44 Impressive Ways You Can Use Social Media to Grow Your Business Overnight


Billions of world-wise users.

Pre-teens through retirees.

Reviews, connections, promotions.

Social media is not a hobby or sideshow.

It may even be the number one form of communication in the world.

Presidents use it.

Companies use it.

Are you using it to its full advantage?

The phrase “social media” creates a diverse range of responses. Some feel at home and thrilled – they love social media for the connections and opportunities to share and feel like part of a larger group. Others shake their head in worry that social media is destroying “real” relationships. And still others smile and rub their hands together thinking of the profits that can be made through effective social media marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

The simplest definition of social media marketing is to use the various forms of social media to bring attention to your company or product and profit. But those just entering this game may wonder how “likes” and “followers” translates into the hard currency.

The truth is a bit more complicated than simply making a page and posting some adorable cat videos. That’s the stuff for amateur, casual users. Social media marketers know that social media is a deep well of opportunity to connect with a huge, targeted market, but that converting sales is truly only done best through careful planning and development.

Content is Key to Social Media

If you think of social media as a recipe, you’ll need a few critical ingredients.

First you’ll need a platform, or oven, to fully develop your finished product. “Preheat” your oven by making an account and letting it age a bit as you figure out the more critical ingredients.

Next, choose a voice or persona that speaks to your audience and allows you to become one of your target market. Social media isn’t about preaching to a captive audience. It’s about making connections. Nobody wants to hang out or follow a pompous blowhard.

Then, choose the content that does double duty. Your content should speak to your audience while also bringing them closer to what you do and what you’re selling. This isn’t a chance to blast them with ads. It’s a more subtle connection. Give them what they like and they’ll like you.

Finally, follow your social marketing strategy as closely as you would recipe. Just like in baking, you’ll need to carefully combine ingredients and then wait. But unlike cooking things for hours in the oven, in the world of social media you won’t need to wait long.

In fact, some of the most dynamic changes can happen overnight. Here’s how:

1. Make a plan

Make a Plan

Make a Plan

A failure to plan often leads to a failure in business. If you don’t have a good marketing plan, you’ll be looking at a disorganized, expensive experiment with no defined variables. In short, a mess.

2. Show your softer side

Social media is about being social. That means your customers want you and your marketing team to show a bit of personality. This doesn’t mean baring your soul, but a bit of personalization and authentic voice go a long way to helping your customers relate to what you’re saying.

3. Remember it’s about them

From the company perspective, your social media efforts are about the bottom line – conversions. For those conversions, however, your audience on social media must think it’s about them. So give them what they want.

4. Showcase social media on your website

One of the easiest things you can do to grow your business through social media is simply showing your social media connections on your website. If you give site visitors clearly visible links, they can follow them. Easy.

5. Link your profile back to your website

Link Back to Website

Link Back to Website

Every social media website and account requires a profile. This is your chance to connect the social media accounts back to your website. Be sure that every social media profile includes a link. If not you’re missing an obvious opportunity.

6. Share with everyone

Unlike PPC, social media doesn’t cost anything to share. So share with everyone. Post your message to relevant groups and ask others to continue to share your message, perhaps in exchange for a freebie or promotion.

7. Cross brand your social media accounts

If you have a Twitter and a Facebook, are the two connected? They should be! This is true for every social media account you have. When everything is connected correctly, you should have a web of accounts all hard at work for you.

8. Use audio

While some like to read, others like to listen. Audio in videos and podcasts can be very powerful in social media, especially if you have something interesting or new to say.

9. Make short videos

Vines and other short videos can create a lot of impact in a short amount of time. Short videos can be entertaining, educational or instructional and they don’t tie up a lot of time for viewers, so they are very popular as well.

10. Include reviews

Reviews are one of the driving forces of the internet. Including reviews of your own, especially honest and unbiased reviews, will give customers more of what they want.

11. React to the posts of others

It’s a big connected world out there, and you’re now a part of it. Link to others, retweet, share and join conversations. Being connected with readers and others in the industry can be powerful.

12. Encourage engagement

Your accounts shouldn’t be a one-way show. It’s not just about you telling other people things. Ask them to tell you things in return. Be engaged with your readers and encourage them to be engaged in return.

