in the quick shipping of products from the warehouses. The most common products of the Dropship Direct are beauty, health, sports, electronics, and more.

You can also measure the overall success rate of dropshipping with the help of different matrix-like cancel rates. You can get data about the products from different marketplaces. So, get a free account on Dropship Direct and have access to a huge inventory of products.

In the Dropship Direct, you don’t need to make any contact with the dropshipper, after selecting the product, you can request the order delivery to the customers.

Some of the pros and cons of Dropship Direct are as follows


Free Registration: You can set membership account on Dropship Direct for free. The registration of the Dropship Direct is completely free. For the registration Dropship Direct, you just have to fill up some simple forms. Just provide basic company and personal information and start working on Dropship Direct.

Effective Product Selection: Dropship Direct works with different distributors, manufacturers, importers, etc. increases the diversity of Dropship Direct. The categories of products that Dropship Direct offers are very huge.

Easy Drop Shipping: In the Dropship Direct, you don’t need to worry about the shipping of the products. You have no contact with the suppliers and the company makes all the dealing and makes sure that your products will be delivered to the customers without any delay. No promotional material is attracted to the product, so your customers would not think that this product is coming from another place.


Lack of Researching Tools: Dropship Direct is not providing its customers with any effective research tool, like other service providers.

Illogical Website: When you look at the website of Dropship Direct, it seems very attractive but when you get deeper into it, you might see some senseless stuff such as clinking on a link that would take you to a completely different page from the link.

National Dropshippers

The main purpose of the National Dropshippers is to provide a large variety of products to customers at minimum cost.  On the National Dropshippers, you can find a range of products from different categories.

The National Dropshippers is also membership-based, and the members can use the images and descriptions of the products that are important for the marketing of their websites. In the National Dropshippers, you don’t need to worry about the shipment and the suppliers because it is done by the company. Once you place the order, it will be delivered to the customer.

You can get the Lifetime Wholesale Membership on National Dropshippers and get any membership plan that is appropriate for your business. You can get 7 7-day free trial on National Dropshippers before paying for the membership.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the National Dropshippers.


Free trial: you don’t need to buy the membership right away. You can first get the trial of 7 days for free and after getting familiar with the National Dropshippers, you can buy the membership plans.

Reasonable plans: The membership plans that National Dropshippers is offering are very reasonable. If National Dropshippers also offers long-term plans that can save a lot of costs. 


Difficult to navigate: The website of the National Dropshippers is not very user-friendly and it seems very difficult to navigate it because there is no option for sorting and the names are also very confusing.

No international shipping: You can only ship products in the USA because it doesn’t provide international shipment services. 

Poor customer support: The customer’s support of National Dropshippers is very weak and it would be difficult for you to find anything easily.


Doba is more like an interlinking platform for both suppliers and manufacturers. In the Doba dropshipping, you don’t need to make contact with the suppliers. Just select the products and place an order, and the company will deliver the products to the customers. The Doba specializes in dropshipping and it supports you with technology, that would help you to sell your products. The Doba is like a middleman between the dropshipping companies and the retailers in the market. In the Doba platform, you can have access to over 2 million products. The Doba is providing retailers and drop shippers with the best tools that would help them sell their products efficiently in the market.

Some of the pros and cons of Doba are as follows:


Wide range of products: The Doba is providing its customers with a huge range of products in various categories. Different well-known brand names come under Doba. If you want to offer high-quality products to your customers then you must go for Doba.

Export from Amazon and eBay: A big advantage of Doba is that it allows you to export products from Amazon and eBay.

Free trial: Now Doba is offering you 30 30-day free trial before actually buying any membership for your business. This trial will allow you to have an idea about the services of Doba before actually buying their services or membership.


High Products Costs: There is no doubt that Doba is providing high-quality services in the market, but the cost is also very high. The prices of Doba are not very competitive.


There are many AliExpress alternatives available in the market that would allow you to make a lot of profit. In this article, I discussed different available dropshipping options in the market and you can earn good money by using those alternatives. There are some of the pros and cons of every alternative but you have to select the one that is suitable for your business.

I hope this article helped you to find dropshipping companies that are suitable for your business. if you have any experience related to top dropping, do share it with us.

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