How to Configure 301 or 302 Domain Redirect in cPanel?

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Nowadays, domain registration with different extensions is a common thing. For example, we register a .com domain and another with .net TLD. We want to redirect .net to .com so that both are redirected to the same website whenever the visitors write our domain with either of the two extensions.

We can also register our desired domain if it is available and redirect it to a specific URL, whether it is the web or not; this will always depend on each project’s needs.

Let’s see how we can do it in the cPanel control panels that we use at Temok.Com and what steps we must follow:

  • That the domain is registered and uses the nameservers of hosting.
  • Set the domain to redirect as Alias ​​in the cPanel.
  • Domain redirection 301 (Permanent) or 302 (Temporary)

1 – Register a Domain and use The Nameservers (DNS) of cPanel Hosting

To register a domain, you can do it directly from our website at Register a domain.

When you register your domain at Temok, the domain is registered with the nameservers (DNS) of our servers unless you provide yours, so you will rarely have to change these values; in any case, in your client area, you can always manage your domain to make changes to nameservers whenever you want.

Once we have our domain registered, the next step is to associate it with our hosting with Alias ​​(domain parking), which will provide a DNS manager and the possibility of redirecting the domain wherever we want.

2 – Click The Alias Link under The Domains Section

Login to your cPanel account and navigate to the domain section; click on the Aliases icon.

When we click on Aliases, intending to put the domain in parking in the hosting and manage the redirection of the same. We can create email accounts using that particular domain name, for example, or even configure it to manage the mail of this domain in parking with GSuite and have the email on the Google platform. How to create email accounts associated with your domain is explained at the end of this article.

In our example case, we will add the domain to the hosting associated with the domain, that is to say, put a different domain on top of the hosting’s primary domain. We have to write the domain name without HTTP: // or WWW in the Domain box.

when you will click the “Add Domain” button you will get the following message:

Just by putting the domain as Alias, it already points to the public root of our hosting. Still, it is advisable to manage the redirection so that it is a 301 Permanent or 302 Temporary redirection, which are the ones that Google will take into account and not penalize you.

Now click on the “Manage Redirection” and add a domain name where you want to land your visitors.

Now, provide a domain name where you want to redirect but keep in mind you are using HTTPS and WWW.

Remember that it is essential that the domain is registered and it has the nameservers of cPanel hosting. Once you have done you will get a message shown below:

But if we want a complete redirection, it is advisable to use the Redirect tool in the Domains section of cPanel.

3 – Domain Redirection 301 (Permanent) or 302 (Temporary)

Click on Redirect icon to go to the next screen, in which you can select the domain, the type of redirection 301 or 302, where to redirect, and if we want that redirection to be done with or without WWW or what do not redirect with WWW.

If we already have the extra domain in parking and we can manage its redirection.

On successful completion, you will get a message given below:

This is the fastest way to redirect the domain or URLs of this domain to where we want, in this case, as we mentioned to the domain that we are using as a reference.

Create Email Accounts Associated with The New Domain

As I mentioned previously, one of the advantages of being able to put a domain as Alias ​​is that we can also create email accounts associated with that domain, we can do this directly from the cPanel in the Email section by navigating to the Email Accounts under Email as shown in the image given below:

Click on the Create button

Enter the username, password along with specific storage space for this email. Now click on the create button to proceed.

Final Words

If you are still confused and need a detailed discussion on 301 and 302, why redirects are considered best of search engine optimization, then here is a complete details about SEO redirection.

Write your feedback in the comments section below and feel free to ask your questions.

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