13. Start conversations

Engagement can be as simple as retweeting or sharing content. To really maximize the social aspects of your accounts, start conversations. Post links to articles or share insight and then encourage readers to respond, much like you would on a blog post.

14. Always think about adding images

Lifehack relevant images

Lifehack relevant images

Everyone likes to look at the pictures, especially if the images are necessary to understand the post. Always look for new, interesting – relevant – images to share over social media.

15. Make your blog mobile friendly

An increasing percentage of readers are checking social media on their phones and tablets, not their desktop computers. Be sure that you’ve made your blog and website, especially those linked to social media accounts, mobile friendly.

16. Rework your old content.

If you’ve been in business for a while you have a ton of content. Old blog posts, ebook chapters, graphics. Why not refresh and reuse some of those? Do a quick revamp and post your old content online as new material.

17. Encourage community responses

community Response

community Response

Your readers and followers might be individuals, but hopefully there are other community members out there keeping an eye on you. Encourage a bigger response by engaging a full community or large audience. Who knows? You might shake up the industry.

18. Ask for feedback

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be perfect from the start. Ask your professional network for feedback and ask your followers as well. This isn’t just feedback on your posts, but feedback on your account, style and offers as well.

19. Offer helpful new tools

Introduce new tools through your social media accounts along with your website. Or use your social media accounts to showcase helpful tools you’ve found that others may benefit from as well.

20. Utilize infographics


Infographics – Source

Infographics are the perfect blend of image and content. They post as a single picture, but they can share as much information as a fully developed white paper. See how infographics can work for you in social media and include them when you can.

21. Don’t forget about Slideshare



Slideshare is a digital presentation website built on a social media platform. That means you can use slideshares to create tutorials or overviews and then share them with the world. And naturally promote them through all of your other social media platforms as well.

22. Become a customer

Become your own secret shopper by following your own social media accounts. (You may have to create a separate personal account to do this.) By following your own accounts you can get the true customer experience and improve from your inside feedback.

23. Benchmark the competition

Be sure that you’re following your competition’s social media platforms. They are probably going to follow you, and that’s okay. Keeping an eye on each other is pretty standard in the online community and may even boost your connections in the industry.

24. Watch your youngest users

Digital Natives

Digital Natives

The digital natives, those who have always had internet at their fingertips, are your best indicators of trends and marketers. Keep an eye on these younger users to see where you need to head next and stay on top of business.

25. Keep adapting

Like everything in business, you will constantly need to adapt and change to stay abreast of the industry and stay current. Keep adapting to what customers know they want and try to find things they don’t even know they want…yet.

26. Produce new content

Don’t take the lazy way out and just retweet and share what others have done before you. Be the innovator and create new content and materials. Images, infographics, videos and text – all are powerful in social media.

27. Add value to the lives of your followers

We all like to be entertained, and fun materials can be valuable. Instructional materials, statistics and new, innovative ideas are also all ways to impart value into the lives and minds of your followers. Customers like value and keep coming back.

28. Keyword optimization


Your social media can benefit from a bit of SEO. Don’t forget to optimize your keywords when appropriate in your social media posts. Social media posts routinely wind up in search results – especially videos.

29. Utilize the power of hashtags

Hashtags in social media connect your post to a greater trend. And that means others who may not have found your accounts before may find you when you all follow a particular trend or account. Use hashtags to be part of a group or make up your own hashtags to start your own.

30. Add social media to emails

Social media links in Email Signature

Social media links in Email Signature

Think of the sheer volume of emails you send on a daily basis. Now think of how blank the bottom of those emails are if you aren’t including links to your social media accounts. What an easy way to encourage new followers – just make the social media accounts part of your signature.

31. Branch out into other medias

While Facebook and Twitter dominate the social media conversations for business, there are plenty of other social media options out there to consider. Try Pinterest. Or even Snapchat. So many options to choose from!

32. Keep social media close

While it can be tempting to outsource all of that social media updating to others, don’t. Or don’t outsource much. Social media should be your voice, your words. Not to mention having someone else destroy your company through a poorly chosen post would be pretty traumatic.

