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4 Mar 2021

PowerShell Vs CMD (Command Prompt): What is Key Difference?

If you are a Windows administrator and spend most of your time working in the Windows environment, you may have come across the term CMD and PowerShell many times. But what is the difference between these PowerShell and CMD? In this article, you will get a comprehensive overview of PowerShell Vs CMD, some commands, and ..

3 Mar 2021

Inner Join Vs Outer Join: Examples with SQL Queries

Before we discuss the differences between inner join of outer join in SQL queries, it is important to know what these actually are. Basically, a join is a method of combining two or more tables into a single one. A joined table is a special type of relation that contains one or more primary keys. ..

24 Feb 2021

How To Host a Website: A step by step Guide for Beginners

How to Host a Website? First, pick a name and purpose for your new website. Research and decide which platform you will use to create your website. Next, build your website using the software that you have chosen. Then, set up your domain name and get it registered with a web host. Finally, get it ..

21 Feb 2021

DDL Vs DML: The Big Difference Between DDL and DML

If you are planning for using Data Manipulation Language (DML) in your company or organization, you would do well to understand the difference between DDL and DML. Data Manipulation Language (DML) is a language for creating customized RDBMS that allows developers to manage a database. The primary intention behind the creation of DML was to ..

17 Feb 2021

What is a Parked Domain and Why you need it?

You may have heard of domain flipping and you may have even seen some of the ads on different platforms. For those of you who are not familiar with this term, domain flipping is essentially when you buy a domain name that is already owned by someone else. Put simply, a parked domain is when ..

12 Feb 2021

How Long Does It Take to Create a Website & Live it on Server?

There is an ongoing debate as to how long does it take to create a website. There are those who say that a person can learn how to build a website in a day and be up and running with a brand-new website the next day. These people are usually well-meaning, and the best person ..

11 Feb 2021

How Much Does the SSL Certificate Cost?

Are you a web developer or business owner looking to find out just how much you will be paying for SSL certificates? Right off the bat, it is impossible to give an exact price because the SSL Certificate cost varies according to a number of different factors. For example, how many sites are you developing ..

10 Feb 2021

Linux vs Windows Web Hosting: The Decision-Making Guide

When you think about getting your first web hosting plan, you should choose not only the type of web hosting plan for your website but also the infrastructure, that is, know the difference between Linux vs Windows Web Hosting. In this article, you will learn about: The importance of knowing the difference between Linux and ..

8 Feb 2021

Cores vs Threads – What are the key differences?

There has been a lot of confusion over what is the difference between cores and threads. Before stepping into the CPU Cores Vs Threads, you need to understand what is a single-core, multicore, thread, multithreading and why we need them. Many computer enthusiasts want to understand what is more important for a powerful processor, number ..

2 Feb 2021

DBMS Vs RDBMS: What is Key Difference between DBMS and RDBMS?

As you know, the database is based on the collection of data stored in a structured format where we need DBMS (Database Management System) and RDBMS (Relational Database Management system) to manage the collection of the data. Why do we need to structure data? It is necessary for storing, managing, and retrieving the data whenever ..