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You would think that by now the internet search results would be full of meaningful results. Or at least interesting stuff. Or maybe just the occasional bit of relevant information. But despite Google’s best efforts to stem the tide of bad content, search results aren’t living up to anyone’s expectations for interesting new bits of news or content.

That’s alright, though. We have social media marketing to help fill the gaps. Your job is to make the content and media found on the social networks interesting and useful to viewers – to prevent the sludge they find through search engines. You cannot ignore the enormous benefits of social media for business. Here I am going to share with you some amazing social media marketing tips that can help you to get the most of social media platforms. Fortunately, creating fresh new ideas for social marketing isn’t as hard as you’d expect.


Images are blasé. What you need are animated images! Gifs take the level of irony and fun up a level or two when they are used in place of static images. You might have seen many big companies sharing sarcastic and funny gifs that undoubtedly very interesting and effective tool to engage more audience. This is especially true if you’re appealing to a crowd younger than retirement age who appreciates the clever placement of a timely GIF in an otherwise typical newsfeed.

Share User-Generated Content

Sharing the users’ content not just save your time, money and efforts but also make your audience happy. People love when someone they are following, shared their content. Sharing the user-generated content would also help you to build a stronger relationship with your audience. You can also request your buyers to write reviews on your social media about their experience with your products and services.

Opposing Viewpoints

In that same vein, you can skip the interaction with your readers if you instead ask two experts to contribute to an opposing viewpoints series. You can interview your two guests and include their responses, or opt for a less personal version of doing things. Simply find and rehash some arguments from both sides of an argument and then discuss the similarities, the differences and perhaps where the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

On social media, you should know how to handle the conflicting situation by being proactive.

Be Friendly and Nice

Want to make a statement? Why not make one! There is no need to stay neutral on your own website or social media account. Take a position and then prepare for friendly debate. Just remember it’s one thing to state a position based on experience or research. It’s quite another to incite a social media riot by saying something deliberately inflammatory. You’re looking for a friendly debate – learning from each other, not trying to virtually destroy each other.

 It is very important to talk to your audience to build better relationships with them. When talking with any of your followers be kind and nice, even if they are rude or having some issues with your services.

Customers are the top priority for social network marketers. Speeding up your time of response have a huge positive impact on your customers and – it can improve the overall revenue of your online business. Many marketers are using automated replies to their audience’s messages that is not enough to build effective relationships with your customers.

While responding to the customers, use their first name, sign off comments with your team name and try to be very friendly with your audience. Rewarding your customers is also one of the best social media campaigns, in which you give your customers something based on their contribution. Your customers feel more appreciated when you reward them.

Web TV Series

Your social media doesn’t have to just contain pictures and images. Why not make those pictures and images lead to your very own web television series? The series can be a clever collection of animated storylines, or more likely, a series dedicated to sharing your wisdom, experience, tips and suggestions with viewers. Just remember to keep your TV series engaging and worthy of tuning in overtime.

Comics and Memes

Everyone likes a bit of a chuckle. Enter the humble comic strip. While we may not read the Sunday paper anymore, we still pause and enjoy the humour when we find comics online. Why not create some comics and share them as part of your social media campaign? Even if they don’t have a huge connection to what you’re selling, you may very well go viral with your clever comics and build brand recognition or collect future customers. Memes are a secret joke everybody can be related with. It is a fun way to reflect on your current trends, events and clichés. Memes are common among brands as they drive traffic and engage audiences. You must use memes for social media marketing.

You might have realized that social media platforms are loaded with memes and people love to see humorous and sarcastic memes. When it comes to social media, it is very important to follow the trends and offer your audience stuff that they want to see on social media. Make your social media posts friendly that your audience can see in a light mood. Don’t need to post complex and politically correct content because this is not what your audiences are looking for.

Perhaps the most familiar meme type are images micros, these images feature a catchphrase or witty caption.

Create a Mascot

You may not need a big transition on your site or social media accounts to garner new interest. Instead, you can do a lot by simply designing a mascot. Create a clever animated character to amuse readers and viewers on your various posts or use a real animal as your mascot – your dorky dog or aloof cat, for example.

Creating a Mascot is a good way to personify your brand. It is analyzed that brand mascots do vibrate with the audience, exciting them to share content and involve in conversation. Mascots such as the GEICO Gecko and Tony the Tiger have brought substantial social media success to the brands. Take your time to develop a mascot character that accurately personifies your brand, you can promote a social media presence that influences your main audience.

Showcase Your Stories

Your life isn’t all about work – or at least it shouldn’t be. So, use your social media campaign to tell some of the other stories about you, your company and your colleagues. Tell the story about the late-night in the conference room where it dissolved into chaos. Tell the story about the time someone took your self-proclaimed personalized parking spot. Tell the story about who you met on your way to work. Or tell the story about what you do after the workday is done. We like stories. So, tell them!

Telling the interesting stories to your audience shows the human side of your brand that help you to make good connections with people. Make an attractive brand story and share it with your audience. People also love to hear the success stories, so you can tell your success story. On social media, brand storytelling inspires customers by increasing awareness of your brand, attracting and reach more followers. make your story in a way that helps you to build a solid reputation and your customers positively remember you. Creating a brand story on social media involves posting it on various social platforms.

YouTube Channel

If you’re not ready for a full-blown television series, you can certainly start smaller by building your own YouTube channel. Your videos on YouTube may be less than a minute long but provided they are clever, informative or just plain amusing, you’re going to satisfy your audience and bring them coming back for more. The YouTube marketing goal should be to drag users to another social platform or/and to your website. You can add links to your social media platforms and website, on YouTube. Links will appear in the bottom right corner of channel art, in a place that is highly clickable and easy to see.