33. Have a plan for complaints


Source – OurPact

If you’re interacting with customers through social media, you can expect to find customers with complaints. It’s to be expected, and you should have a plan in place for addressing this concerns or negative posts in a way that satisfies the complainer without hurting your reputation.

34. Research other options

Stay on top of more than just what the competition is doing. There are always new forms of media and social media platforms being introduced. You should always stay current and dig into lesser known options to see where you can become an innovator or pioneer.

35. Use social customer service

Since you’re expecting complaints, why not take the bull by the horns and simply use social media as a form of customer service? You won’t just deal with complaints, but questions, concerns and how-tos as well – publically where you can build trust with others.

36. Make your own visuals

How many times have you seen stock images or recycled screenshots? Don’t be boring, make your own images by taking updated screenshots or creating new digital images or even – gasp – take pictures to use on your accounts.

37. Encourage content sharing

You’re posting content. Ask followers to post content. This can be a contest or perhaps a simple call for submissions. Just be honest in dealing with entries – don’t steal someone’s work without credit or prizes.

38. Ask followers to interact

Keep asking followers for new advice or comments. Don’t just ask once and expect it to continue. You need to keep cleverly asking for shares, follows and likes.

39. Participate in conversations

Participate in conversations

Participate in conversations

Look for conversations that have already started in social media and join in. Share your own perspective and perhaps a meaningful link or two for research or support. Gain trust and gain followers. Just don’t gain enemies – avoid the hot button issues unless you’re ready for the fire.

40. Research social ad options

Many social media platforms allow ads of certain types. Not all are beneficial for all companies, however. Do your due diligence and see what’s out there and what might be useful for your company and target audience.

41. Try Snapchat

Facebook and Twitter may be big for business, but the kids are on Snapchat. Why aren’t you? Of course, it might be tricky to figure out the best way to use Snapchat for your business, but it’s a healthy challenge.

42. Don’t be afraid of Instagram

Instagram is another option that may not scream out “promoting my business!” But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great idea for… promoting your business! Images and videos have to come from somewhere. Why shouldn’t they come from you?

43. Rework your social media strategy

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

How’s that social media strategy working for you after a week? A month? A year? Keep it fresh and lively and never be afraid to revamp and rework it to keep your plans effective and on target.

44. Don’t stop.

Finally, don’t stop. Too often social media accounts go dormant or get neglected in light of other aspects of your business. If you stop using your social media account, you’re certainly going to suffer – you’ll have no presence left to help you out!

Social media marketing is a daunting task that can easily consume a great deal of time and effort, especially if you’re trying to stay in control of your own accounts. Your best strategy is to make a plan, make your plan fit in the time you have available and then update your accounts regularly with necessary adaptations for best results!



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96 Comments on “44 Impressive Ways You Can Use Social Media to Grow Your Business Overnight”

  1. Avatar Gail Gardner says:

    There is so much in this post it is hard to know where to start. One tip for Twitter: put your URL in the description AND in the URL field. The reason for this is that third party tools like Staged only pull from the description field and only that field is visible when someone is previewing your profile on Twitter.

    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hey Gail,

      thank you for the comment,
      Yeah, having links or even mentioning related or personal accounts in the description field helps. Would even recommend putting hashtags in the description area as well – helps in getting into twitter’s on-site search,


  2. I agree with Gail, this post is chock full of great information, I can’t even imagine how long it took to put this together. One quick point I wanted to mention is the shiny new syndrome can become daunting.
    As much as I would love to jump on every new social network, I try to keep away unless there’s a major outcry from our clients. Basically, if our clients aren’t asking about Snapchat, then more often than not, they know where their target market is…granted, a lot of time they don’t but, the constant changes in this arena, need to be seriously vetted for relevance and a measurable strategy.

    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hey Gabriella,

      welcome to Temok and thank you for the comment,

      Yeah, agreed – one can’t be everywhere and the focus has to be on the networks that matters most. Snapchat for example has more active users now, than Twitter! Instagram is where everyone is heading out as well – and all this make things difficult for the social media manager.

