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12 Things You Need to Know About SEO Hosting

IP Addresses.



All terms you should be familiar with if you’re looking to optimize your website through SEO hosting. Unfortunately, while you may be familiar with terms, you may not realize how they should all be coming together to create the perfect storm of SEO hosting. If you’re new to the game of SEO or just looking to be gather new information and perspectives, be sure you understand how SEO hosting actually works.

Site Ranking

Site Ranking

Site Ranking

SEO hosting sets up a series of connected websites that tend to rank more highly in search engines. The websites are all linked through their IP addresses, but those IP addresses show up as unrelated in search engines. This means the block of websites you host using SEO hosting can be used to your advantage with linking and other SEO tactics.

Understanding C-Class

The IP address is the key to linking websites through SEO hosting. The sites are all linked through the third set of numbers in an IP address, or the C-class. This grouping connects the sites through the server allowing you to used shared hosting while presenting the sites are totally separate and apart.

Optimizing for Search Engines



SEO hosting allows for greater flexibility in linking, which is a considerable component of SEO. When you build a loop or web of connected websites – that aren’t visibly connected – linking between these sites may help improve your ranking in the Google algorithm.  But there are more elements to the algorithm than linking alone. The SEO hosting also allows for control over the back office website elements that are important as well like coding and media.

Site Back-ups

Every good website host should provide regular site backups, and this is true of SEO hosting as well. With the interconnected and highly ranking websites that you maintain with SEO hosting, routine backups for the collection of sites are even more critically important.

Increased Customer Support

Increased Customer Support

Increased Customer Support

SEO hosting is a level above the type of hosting you’d find for just a single website. It stands to reason then that SEO hosting is going to have improved customer support over the more standard hosting options. When you are selecting a company for SEO hosting, customer service should be one of the most important criteria for your selection.

Set-up Time

When you select SEO hosting, be aware that it is not a quick process to get your site set-up and live. While a standard hosting package may be live almost instantly, SEO hosting involves an intricate set-up of connections and therefore can take up to 24 hours to bring fully online. Plan accordingly for the delay in your development and launch plans.

Website Limits

When you arrange for SEO hosting, you are setting up almost unlimited possibilities for sites, email addresses and domain names – all under a single connected package. This means that not only does your first website not have limits on design or size (based on the package you get, obviously), but you will also be able to use that same service to build a full network with unlimited possibilities.

Looping Websites

Looping Websites

Looping Websites

There are many business models that call for connected websites outside of just SEO purposes. SEO hosting allows you to keep your various branches of business contained in a single entity and also to intentionally create loops within loops as needed for both linking and to direct traffic through your business model or marketing website.

Contact Information

Each website you create is connected through a hidden network, but Google still can see every website. It doesn’t do you much good to have a web of websites through SEO hosting if you’re going to put the same contact information on each site – outing yourself, as it were, to Google. Consider the contact information you put on each website – use phone numbers dedicated to each site, for example – rather than duplicating your information across a network.

Size Matters

Size Matters

Size Matters

When arranging SEO hosting, size does matter. You are building a network of websites. That web will need room to grow into the future and getting less than 20 GB of hosting is just not going to be enough to be worthwhile. It is always better to have slightly too much than risk not having enough when it’s time to scale the project.

Watch Bandwidth

Keep an eye on bandwidth numbers as well. You will need plenty of bandwidth to accommodate all of the traffic to each of your sites and between them, so make arrangements accordingly. Top sites in the search engines require top traffic and you need to be ready to accommodate it. Watch for low limits and inflated “overage” charges when you are making selections.

Grey Hat, Black Hat and White Hat

Finally, it is worth noting that SEO hosting is only as good and ethical as the website owner. Ultimately it is up to you to make a choice about how to most effectively use SEO hosting. It is possible to use black hat SEO methods with SEO hosting, but it also possible to do everything above question and simply take advantage of one more SEO tool. SEO hosting is a tool. Intent makes it a positive or negative one.

It can easily be argued that SEO is more of a game than an exact science. Google and other search engines create algorithms. Website owners and webmasters try to figure out how to work in the algorithm using every advantage they can find to improve their rankings. For many, SEO hosting is simply a necessary step toward the ultimate goal – free website traffic.


Oleg Calugher is your Fellow Blogger and Co-founder of Guest Crew. Catch him on Twitter.

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6 Comments on “12 Things You Need to Know About SEO Hosting”

  1. RajKumar says:


    Wonderful article, you have shared some interesting yet useful tips to know about seo hosting. I was searching for seo hosting, so will surely note these points.


  2. Joy Healey says:

    Thanks Oleg, that was an interesting article, because the concept of SEO hosting was new to me.

    I took a long time to find a hosting solution I was happy with. The biggest mistake I made was assuming that the cheap hosting solution I (ill-advisedly) used in my first online venture was making backups. My sites were hacked and I lost the lot, with no backups.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Oleg says:

      Hey Joy,
      Thank you for the comment,

      Yeah, even if your webhost does make backups, you should still keep some backups offline. Always good to keep a safe and recent copy of your site off line in case something goes wrong,

      – Oleg

  3. Hi,

    Wonderful article, you have got shared some attention-grabbing nonetheless helpful tips to grasp regarding seo hosting. i used to be finding out seo hosting, thus can sure enough note these points.


  4. Great post, and some solid advice. I think anyone who’s been online for a few years has had their run in with these.
    Thanks to share this.

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