You can use YouTube for doing video marketing. The YouTube platform has a huge potential to generate leads for your business, knowing the fact that video content is more likely to attract more audience then textual and images content. YouTube would also help you to improve your overall brand presence and SEO.

Go Behind the Scenes

Of course, even when you’re working, it’s not all about work all the time. Grab your camera and take your social media followers on a tour of your office or hang out with the staff at a work function. Having a company picnic? Show the viewers! Have a booth at a convention? Describe and show some of the crazy antics. Building a relationship means letting others see a bit deeper into who you and your company are, and you certainly want a virtual relationship with followers.

There are many influencers, vloggers, YouTubers share bloopers or behind the scene videos of their original video content. Surprisingly, sometimes behind the scenes content get almost equal views like original content.

Expand Possibilities

If you sell widgets, customers probably have a good idea of how to use that particular widget. But maybe that’s not the only possibility! If there are other clever ways to put something to use, showcase those ideas for your readers. They may use your item for one reason, but opening up their eyes to three other possible uses makes your product that much more valuable and your social media that much more interesting. Social media is fun of possibilities, rather than following an existing trend on social media, you can start a new trend and if it has the potential then your audience do like it

Social media isn’t new, but there are always new possibilities. Create a few new possibilities of your own, and enjoy the full benefits of your targeted, interactive audience of fans.

Call Out Your Followers

Speaking of followers, go ahead and call them out! Follow the comments and reactions to your posts. When something interesting happens, make that interesting comment or reaction a focus in your next post. This is a great opportunity to springboard into a friendly debate, a sharing of wisdom or perhaps a story that will engage and cause additional reactions – creating fuel for more posts in the future!

Rather than giving typical replies such as “Thank You”, show your concern to your followers by asking a question, using emojis, sharing images, gifs and videos, etc. make your audience feel valued and make then realize that you appreciate their concerns.

Don’t make your replies and comments feel automated. Show the human side of your brand that is required to build a connection with your social community.

Final Words!

In this article, I have mentioned some benefits of social media marketing with social media tips that you can use in your business. There are many ways you can use social networking sites for marketing purpose. All of the social media tips, I have shared with you are used by top social media marketing companies for promoting their brand and reach maximum people.

I hope this article would help you to make a solid social media strategy. If you have any questions regarding social media marketing, do ask me in the comments section.




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  5. Avatar Venu Tanneru says:

    Hello Oleg. Thanks for sharing this informative article. Social marketing is hugely important in today’s world. You will definitely fail without it even if you have got the best content out there. Post on as many social networks as possible and expand your blog to various other platforms such as Tumblr, YouTube and Twitter. You can’t afford to lose out on even a single customer these days.

    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hey Venu,

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      Totally agree with you! Great content isn’t valuable if no one reads it. One of those reasons why we share our content on every single social network that is out there – like you said, we can’t afford to miss out on any customers.

      – Oleg

  6. Avatar niraj bari says:

    I am just getting into Social Media marketing and blogging and your tips are very helpful. I agree that the content has to be engaging, you have to really get to know your client so you know what it is that engages them. It will definitely take some time and patience to build a following then learn what engages them.

    • Avatar Oleg says:

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    Just entering in to social marketing space. you have beautifully presented some of the important and useful tips on the topic.

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    Hey Oleg,

    I’ve been using social media channel for my promotion but didn’t get response but somehow I use to get little response from Facebook as I use to engage in groups. Good ideas you have shared which will give more options for all others to work on Thanks for the update..

    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hey Shameem,

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      Yeah, facebook groups are still better than facebook page when it comes to organic reach – that could be due to the participation levels of groups which is always higher than the pages …

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    I must say GIF’s and Video are trending out. The best way to spread in the market…
    Social Media’s just loves videos and gifs. We can see more engagements in such kind of contents.

    The best way to go with, if one is just starting up.

    Thanks Oleg for showing few more options..! 🙂


  12. Hi Oleg,
    Complete tutorial to social media marketing. I really appreciate.

    Creating (mostly editing ) gif has helped me a lot.

    I uses gif editor on Android to make it possible, then reshare on social medias.


  13. Avatar Joy Healey says:

    Hi Oleg,

    Loved these novel social media tips. Perhaps some time you could do a tutorial on creating gifs, please?

    I have seen the “friendly debate” on social media, and it’s good fun – as long as things don’t get out of hand.

    Love the Easter Egg idea – and I suppose that could quite easily adapt for Christmas etc.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Avatar Oleg Kaluger says:

      Hey Joy,

      Thank you for the comment,
      Excellent suggestion about the tutorial on Gifs, will do that soon.

      Earlier I also got a request to do a post on AMP, so will do that soon as well,

      – Oleg

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      Hey Maria,

      Thank you for the comment, good to know that you found the post effective,

      It is indeed difficult to keep up with the social media, there are so many sites and much of it changes really fast! However still, we have to keep a strategy that works and keep tweaking it along in time,

      – Oleg

  19. Hi Oleg,
    Just entering in to social marketing space. you have beautifully presented some of the important and useful tips on the topic.

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      Hi Sobha,

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    Sorry to say but after reading the article, i came to know that its not about web hosting as ‘Monika’ wrote, its all about social media marketing. So be careful and read the post thoroughly before leaving your comments. Cheers!

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    Oleg Calugher, that was interesting. I believe the one term you haven’t mentioned is expert talk from the industry. People usually prefer to listen to their industry experts on a live season. Cheers Rana

  22. Absolutely. We in fact recommend tools Canva to curate okay kinda graphic and Hootsuite to publish and schedule for free for small SME companies who don’t have enough budget to spend on social media.
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