      I guess as a priority one should make sure they have their brand usernames reserved on most of the top platforms – and then decide on which platforms they can put more focus,


  3. Avatar Ann Smarty says:

    Impressive roundup and I love the examples! This must have taken you days to put together (and will probably take me the whole weekend to go through). Thanks so much!

    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hey Ann,

      thank you for the comment and welcome to Temok,

      Yeah, took days to complete, but the VAs and the content staff at Temok helped a lot in compiling it,

  4. There are so many great tips in this article! It definitely deserves, and requires, a bookmark so that you can come back and visit often. I especially like some of the innovative (a lot of innovative!) ideas that were presented, like keeping the younger audience in mind – Hey, they are our future! They deserve an audience, too 🙂 Great job!

    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hey Deborah,

      Welcome to Temok and thank you for the comment,

      Glad to know that you found this post useful. Will be looking forward to see you again,

  5. Avatar Lisa Liszcz says:

    This is such a great post. There is so much great advice in this post. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Avatar Soumya Roy says:

    It’s really huge and many of these are really important and effective. I will share this post with all our social media learners and surely it’s going to be helpful for all of them. Keep on coming such complete posts like this.

  7. Avatar Anh Nguyen says:

    Impressive post! I’ve only started growing my Twitter channel and your advice gave a lot of good head-starts. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hey Anh,

      welcome to Temok and thank you for your comments,

      Good to know that you have started working on your twitter channel, do implement all the tips and let us know your feedback,


  8. Avatar Brian Hughes says:

    Thanks for the heads up on that, Gail! I had no idea. With so many platforms out there, it’s hard to catch all of those types of discrepancies. That’s why it’s wise to read posts like this and engage the comments. To both discover and inform about little oddities like Gail shared in her comment.

  9. Avatar Brian Hughes says:

    Great job on this robust post, Oleg! I am definitely bookmarking it to refer and to link to in the near future. You mention so many great tips to consider when tackling social media as a marketing channel. I also appreciate that you bring up the importance of targeting youth/Millennials — they are the backbone of social media, and should not be ignored. The trick is, how to monetize the approach. And of course, customer service. More businesses need to lean on social media as a resource for customer service. It really is a big deal!

    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hey Brian,

      Thank you for the comment and welcome to Temok,

      Surely, social media customer support is a big thing – it does not matters how targeted the ads are or how relevant and catchy the text is, if the customers aren’t happy nothings going to work.


  10. Avatar Eren Mckay says:

    Hi Oleg,
    This post is jam packed with great information. I personally didn’t know about the term digital natives and the whole concept has intrigued me. I’ll be researching a lot more about that.
    The tip about being mindful of SEO when posting to social is a excellent. Most people forget to use the main keywords in their bio section when optimizing different social accounts. Using co-occurrence words is also essential when socializing. This indicates to the bots that the post is truly about that topic. Thanks for all the great advice. I’ll be sharing this to my social channels.
    Blessings Always,
    Eren Mckay

    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hey Eren,

      welcome to Temok and thank you for the comment,

      Yeah, I remember using the word – “digitally handicapped” for the people of the older generation who spent most part of their life without computers. We on the other hand have spent most of our life surrounded by technology but haven’t really born with the cellphones in our hand. I guess that is where the digital natives will have an edge.


  11. Avatar Oleg says:

    Hey Brian,

    Thank you for the comment and welcome to Temok,

    Surely, social media customer support is a big thing – it does not matters how targeted the ads are or how relevant and catchy the text is, if the customers aren’t happy nothings going to work.


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  13. Avatar Lh Louis says:

    Well… social media is a perfect tool for businesses to leverage and growth their business but overnight would be hard to say.

  14. Avatar Joy Healey says:

    Hi Oleg,

    That’s a very impressive list of tips. I’d love to follow them all, but as a part-time blogger it’s difficult to know where to focus your attention. How would you advise a solopreneur with limited time available, please?

    I must confess I have neglected Twitter recently as it just seems to whizz by so fast. And as for as starting anew with SnapChat and other platforms – ouch!! Not that I think my audience is there anyway 🙂

    Just recently I got started with SlideShare and some of the other document sharing sites,so that’s my start at branching out.

    I shall look forward to exploring some of your other tips!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hey Joy,

      Welcome to Temok and thank you for the comment,

      Yeah, it is sort of difficult for a solo-preneur to juggle everything, the best you can do is to allocate time or get a VA who can manage some of your social media assets.

      I see plenty of people jumping to SnapChat now, Twitter on the other hand isn’t really growing and who knows what will happen to it in the future. Am still going to stick to twitter as long as possible.

      I have seen your recent post about document sharing, will read it in detail today. SlideShare is good and it is part of the Linkedin group – I have added some slides already and will keep doing it. Along with that, am trying to get active on Quora which is growing really well.

      – Oleg

  15. Hi Oleg,

    I love this post! I do believe that social media is a must when it comes to our business. Although we cannot be in all places, we do need to figure out where our “friends” are hanging out and put most of our energy there. It is different for everyone. I have some friends that swear by Twitter and have done a great job marketing there. For me, I just can’t get the hang of it no matter how much I try.

    I find that I get amazing feedback and engagement on Facebook first so that’s where I socialize the most. Although it can eat up your time, one must use it wisely. Be friendly and go on it for ten minutes a day here and there.

    I also like LinkedIn. Way back I called it my “secret weapon” then fell off for a while. Lately I have been back with a good marketing plan and its working magic.

    Social media is like a cooking recipe to me. The main part (our blog) and add each ingredient. A few social sites we can be consistent with and some spices the other social sites we can sprinkle in sometimes.


    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hey Donna,

      welcome to Temok and thank you for the comment,

      Completely agree with you about facebook, it is very helpful in keeping contact with our connections but that infinite scroll of facebook timeline can easily kill productive working hours. Twitter on the other hand is too noisy, so I guess focusing on the notification and tweeting our friends content is the most we can do as a casual twitter user.

      Linkedin has been good so far in terms of getting business leads and posting content on the linkedin pulse has been helpful too. Like you said, we can’t be everywhere and there is Pinterest, Stumbleupon and G+ along with Tumblr and reddit – so it all ultimately boils down to the time we have on our hands and where we can utilize it best,

      – Oleg

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  18. Avatar Mark says:

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    You did an excellent job, demonstrating just how extremely viable, the right
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    And I really love all of your screenshots, because they definitely
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  22. Avatar Hussain Omar says:

    Hey Oleg,
    Nice post, loved demonstrating how professionals do it!
    Social media doesn’t mean to set up your publicize options and let things work itself, you need to dedicate efforts to make it happen. And with this list you made it easier.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Keep posting!


    P.S. Will share it on my twitter account.

    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hey Hussain,

      welcome to Temok and thank you for your comments,
      Glad to know that you liked the post,

      Surely, social media is a lot about what you put in, rather than let things take its own course,

      – Oleg

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    Thanks, for the excellent share which is indeed packed with spectacular information.



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      Hi Mairaj,

      welcome to Temok and thank you for the comment,

      Thank you for the kind words, glad to know you liked the article,

      – Oleg

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  33. I particularly like tip #3 – remember it’s about THEM.

    Most people forget this.

    I also like tip #36 – make your own visuals.

    When I first started blogging, adding a visual to my post was a total nightmare! LOL
    However, over time, I learned the best places to find free images to use (without having to provide attribution or a link). Then I got a cool phone, and started taking pictures of my own. 🙂

    I sometimes use them in blog posts. 🙂

    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hi Lorraine,

      Welcome to Temok and thank you for the comment,

      Yeah, adding visuals on a blog post is both helpful and tricky. I have always used Flickr commons with attribution but would love to know more about your free image sources.

      – Oleg

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  52. Hi Oleg,

    You know, social media has developed a reputation for creating marketing interest. Some believe it has a disadvantage too. But I think if anyone follows your 44 ideas of using social media, they will only get the advantages of social media.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful post.

    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hey Salauddin,

      Welcome to Temok and thank you for the comment,
      Social media does provide a lot of advantages for any business in terms of communication, promotions, visibility etc.

      thank you for your kind words,
      – Oleg

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    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hey Mohit,

      Welcome to Temok and thank you for the comment,
      Good to know that you found this article and its tips actionable. Yeah, linking back to your own website is important, it is a very basic step but sometimes it gets skipped.

      – Oleg

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